Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/30/00


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/30/00

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John Black has a flashback of his old army commando days while he is
furiously driving.  "I have had enough" are the words tormenting him. 

At the police station Abe asks whether Roman has heard from Eric.   Abe says
“I can't help wonder how different things would be if Stefano hadn't kept
you away from Eric and Sami.    Roman replies “And the doctor.  Think of the
difference she would made in his life.”

Abe and Roman discuss Bo.   Roman suspects there are more problems than
meets the eye.  Abe thinks Hope is handling things well considering her sick
child.  Bo might be afraid.  He doesn’t know what Princess Gina had been

John bursts into the station and wants Brady released from jail.  Abe is
shocked he ended up there in the lockup.  Roman tries to reason with him and
says  hasn’t been charged with anything.  He makes it clear why Brady had to
be brought in.  He was verbally abusive to the storeowner and tried to buy

John is understandably stressed out over Brady workin’ him 24-7 (yanking his
chain as Roman describes it), his wife leaving for Africa, and the baby
situation.  Baby John?  Roman asks.  Don’t tell me you aren’t worried about
our nephew, Roman?  Doc asked me to keep an eye on Hope and Bo, so I got a
little attached to the guy.   Sure Roman is concerned with his nephew but
isn’t kicking furniture all over the place.  Abe finds an excuse to leave.
Brady is a big problem, Roman tells John, and asks him to take better
control over him. 

Roman reasons that Brady has not just made this one infraction.  There have
been many others.  Eventually they argue about their tangled family matters
and who can see whom.  They bring up Sami.  Eric and Sami were perfect kids.
Roman laughs sarcastically at John having implied that it was all because of
his bringing them up.  I never had any trouble, John said.  “Now about, my
wife.”  Roman gets set to pose a question and John blows a fuse.  “My wife.
Where the hell did that come from?  She is my wife and you are not going to
tell her what to do.”

Roman yells at John that his selfishness is what caused his son getting
screwed up.  John brings up Marlena.  DiMera didn’t cause Marlena to love
him.  She chose to love him and if he hate him for that..  Roman loses his
temper.  “I don’t!  And I don’t want to see you around and if your son
screws up again, we will book him!” 

John visits his son in the lockup.   “Well, if it isn’t my savior.  Are you
going to spring me, or are your cop buddies going to really teach me a
lesson.  This must be embarrassing for you.”  He taunts John about Captain
Brady’s being so concerned about precious Marlena and what he might do to
frighten her fragile psyche.  “So, you need to do a few more deeds to atone
for my mistakes.   The more dangerous, the better.” 

“My dad, the hero!  You love a good challenge and aren’t you lucky.  You
have me!”  You lousy little bast.. John gets started and Brady drills him
for insinuating his legitimacy - his father did not marry his mother before
he was born.  He pushed buttons further, leading John to wish he could kick
his butt, but Brady cried ‘child abuse’ and threatened to file a complaint
at the station.  When he is being released, Brady cries about being released
in an abusive home whereas a cop tells him he is old enough (according to
his fake ID) to be on his own.  The cop makes it clear he never wants to see
him around again. 

“Dammed insubordinate!”  John mutters to himself, but then the flashbacks of
the army return to him, with the beatings and shouting.  John labors the
question, who was I?   I’ve got to get that chip out of my brain so I can
put the past behind me forever.”  

Hope tells Bo that she may not have remembered all she did while being
Princess Gina, but pleads that she would never sleep with another man.  He
is the only man she has ever loved.  Bo was trembling.  Was he afraid of not
being the father of their baby? 

Bo assures Hope that he loves her and believes her.  The thought of another
man touching her... He grows angrier.  “The man should die for what he did
to you.”  Hope suggests they try to think of the good things Stefano did,
like saving her and their son’s life when she was sick in the turret.   Bo
is not ready to forgive.  “What do you want me to do, thank him and wait for
the next thing he would do to destroy us?”

Hope doesn’t want Bo to become involved in anything against Stefano.  Why
should they jeopardize the safety of their two sons?  Bo says he is doing it
for their sons.  When he lost Hope he went to Victor to help find her.
Victor used his resources and found out that DiMera once had a factory
outside Dublin.  “We used to think DiMera had it against the Bradys because
Roman was a cop and was getting in his way over what happened between me and
Maggie.   It didn’t explain all the horrible things he did to us and with a
maniac like him no explanation is required.  He just loved making our lives
hell.  I think there some kind of feud between DiMera and the Bradys that
happened several years ago.”  Bo decides to get answers from Ireland where
this feud first began. 

Hope tries to talk Bo out of going to Ireland.  However, Bo will wait
because Victor is out of town and he wants to use his resources and in the
meantime he can do some background investigation.  Hope is angry that he
would leave her and their son in his delicate condition for such a long
time, but Bo insists he has to listen to his gut instinct.    She is also
concerned something will happen to him.  Both had come so close to losing
each other before!  Bo rationalizes his decision based on his love for his
family and his desire to protect them. 

At the diner, Fay studies Hattie closely.  I didn't know you were into
scarves.  Too bad about the dress code.  She is eager to see Hattie's hair
which is covered.   She gasps when Hattie takes off the scarf.  Hattie says
it was time for a change and Fay thinks it is incredible and she looks like
Dr. Evans.  Fay challenges Hattie that she ‘went and made herself look like
her on purpose, even if she doesn’t like Dr. Evans’. 

Hattie is so outraged that Fay is trying to psychoanalyze her.  She does not
like Evans and isn’t trying to look like her.  “Look at the cowlick.  I do
not have a cowlick.  My hair is thicker, much more luxurious.”  Fay teases
her further.  It is a great cut.  Looks good on Dr. Marlena.  Hattie loses
it completely and slams a water pitcher on the counter bringing out their
boss who asks if they want to get themselves fired. 

Hattie cleans up but her boss is ranting at her.  His cat would make a
better waitress than she and has a better disposition.  Hattie asks if his
cat would work for six dollars an hour for 18 years!  Hattie is spent with
rage and chews on a giant cookie. 

Abe notices how keyed up Roman is as they stroll towards the diner.  Roman
figures he could go for a double Scotch but since he is on duty he will
settle for an antacid.  

Abe talks to Fay about her son, Brandon.  Faye insists that he keep the
promise he made to her about not telling him who his mother really is.  He
had been through hell and back.  Abe reminds her that she has also suffered.
Both talk about the old days when they needed each other and were there for
one another.  Life was full of strange coincidences.

At the diner, Roman walks towards Hattie and looks closely at her.  Hattie
smiles widely, and he looks very curious.  But Hattie gets hot under the
collar when Roman reminds her how she looks like Marlena.  Hattie says she
will kill anyone who ever makes this observation.   Hold it, do you know
Marlena?  Roman asks.  Hattie impersonates Marlena’s speech and bleches.
Roman gives his dinner order and turns to join Abe.  He runs into Fay and
they grow very tense eyeing one another. 

Kate greets Vincenzo into her home and thanks him for helping them with
Lucas.  Victor is at the end of his rope with his son as Vicenzo is with his
daughter.  Kate inquires about Angela and Vincenzo suggests that she ought
to hook up with Lucas.  Since he is Kate’s son, he should be a great
speciman of an American male.  Kate suggests Angela might prefer someone
more industrious, or as Victor adds, one who knows the value of a lira.
Vicenzo says that in his kitchen Lucas will learn.  Victor asks Vincenzo for
another favor.    No one must know that Lucas is her son.  No one.  Of
course, no one must know that the lazy American dish boy is the son of the
lovely Kate Robert’s, Vincenzo assures them.

“Kids.”  Vincenzo mutters after hearing about problems with Lucas.  “Oh, do
you have problems with Angela?”  Kate eagerly asks.  “No, Angela is a good
worker, but Angela’s problem is that she likes the lazy bums, like your son,
no offense.  My daughter travels to America, and falls in love.  If only we
had been in touch then, Kate.”  “Why?” she asks him.    “At that time,
Angela was working in Salem.  Isn’t that where you work?”  Kate say’s it is
just a coincidence.  “I don’t think we had the pleasure of meeting her.” 

Vincenzo tells them Angela ran with a bad crowd.  And the front page news
about Frank O’Kelly getting wacked in some mansion on his wedding day.
Greedy thief who deserved everything he got coming to him.  Bad luck to die
with your tux on.”  Vincenzo sums.    Victor asks whether he had anything to
do with the killing.  “Coulda shoulda wouda, but I didn’t.”  Kate quickly
asks if he thought it was his daughter, but Vincenzo mentioned it was her
idiot boyfriend. “Pardon me for speaking ill of the dead, but it is too bad
he didn’t die earlier.  We have a lady in our presence and we have business
to attend.  Where is this son I am supposed to meet.”  Kate goes to fetch
him and throws him at Vincenzo. 

Lucas is presented to Vincenzo as the dishwater extraordinaire but Lucas
says the only water he is going to get close to is in the beach.  And Kate
gives him medication for staying focus, to keep those dishes intact.
Vincenzo takes his leave.  On the sly, Kate gives Lucas the vial of potion
and instructs him to put five pinches in Sami’s desert.   She tells him they
are not trying to get her killed, but only pushed in the right direction. 

Brandon tries to tell Angela “arriva derci” and to forget their kisses
because he came to Italy to ask Sami to marry him.   He is in love with his
beautiful girlfriend, and although she can be difficult at times, so is
Angela with all her secrets.  Angela, with her arms around his neck, tells
him if he can’t forget their kisses, he shouldn’t be getting married.  Sami,
who is behind the brushes looking on, slyly says to herself, “You tell her!
Oh God, what am I thinking!”

Brandon is nervous about Angela’s former personal connections.  Why do you
want to know about Roberto?  Angela wonders.  Brandon says that in American,
you can get the death penalty for his crime.  Angela says that her poor
Roberto already got the death penalty.  He was shot dead and had confessed
to the killing Franco only for the almighty dollar.  Same thing as everybody
else would do. 

Sami marches in and makes a takes Brandon into her arms and coaxes him that
it is time for dinner.  Angela is sulking and tries to insult Sami.  Sami
begins to kiss Brandon - to cool off Angela.  Their kisses grow very

Vincenzo enters the diner introducing his new dishwasher.  Lucas is ready to
start, pronto, and when he starts picking up dirty dishes, he notices that
Sami has entered the restaurant and pulls the vial out of his pocket.
“Don’t worry baby.  I have just the spice for our spagetti sauce.”