Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/1/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/1/00

by Linda K 

Belle and Chloe meet their young men.  Chloe is dressed provocatively.
Phillip notices how great they look and teases that Shaun had bailed out on
them.  Belle is angry.  “On our first date?”  Shaun comes up behind her.
“Date?”  Belle is embarrassed is so insecure! 

Chloe knows how to regain the guy’s wandering attention.  She talks up a
storm about baseball to Phillip and Shaun’s amazement. 

At the movies, the kids settle in for the horrors.  During the show, Phillip
leaves for popcorn.  A startling scene leaves Chloe heading for Shaun’s
shoulders and he puts his arms tightly around her, leaving Belle
disappointed.  Phillip returns and notices, but only asks “What’s up.”
Shaun quickly releases his arms and Phillip possessively puts his around
Chloe.  Shaun is trying to make up to Belle, who has now turned cool towards

After the movies, Chloe makes an effort to appear tight with Phillip.  They
plan to go to the café, but Chloe is hesitant, and Phillip reassures her he
would protect her from Jan and Jason.  Belle begs off, snidely bringing up
to Phillip that he missed out on most of the arm holding when he went off
for the popcorn earlier. 

Mimi shows up and asks whether they were all on a ‘date,’ but Shaun tells
her they were “just hanging out, nothin’ special.”  Belle turns away and
Mimi runs after her.  “One date just was not enough for her.  She has to
have mine too, Belle tells Mimi as Chloe happily walks into the coffee hope
with her arms snuggled around Shaun and Phillip. 

Bo and Hope make a toast to their happiness.  Hope is sorry that her
drinking days as Princess Gina made poor Little John suffer.  Hope says Bo
was the only man she ever loved and he should never doubt that.  But there
is a secret in her heart that she needs to share with him.  Hope suggests
that she would like to get pregnant again.  Bo is put off by the idea.  It
ruins his mood and he quickly puts on his shirt.   Hope feels this is a good
idea because of the huge gap between their two sons’ ages.  Hope doesn’t
quit and manages to rekindle Bo’s desires.

Later that evening, Hope straddles Bo’s chest and pours fudge and whipping
cream over his neck and face.  They consummate their love touchingly as the
candles burn.  Their passion builds and the fireplace is ablaze.

Bart and Rolf meet at the diner.  Rolf gives him a wire to wear in his suit
and instructs him to carry a conversation with Hattie, so that he could
listen.  Hattie and Faye laugh at Bart who appears to be talking to himself.
Fay shows Bart to a table and Bart asks for Hattie to wait on him.  Fay
calls him a rude nut.  Rolf grows pesky and aggressive with Bart over the
wire.  Bart tells Hattie how much she looks like Marlena, except for the
years and a few extra pounds.  Hattie is angry until he tells her that she
might make a better radio talk show host than Marlena.  Hattie tells him he
has finally made some sense, but finds out her new admirer is carrying a
conversation with someone over the wire and begins to yell at him and
yanking the wire in his suit. 

Abe also enters and notices Bart appearing to talk to himself.  Abe urgently
asks Fay to speak with him.  Abe confesses he has been thinking a lot about
Fay and she is left breathless.  She has been thinking the same thing –
about the night they spent together so many years ago.   Fire and smoke
builds in their eyes.  Fay is emotional and she finds it difficult to deal
with how different things might have been.  If only she had been able to
leave Bob! 

Abe brings up Brandon and all that hatred he has for him for having busted
his father.  Abe is worried whether Brandon has found out about that night
they were together.   He needs to resolve the problem with her son, but Fay
pleads with him not to.  It would only fuel Brandon’s fire.  She tells Abe
to concentrate on his lovely new wife and little baby rather than sitting
with her and talking about the past.  Abe reluctantly leaves the café in

A commotion breaks out between Hattie and Bart.  It gets out of control
until Rolf pops the words
‘talk show’ into Bart’s ear.  He regains control of the situation by once
again suggesting to Hattie that she do a talk show.  He brazenly flirts with
her and sends her off to fetch him a piece of cheery pie.  Hattie plays with
the idea of doing a radio show, which at first, seems ridiculous.  But she
is drawn to the idea.  “Why not?” she asks herself with stars in her eyes.

Brandon cradles Sami in his arms and talks about his feelings.  He notices
she has dozed off, somewhat but she wakes up.  As Kate is driving, she calls
Lucas from her cell phone for news on Sami.  Lucas asks “What would it take
to get Sami and Brandon to a room!”  Brandon takes up a very drowsy Sami in
his arms to back to her bed.  Lucas is relieved! 

Brandon helps Sami into bed, but Sami still has strength to change and brush
her teeth.  Lucas watches through Sami’s window and calls their room from
his cell phone.  Brandon answers. Lucas imitates the Italian waiter telling
him about the mix up with Brandon’s credit card and for him to return to the
restaurant.  Brandon says goodnight to Sami and leaves for the restaurant.
Sami is now alone and asleep.  Lucas looks set to now plan the next move.
Sami’s worst nightmare is about to begin he tells Kate.  Inside her car,
Kate caresses the ‘little bundle of joy’ next to her seat. 

Brandon returns to the restaurant about the credit card mix up.  Angela
dashes up to Brandon.  He warns that her father’s watchdogs must be
everywhere.  Brandon tells her to back off or else he’d end up like Roberto.
Lucas is horrified to learn that the girl making a big moves on ‘macho man’
was ‘the Angela’.  He is certain she might now spill the beans.  “Mom, you’d
better be taking care of business.” 

Brandon grabs a tray of wine and sits down with Angela.  He wants to know
more about her and all her secrets.  Angela prefers to remain a little
mysterious and kisses him instead.  You like to live dangerously don’t you?
Brandon asks.  And was that the reason for her attraction to Roberto.
Angela gets angry until Brandon recites Shakespeare.   Lucas grows even more

Angel asks Brandon what makes him angry.  There is a guy back home, Brandon
tells her, with whom he has a score to settle.  The guy thinks things are
cool because he is not around.  But when Brandon comes back, he will bring
him down, hard!

Kate struggles to open the window in Sami’s room.  Sami is asleep and has a
dream that her door is knocking, but she is paralyzed.  She cries out for
help.  Kate keeps knocking on the window to wake up Sami and seems about to
wake up.  “Finally!”  Kate says.  She unwraps the scarlet blanket.  Sami
still cries out for help.  Kate props up a dummy of a child.  “Wake up.
Look at the window!”  Kate’s voice is heard behind the dummy. 

Kate plays Will’s voice over the recorder.  Sami cries out Will’s name in
her sleep and struggles because she cannot move towards him.  Will’s voice
repeats out to her.  “Please help me!”  Sami wakes up and her blurred vision
finds Will outside her window.  She screams out for help!