Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/11/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/11/00

Written by Linda K.

 Austin approaches Roman at the police station and asks about Sami. Roman tells Austin that he is, as usual, locking horns with him over his daughters, first over Carrie and now Sami. Roman sees that Austin is truly worried about Sami, and is surprised to learn that Sami did not travel to Chicago as she had led him to believe. Austin is certain that his conversation with Sami was an overseas call. 

Austin tells Roman that Sami had left with Brandon to join all the people who have left Salem: Will, Lucas, his mom, Victor, Henderson. Roman does not want to know that Brandon was any where near his daughter. Austin suggests to Roman that he use his government sources to trace Samiís and Brandonís whereabouts. 

Austin is irritated with Sami. He tells Roman that he is having second thoughts about his relationship with her amid Romanís protest that he not give up on her yet. Austin is angry that Sami may now be in danger and hadnít trusted and confided in him. Roman eventually finds out that Sami had left with Brandon to Italy. He assumes they may have stumbled on a lead concerning Francoís murder and are in Italy to question Robertoís family - with Sami being in way over her head as usual. Austin feels sorry for himself. He has always been there for Sami, but she has turned to someone else when she is in serious trouble. Austin is suspicious that Sami may have run off with Brandon on a romantic holiday. Roman tells Austin that if he feels so disappointed with Sami, he will have to take over the investigation by himself. Austin agrees that it is time to let go of Sami and leaves, but later feels more perplexed than ever about his true feelings. Austin cannot disassociate himself from Sami and her current mess, even if she has moved on without him. 

Greta is formally dressed for dinner and is accompanied by Mrs. Horton in the restaurant. Greta is surprised how secretive Mrs. Horton appears to have become by implying that someone else will be joining them for dinner. As they talk about her recent heartbreak, Mrs. Horton sympathizes with Gretaís pain and praises her for her magnanimity towards Eric. Greta could never hate Eric. His heart was simply set on someone else. Mrs. Horton informs Greta she has very important news concerning Gretaís legal father, the Prince Von Hamburg. He wants her to receive the royal title of the Princess Von Hamburg. Greta is shell shocked and overwhelmed. Mrs. Hortonís enthusiasm is brimming. There is considerable money attached to Gretaís title - the sum of one hundred million dollars to be exact! But Greta laments that her life may become just another sad fairy tale. However, Mrs. Horton also tells her that most fairy tales end in happy endings. Mr. Horton has now joined their table. He has been appointed to advise and protect Gretaís great wealth. He tells her there are terms and conditions to her inheritance in regards to its distribution. Greta announces that she will establish a trust fund for children suffering from a disfiguring misfortune. The Hortons applaud Gretaís fine character and good intentions. Greta leaves the restaurant to contemplate on her new fortune. Although Greta is now a princess, she does not feel like one. She misses Eric so much! She dreams of finding her own new prince and begins to waltzes about, until she bumps into Austin. 

At the garden, Brandon presses Angela to tell him the truth about Francoís murder. Angela tells Brandon that Roberto was offered a lot of money to confess to the murder after being under terrible pressure from Ďsome womaní to do this in spite of the dishonor it would bring to his family. Angela says that she has a taped recording of Robertoís confession. She spills the beans to Brandon that the woman who pressured Roberto was Kate Roberts! Brandon, in his gratitude towards Angela, allows her kiss him passionately. Sami stumbles near the cliff as she runs towards Will. When she collapses to the ground, Lucas is stricken with fear that she may have died and gathers her into his arms, pleading for her to come back to life. He asks her to think about Will, but to his amazement, he finds himself fighting the urge to make passionate love to her while she lies on the ground. Sami is in a delirium, but understands that the person she hears talking is Lucas. Sami recalls, in her dream state, her earliest connection with Lucas, how he had accepted her when everyone thought she was trash and damaged goods, and how much he had cared for her. She sees herself wandering in a flower garden and is joined by Austin. They hold each other and kiss. She tells him it seems that she has loved him forever - until she sees Brandon kissing Angela passionately. She tells Brandon that he canít get involved with Angela - this will be too dangerous. Austin tells her Brandon and Angela have a child together. She sees that Angela is holding Will and shouts out to Brandon for help. But Brandon tells Sami that he is now under Angelaís control. Austin reassures Sami that Will is safe at home - with Lucas. Lucas then enters, and pushes Brandon aside, telling Sami the joke was on her - that he and Will were going to live in Italy with Angela, far away from her! Austin does not help Sami rescue Will from Angela. From now, it is just you and me, just like I have always wanted, Austin tells her. Sami fights Austin and screams at him to let her go. Sami soon awakens from her delirium and, in her surprise, asks (Lucas) what he is doing there. Hattie cannot believe how she could have been fired from the diner after all these years. She blames Dr. Marlena for all her woes and wishes she would drop dead. As she enters the diner, Burke tells Fay to get rid of her. When Hattie asks Burke whether her customers have asked for her, he tells her that nobody misses her, no one had ever noticed her, and that she was a loser. Hattie is totally dismayed! Her whole life was centered at the diner and she misses the place something awful. Hattie pleads with Burke to give her job back, but he says it would be a cold day in hell before that happens. She looks like hell, has a lousy disposition, and is a nut case. He tells her to hit the road for good! Fay pleads for Hattie, but Burk threatens to fire her as well. Hattie ask that Fay not to concern herself about he any longer and leaves the diner. She is engulfed in tears as she walks out into the night. She is standing on a bridge. As she sobs that she has nothing to live for, Hattie crawls over its ledge and peers out onto the water. When Roman drives by, he notices that a woman is on the bridge. He is startled when he sees her jump off. He runs out of his car and frantically searches for her in the dark. Roman leaps out into the water to save her.

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