Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/8/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/8/00

by Monica Sue 

 Marlena and John spend a romantic evening together by making passionate
love.   Afterwards, she finds a book on analyzing memories and questions
John on why he hasn't given up on trying to remember his past.  She
doesn't want Stefano to run their lives anymore.  John tells her that he
needs to know about his past life but reassures her that it won't affect
their relationship.  John gives her a special ring of intertwined platinum
and gold. It symbolizes how their lives have intertwined. Marlena is
touched to tears and vows never to take it off.  

Bart inquiries about Stefano's plans to make Hattie into a Marlena
clone. Stefano doesn't tell him too much in detail, but says that he wants
his mercenary John back and needs Hattie  as part of his integral
plan.  Marlena is the only thing obstacle standing in his way. Stefano
reminds Bart that he's gotten rid of her before, and he can do it again.

Hattie arrives at the plastic surgeon's office where she meets
"Dr. Steiner" (Rolf is in disguise) for the first time. Rolf is very
shocked by her appearance and she takes his reaction as an insult.  She
gets ready to leave, but Rolf stops her.  She shows him a photo of Marlena
and wonders if he can make her look like that. Rolf assures her it will be
no problem and that it will only cost $40,000. Hattie hesitates. She isn't
sure whether or not she wants to go through with this, but Rolf is very
persuasive.  He convinces her that she can do a better job on the radio
show than Dr. Marlena Evans.

Victor instructs Kate to use her charm on Moroni and convince him to get
Brandon out of Angela's life. With Victor watching on, and Kate tells
Moroni that she heard rumors that Brandon and Angela were having a secret
date tonight. Their plan succeeds and Victor commends Kate on a job well
done.  Moroni leaves and is very angry.  He pulls out his gun and says
that he'll put an end to Brandon Walker once and for all.

Brandon meets with Angela and presses her for information about Roberto's
confession. Angela admits that a crazy woman convinced Roberto to confess
to Franco's murder. He didn't want to, but she offered him a lot of
money. Brandon is pleased that his plan has worked and that he now has the
evidence to incriminate Kate and Lucas.

Sami passes out from the drugged up salad and Lucas controls the Will
doll. From her blurred vision, Sami thinks her son is crying tears of
blood and crying out for her. She goes after the doll and falls out the
window. Lucas is concerned. He doesn't want Sami to die, and starts to
panic when she has a seizure, then collapses to the ground near the edge
of the cliff.