Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/4/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/4/00

Written by Linda K.

Craig and Nancy are arguing about Chloe’s date.  Nancy is hurt that Chloe is
shutting her out for her life and is hurt that Cloe went over to Belle
Black’s to get ready instead of letting her help.  Craig assures Nancy that
if Phillip treats Chloe badly then he would have to answer to him.  He tells
Nancy not to get too anxious about Chloe and let her relationship with
Phillip progress.  Nancy says, “I just hope it doesn’t progress too far.”
Craig answers, “Progress too far?  Chloe is living proof.”  Nancy is

Nancy admonishes Craig for bringing up the subject as it was ‘closed’.
Craig disagrees saying that it was her idea not to discuss it and tells her
they have to deal with the matter once for all.  Deep down she is still very
hurt about what had happened to her when she was very young and the man was
older and took advantage of her.  Nancy tells Craig that she does not ever
want to discuss this subject again.   

Mimi keeps Belle company at her home and sympathizes that Belle’s wires were
crossed concerning her ‘date’ with Shaun.  Mimi tries to make her friend
feel  better and eventually Mimi agrees that she doesn’t need Shaun although
she hates being made a fool.  “I knew it!  Chloe!”  Mimi blurts out.  Chloe
is evil and she is a witch.   But Belle argues.  She doesn’t understand
Chloe, but feels she is a nice person.  Mimi tells her “Change that w to a b
and that is who she is especially for stealing Shaun from her. 

At the café, Shaun feels bad about messing up Belle’s night and that he
should have at least walked her home.  Chloe and Phillip are not sympathetic
about Belle’s decision to leave.  Marlena shows up and interrogates Shaun
and Chloe specifically about what had happened to Belle.  Chloe tells her
Belle made up her own mind to leave them after being invited to join the
group.  “I wasn’t exactly Belle’s date” Shaun reminds Dr. Evans.  They all
went out as a group. 

“What was that about?”  Phillip asks.  Chloe tells them Dr. Evans sees that
just being here with you guys I’ve just lost the best friend I’ve ever had.
Shaun is uptight about the dating issue with Belle.  He attempts to get
Chloe’s support, but she gets up to leave.  Phillip jumps up to grab her
arm.  He acknowledges that theirs was a ‘date’ offers to walk her home.

Marlena enters the house and hears Mimi discussing the negative aspects of
Chloe’s character.  She approaches the two girls and asks Mimi to leave.
When they alone together, Belle and Marlena hold each other tightly.
Marlena and Belle share ice cream.  Marlena tries not to get too mushy when
she tells Belle how amazing her little girl turned out.  Marlena wants to
stay strong and clear to help her little girl. 

Belle tells Marlena that Chloe hadn’t meant to hurt her.  "Maybe I don’t
like being ignored.  Maybe I was spoiled all these years about being
popular.  Maybe I can’t handle not being the center of attention.”  Marlena
tells Belle that her feelings exist for a reason.  At this stage in their
lives both her and Chloe and all her friends are experiencing ‘strange
feelings’ about needing boyfriends.  Belle is grateful of her mother’s
expertise and assurance.  Marlena tells her how extraordinary and important
her daughter is.  Nobody will ever make her feel less so. 

Belle feels much better from all the love her mother had given her and
tearfully thanks her as she walks out to get a CD from .com.  Marlena
reminisces about her little baby girl who is now gone.  She is now a grown
up young woman.  Belle arrives at .com, she resolves to never think about
Shaun ever again.

Craig presses Nancy to talk about her past and that horrible man, a
contemporary of her father’s, had done to her.  And that he was Chloe’s
probable father.  Nancy demands Craig never to bring up the subject again,
but Craig is disgusted with her denial.  The door slams shut and Nancy calls
out Chloe?  And Mimi enters the house.  It is just me I am afraid she tells

Chloe and Phillip arrive at Chloe’s house.  She turns to go in and Phillip
holds her back a little longer trying to create a little intimacy between
them.  Chloe is anxious to call up her friend Belle to patch things up
between them.  Phillip eventually gets to kiss Chloe and is very reluctant
to leave Chloe for the night.

Craig and Nancy pear out their window to gaze at Chloe and Phillip.  When
they are caught, Craig suggests they give Chloe her privacy.  Nancy once
again reminds her husband to keep certain things buried in the past.  Craig
is angry as he leaves for the kitchen.  

Mimi tells Nancy how everybody is talking about the new radio show and how
Nancy is somewhat of a celebrity.  Nancy discusses her important role in the
content, tone and quality of the show.  Mimi tells Nancy about her quest for
a job and is grateful to Nancy for allowing her family to live with her.
Nancy asks whether her friendship is going well with Chloe.  Mimi is afraid
to get truly honest with Nancy, but finally blurts out that Chloe can make
bad things happen to people.  Like when Jan’s hands were cut.  Nancy tells
Mimi that she has been watching far too many episodes of the X-Files. Chloe
tells Nancy outright that Chloe has stolen Belle Black’s date.  That is why
she makes some bad things happen to people.  At that moment Chloe enters and
hears everything.  Craig walks up close to her and looks protective of her

Nancy is so sorry that Chloe had been hurt by Mimi's words.  Craig
admonishes her for allowing this conversation to take place at all.  Craig
rushes towards Chloe’s room to comfort her.  She wants him to go away, but
eventually lets Craig into her room.

The Brady clan all gather at the diner.  Pops is on to something.  There is
something going on that he wants to know about.  Bo agrees and asks if his
grandfather or grandmother ever worked at the factory outside Dublin and his
father recalls fondly the hard times his parents had gone through for the
family.  Bo asks why his father never told him this story before and his dad
says it was just so long ago.  Bo asks whether this factory belonged to
DiMera.  Pop Brady emphatically tells Bo that DiMera would have had nothing
to do with this factory.  Bo tells his dad he suspects there was something
brewing between the DiMera and Brady clan for a long period of time, but
Pops assures him there could never be a connection between the Bradys and

Pops tells his son that he is only grasping at straws.  But Bo tells him he
wants to put the pieces together, especially about the factory.  There were
no past hard feelings with anyone in Ireland, Pop Brady tells his son.  If
anybody had a beef against somebody, they’d meet up at the pub, put up their
fists and it would soon get settled.  Why does Bo have all these questions
about Ireland, and Bo eventually tells his father that he intends to make a
trip out there.

Pops thinks it is a family vacation and Bo says he is going there to find
out what DiMera was up to with this factory.  His parents adamantly oppose
him and forbid him to do such a thing.  Shaun enters the café and they ask
about the movies.  Shaun asks about what it was that they were forbidding
but Bo says that it was only about him and Hope eloping.  Hope and Bo pry
into Shaun's evening asking why it was that he ended up alone.  Bo guesses
he had girl troubles.  Shaun eventually leaves to look at CDs.  Returning to
the subject of Ireland, Ma tells Bo that she will not tolerate any further
talk about Bo going there unless he takes Hope up there for a wedding.

Sami is freaking as she hears her son’s cries for help and believes she is
seeing him out the window.  Brandon leaves the restaurant and Lucas follows
behind.  Lucasl also places a call to Kate’s cell phone which is now on the
ground as she busily props up the ‘Will doll’ outside Sami’s window. 

Kate gathers the bundled toy and heads off, leaving her cell phone behind
with its Incoming Call lamp lit up.   Kate and Lucas meet in a fury of
excitement.   Kate discovers that she has lost her phone and panics that it
would be the end of them if Sami and Brandon find it.  Lucas tells her to
head on back to her villa and await the next step of their plan while he
creeps back outside Sami’s place to retrieve the cell phone. 

When Brandon enters Sami’s bedroom, he finds her in a state of panic and
attempts to assure her it was just a bad dream.  Sami collapses in his arms
still overcome with fright.  Sami recounts her frightful experience in her
sleep.  She is adamant that she saw Will out there.  It was not a nightmare
nor had she had too much wine that night.  Brandon offered to look around
outside to see if he could find anything.  But Sami doesn’t want him to
leave her.  She feels it is a psychic mother-and-son connection and feels
she should call Will right away to see if he is all right. 

As Brandon peers outside Sami’s window, Lucas extends his arms to reach for
the phone that he spots under the window.  Sami and Brandon call out for
help as they spot somebody running off outside the house.  Sami calls
Henderson asking him to wake up her son so that she could hear his voice.
Kate grabs the phone away from Henderson and tells Sami she will definitely
not wake up her grandson.  Sami feels something definitely wrong is going
on, but Brandon tells her everything will be fine in the early morning. Sami
grabs her clother and heads out to find her son to reassure herself that he
is OK.
Back at the villa Lucas is pleased that he rescued Kate’s phone and asks if
Sami had called, "in a big sweaty panic, as predicted?"  "As predicted."
Victor informs him.  Kate is sure that all this will cause Sami to nowrush
back home to Salem.

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