Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/15/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/15/00

By Christy

In her room, Chloe is listening to her CD when Philip calls again, wanting

to talk. He asks what she was listening to and she explains to him what

the song was about (about a woman singing to a man about how much she

loves him). He tells her that he wishes she would sing it to him. This

makes Chloe smile. Phillip tells her that he was worried about her

because she didn't sound too well when he called earlier. She admits

she's upset because she's really feeling the tension with Nancy, and now

even Craig. Chloe is starting to think she never should've reunited with

her mother. Philip listens attentively and tries to comfort her. Chloe

asks him to promise never to lie to her. Philip makes that promise to her

with slight hesitation. She tells him that she feels better talking to

him. Philip tells her that he wishes he was there to kiss her again.

With Moroni threatening to shoot him, Brandon manages to convince Moroni

that his intentions are good. He loves Angela and wants to marry her.

Moroni still wants to kill him until Brandon claims that he loves Angela

so much that he would die for her. Moroni is impressed and decides to let

Brandon go. Later Moroni tells Angela that he was just testing Brandon's

worthiness for his daugther.


Hattie visits with "Dr. Steiner" (Rolf) who urges her to go through with

the plastic surgery. Hattie is still considering it, but would also like

to make a certain someone "disappear." She tells "Dr. Steiner" about the

novel she is reading: it is about a woman assuming another woman's

identity. Of course Hattie is referring to Marlena. Rolf says that will

cost her an additional $10,000. Hattie, realizing her whole savings would

then be gone, says she'll think about it. Later, when she returns home,

she finds Roman outside her apartment. She is elated to see him and

admits to him, by his surprise, that she loves him. He is flattered and

just wanted to check if she was okay. Later, Hattie realizes that if she

were beautiful, she would be able to get a handsome man like Roman.


Greta and Austin discuss about his plans to track down Sami. In the midst

of their conversation. Greta tells Austin that he's amazing and Austin

returns the compliment. Greta tells Austin there's no way he's ever going

to pinpoint Sami's whereabouts in Italy. Austin, however has his mind made

up. Greta suggests she join him on his quest. She knows the country very

well and can help him out with the Italian language. At first, Austin

hesitates to accept her offer but a persistent Greta convinces him



Kate is upset when she and Victor come close to making love, but then he

suddenly pushes away. He remembers witnessing Kate and Nicolas' kiss.

Meanwhile, a panicked Lucas calls Nicole just to hear her voice. She asks

him what's wrong but he hesistates telling her. However, Nicole manages

to figures out where Lucas and the gang are staying. She later calls

Victor with an insider stock tip that turns out to be accurate. Victor is

impressed and decides that Nicole is a valuable asset to him. Nicole's got

Victor right where she wants him and knows that he can't get rid of her.

She has the feeling she and Victor will be getting close in the near


Sami, in her groggy state, makes the mistake of calling her dad and

telling him that she needs him. Roman tells her that he knows there's

something wrong because she doesn't sound like herself. She later changes

her mind and tells her dad that there's nothing wrong, but it's too late.

Roman is on to her. Both he and Austin know she's in Italy, and Austin's

going to be coming shortly. Sami, however, begs and pleads with her father

not to let Austin come. Later Brandon arrives to find Sami all out of

sorts. She tells him that Will is in trouble and she feels helpless

because she can't do anything about it. Brandon tells her the good news

that he will soon get the evidence they need, but Sami is upset by the

measures he has to take to get the evidence. She doesn't like the fact

that he has to marry Angela and Brandon asks her if she's jealous, which

of course she denies. But Brandon assures her that he's doing everything

he can to help her.