Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/5/00


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/5/00

by Linda K.

Shaun surprises Belle at Dot.Com.  He wonders why she was there when she
said earlier that she was tired.  Belle is crying but tells him she only has
something in her eyes.  Shaun asks if her feelings are about his not walking
her home and Belle tells him he finally gotten a clue about how rude he was
for not seeing her home.  Shaun argues they’ve hung out together forever and
since when was he all of a sudden expected to be her personal escort.  He
then struggles to apologize to her and take full responsibility for his
actions.  Belle readily accepts his apology, but then spots Mimi and leaves
him behind.

At the coffee house, Jan calls Chloe a witch and Phillip tells her never to
call her that again, and he angrily gets up to leave.  Jason and Jan both
warn him about Chloe.  If Phillip is not careful he will end up like that
Berry guy who died.   Jason tells Phillip that they have a perfect way to
get that evil woman, Chloe, out of his life for good.  Jason teases Phillip,
asking him when their next ‘haunting’ or ‘date’ will take place.  Phillip
answers that he hasn’t considered taking Chloe out on another date. 

Mimi tells Chloe that she is now next on Chloe’s ‘hit list’.  Chloe will
kill her because Mimi told Nancy that Chloe makes bad things happen.  Mimi
believes that Nancy may not like her own daughter.  Belle thinks Mimi should
not be opening her mouth.  Mimi says that if she ends up bleeding from an
orifice Belle is not to tell her Chloe didn’t do it.  The two ladies join
Phillip, Jan and Jason and Belle is disturbed to hear that they were talking
unfavorably about Chloe. 

Shaun joins the group.  He picks up the can and asks if they carry it
everywhere.  Jan told him that she had to show it to her doctor.  While
Belle emphasizes that Jan’s bleeding was only an accident, Mimi is adamant
that Chloe was behind it and warns everyone that Chloe is dangerous.  The
group attempt to speculate on the can’s translation from Sanskrit.  All of a
sudden the can begins to rumble and move around the table.  The kids are
totally frightened and Belle and Mimi hold each other tightly.

Craig enters Chloe’s room and she is reticent to talk.  She then cries
because no one is on her side.  Craig reminds her that Nancy certainly is,
but Chloe says she wishes she were left at the orphanage.  She is a strange,
unloving and an unlovable person.  She can never change even if she is
living at a loving home.  Se is a freak because she cannot stand anyone she

Craig suggests that Chloe has gone out of her way to be different.  He
removes Chloe’s glasses from her face.  She does not really need them, but
she is only giving the world something to make fun of, because the world may
not like the real person she is.  She would like to be ignored by people so
she wouldn’t have to deal with them.  Chloe admits he could be right.  Craig
admits that he, himself, at one time had not been all that together either.
He is finding it difficult to accept that Nancy had been with another man
and Chloe reminds him she was the byproduct of that union.  Craig tells her
she cannot have it both ways.  She cannot be defiant at the world and then
cry about it later.  She is bringing down all those sorrows on herself. 

Chloe tells Craig no one understands her like he can.  No psychologist, no
social worker.  Craig tells her the greatest gift anyone can give to oneself
is to be completely true to who and what she is at all times.  Chloe says if
she did that she would not have any friends - not ever!  Craig tells her he
knows her better than anyone else.  She would make a terrific friend, but
she has to learn to open up.  Chloe can’t understand why she hurts Belle and
even Phillip.  Craig tells her she is quick to reject others before they
reject her first.  

Craig is now ready to offer advice about Phillip.  He will not be the only
guy ever to grow interested in her.  Craig just wants Chloe to follow her
instincts - especially if she doesn’t want to date Phillip any more.  Chloe
tells him she feels better for listening to him and they give each other a
hug as a parting good night.  Chloe’s mind drifts off the seaside.  Phillip
is running along the beach and she joins him as they play light football.
He gathers her up in his arms and they exchange deep gazes, laughter, and
hold each other close as the sun sets.  “I do want to go out with you again
Phillip.  If only you knew how much.”  Chloe tells herself.

At the diner, Hattie reassess Burt’s frame of mind for suggesting that she
could look like Marlena.  Rolf pushes him to zero in on Hattie.  Bart’s
behavior grows more bizarre and erratic.  While Hattie is soaring through
the clouds in her daydream, Fay asks what she is thinking about.  Hattie
tells her that Bart has just changed her life.  This is not the life she was
meant to live.  Fay suggests that she talk with someone, and Hattie tells
her it certainly wouldn’t be from Dr. Evans as she hates her too much -
especially for taking away Howard Hugely from her.   Her angry rantings
about Marlena prompts her boss to dash towards her, threatening to fire her.
Fay tells her not to jeopardize her livelihood, but Hattie says that her
life is about to get even more lively.

Bart is having trouble listening to both Hattie and Rolf.  Bart tells her
that he knows a plastic surgeon who could help somebody even as old and
scraggly as she is, and this is followed by Hattie’s protests.  Now Bart has
to make up for insulting her.  He tells her he knows a great plastic surgeon
and that behind the pizza face and cottage cheese thighs lies a beautiful
woman eager to bust out.  “A little rhynoplasty here and liposuction there
and Bo-tucks.”  He offers a card for a  “Dr. Steiner” and Hattie complains
about the huge cost for plastic surgery.  Bart tells her she could easily
afford it with all the bucks she has stashed under her mattress and she is
surprised that he knows about her savings. 

The boss finds that Hattie has been sitting with a customer past five
minutes and fires her on the spot.  Hattie gasps in dismay.  “Clean out your
locker and beat it!” the boss yells at Hattie.  “Bummer,” Bart tells her.
Hattie asks him if he is a psychic.  He told her this would happen to her.
Then Bart feigns another psychic revelation.  The ‘doctor’ wants Hattie to
call him.  He is on the phone (to Rolf) and asks for ‘Dr. Steiner’ telling
him to work his magic on Hattie’s face and her thighs.  Rolf asks for the
damned phone and Bart puts Hattie on the line.

Hattie tells “Steiner’ that she needs help and asks if he makes house calls.
She is delighted to hear he will be passing through Salem tomorrow and has
agreed to give her an evaluation in the morning.  Bart then decides to leave
and wishes her good luck.  Hattie is in the clouds again.  Fay tells her how
sorry she is about that she lost her job and asks about the card.  Is it a
parking ticket?  As Hattie puts the card in her pocket, she tells Fay that
this was her lucky lottery ticket.

Rolf tells Bart that he expects to be well compensated for ‘turning that
woman into Marlena.  But his salary would only be a bonus.  What Stephano
won’t know, won’t hurt him.  Meanwhile, Faye tries to reason with Hattie to
ask for her job back as $50,000 is not enough to keep her going, even if she
does live rather cheaply.  Hattie tells Faye that something better will come
along.  The lottery.  It really could!

John and Marlena are out for a very romantic evening and Marlena is anxious
for John’s heaviness to subside so that they could truly enjoy themselves
and kick back. John brings up Hope and John’s feelings of protectiveness
towards her.  Bo and Hope are raising a child that is not Bo’s and everyone
is lying to Hope.  He also needs to know about his past as DiMera’s
mercenary.  Marlena tells John that all those memories he has been
recovering may not be real and he could put himself at serious risk.  She
asks him if there was something in particular that he does not want Hope to

John tells Marlene he has told her everything he knows and asks her to dance
instead.  He really needs to hold her in his arms.  They enjoy a lovely slow
dance and John lightly kisses her on the cheeks.  He is completely immersed
in love with his wife.  He tells her this is the way he wants to spend the
rest of his life.  Marlena instead tells him that she is his wife and needs
to hear about his memories. 

John’s memory then drifts back to his mercenary days.  When he is brought
back to the present, he tells Marlena that he was with DiMera.  He has never
really seen his face but recognizes DiMera’s voice.  He sees himself as a
soldier in a war zone and on some training session.  Marlena asks whether
John has seen himself kill anyone.  “If this is real,” John tells her, “and
if I were his mercenary, then DiMera was a cold and heartless man.”

Marlena tells John he probably knows that he and Hope were partners in
crime, stealing art for Stephano.  She struggles, but continues to ask “Was
it possible that your relationship was more powerful - that you and Gina
were also partners in bed?  Do you have any memories of that?”  John tells
her he does not know if any of his memories are real.  Marlena asks again if
he has memories of being intimate with Princess Gina.  John  answers, “Yes I