Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/31/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/31/00

by Linda K (Looking for a partner to help Lindsa K, if you are interested email: for more info - no html required) 

Under the evening sky, Hope tries to distract Bo from his plans for revenge.
It is working and they are soon back inside.  Bo becomes completely
engrossed with Hope’s playfulness.   Hope breaks off their passion because
Shaun is likely to enter anytime to check in on little John. They are
pleased their little baby is receiving so much love and attention.  But Hope
has to, yet again, ease Bo’s doubts about being the baby’s father.

Chloe begins to cry as she remembers the events at the pub.  Philip arrives
to comfort her.  Jan and Jason are total losers, he tells her and suggests
that they go out.  They decide to see the latest horror movie when Belle and
Shaun walk in.  Chloe invite them to join them.

Chloe needs to home to change and Belle accompanies her.   Chloe tells Belle
she is nervous about her first real date and that Phillip might want to kiss
her.  Belle admits she was insecure with Shaun.  She felt that Chloe wanted
him.  Chloe knows Belle would have preferred having Shaun all to herself at
the movies rather than making it a ‘group thing’.  She suggests Belle dress
up in a killer outfit and go after Shaun.

At the office, Nicole approaches Marie offering her a gift “sharing the
wealth”.   Nicole eventually stops beating around the bush and asks "Where
the hell are Kate and Victor?"  Marie is tight with her information and
suggests that Nicole send an express package to Victor.

Austin spots Nicole and follows her into the office where she is doing
‘research’ presumably on Greek mythology.  Austin brings up the subject of
her earlier plans to run away with Eric and why all that has changed.  “Poor
Austin, you never know when I am teasing”.  “You have a problem with the
truth, Nicole?”  Nicole says she and Lucas are resolving the problems in
their marriage.  He knows she is lying.  He could prove it.  Are you calling
me a liar?  Nicole is angry.

Austin tells her he ran into Greta who received a call from Eric in
Colorado.  Eric told Greta he loves Nicole and wants her to be with him.
Nicole tells Austin that she turned Eric down and is no longer in love with
him.  She is working on her marriage with Lucas.  “OK.  Now that is the
crock you handed Greta.  What is the real plan?”  Austin asks.

Austin returns to the earlier topic about Nicole’s searching Greek mythology
through the web.  Victor Kiriakis is Greek.  She has Lucas and Victor
wrapped around her finger, and more money than she could spend.  What else
is she after?  Power?  Nicole throws something at Austin and shouts for him
to get out.  He tells her she and her brother both have a problem
controlling their tempers.  She tells herself, “Someday, soon, Victor will
depend entirely on me alone.”  She has an envelope addressed to him.

Victor receives a call from his doctor who tells him his impotence is
nonphysical.  The doc is optimistic and offers more hope for Victor.   Kate
enters and Victor gives her suggestive look and a hard kiss.  Kate is very
pleased and wants to go further.  Victor wants to take it easy.  Phone rings
and Lucas tells his mom, “Mission accomplished!”  The little witch is on her
way to be out of their lives for good, Kate says.  Lucas is worried the
stuff he put in her food might kill her and about his son’s safety.  Victor
tells Kate it is a good thing Lucas doesn’t understand the full extent of
their plans; otherwise, he would not have gone through with it.

Phillip calls, looking for an increase in his allowance.  Victor arranges to
have more funds transferred into his bank account after Phillip promises to
pay off his debts and lay off gambling.  Phillip asks whether they plan to
return home soon.  Victor says they still have important business to take
care of and Phillip hopes his parents will be getting married.  Kate and
Victor are pleased with Phillip calling him their ‘best project.’   Let’s
hope your other son will handle the ‘Sami project’.

Kate is reminded of the good old days.  Those exciting times when they
finagled ‘hostile takeovers.’  Kate is eager to do more celebrating after
they get rid of Sami.  Victor says, “The time has come,” and picks up a
bundle wrapped in orange cloth.  He hands it to Kate saying, “You know what
to do.”

At Vicenzo’s, Sami and Brandon talk about her regaining custody of Will.
Brandon feels it is too early to celebrate.  Sami says they will – just as
soon as they get enough evidence to point the finger on Lucas.

In the kitchen, Lucas spots Sami’s plate of spaghetti.  He takes out the
vial and pours the potion over it.  He is caught by the waiter.  Lucas tells
him he had to dig out a fly from the food.  Sami is famished, and when their
food arrives, she quickly digs in.   Brandon finally asks for the check.
Lucas bumps clumsily into the waiter in the kitchen, and in the melee, Lucas
rearranges the waiter’s check booklet.

Brandon and Sami are enjoying an evening walk with Lucas following closely,
watching and listening.  She nearly stumbles on the ground and her speech is
slurring.  Sami wants the know story about Brandon’s life - because she is
‘interested’ in him – as a friend.  They sit down and she nestles closely
into Brandon’s arms.  He is ready to tell her everything – if she is ready
to handle the truth.

Lucas is crouching in the bushes trying to hear what they are saying.
Brandon talks about his feelings of yearnings for Sami.  It is not about
friendship.  It is about what a man feels when he finally finds his woman.
He finally says it.  “I want you to be my wife.”

Shaun enters the Brady residence.  He realized he was breaking in on his
parent’s romance.  He talks about his date.  Hope is playing guessing games
as to whom Shaun will be dating and assumes he will be going with Belle, but
he denies this, calling Belle ‘a pain’ and that the evening will be a with a

Bo and Hope smile and believe the time has come for Shaun’s first love and
recall the earlier days of their romance.  They tease their son leaving him
to stumble out in embarrassment.   Bo tells Hope how relieved he is that he
does not have a daughter.  Hope and Bo try to recapture their romance when
they are alone again.  When she sets off to make hot fudge, Bo says himself
“I love you so much, fancy face.  It is tearing me up lying to you like
this.  But the truth about this baby could destroy us.”