Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/29/00


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/29/00

by  Linda K 

By Linda K.

At the hospital cafeteria, Mimi talks about Chloe giving Jan looks that
could kill and Jan's hands beginning to bleed as if Chloe sent some spell on
her.  Belle thinks she is insane.   Witches run in families, Belle reminds
her.  Mimi immediately insinuates that this is truly one mother and daughter
witch act if she ever saw one.  

Mrs. Wesley is maybe a witch in the literal sense only, but definitely a
schizoid.  She is swell one minute and meaner than a junkyard dog the next.
She has seen a side to Nancy Wesley that most people never saw and warns Val
that if she is not careful, Chloe will have everything her way and the would
be no way Mimi could protect herself. 

Mimi worries Val’s by saying that Chloe is acting like one big tease.  She
is putting the moves on all their friends and isn’t satisfied with only
having Phillip on her side, but now she wants Shawn.  “Face it Val, she cast
a spell on all of them.”  Poor Val appears to be falling for Mimi’s

“Mimi, my mother says that Chloe has had a rough childhood moving from one
foster home to another.  She never really got attached to anyone.  When she
is flirting with the guys, she won’t let anybody get close to her.  She
needs to know that she can trust us.  I have seen a wonderful side to Chloe
and I’m sure that is who she truly is.”  Val replies, if she wanted to think
Chloe is Mother Theresa, she is being warned.  “If you want to stay friends
with her, you will pay a really good price.” 

At the radio station, Marlene, don't take this the wrong way but, Nancy
struggles, don't you think you are blah (boring) today.  Marlene is too
nice, and this is bad for ratings.  Nancy asks. “   Can't you belittle the
morons to save the smart people?”  Marlena wants to help people and not
degrade them just for the sake of ratings.  She will not insult and
criticize people. 

Marlena begins signing off for the day.  Nancy rants that she should have
should have been harder on the last caller.  Nancy then brings up ratings
and demographics.   Marlena reminds her that it is Mile’s job.  If she isn’t
getting through the callers and the numbers, she will not continue with the
radio show!  No way! Nobody is going to stop our radio show Nancy protests.

Nancy, I care about this show and I want it to go on, but I will not become
somebody I am not just for ratings, Marlena tells her.  I know it, Nancy
agrees.    It is just that you are so good I don’t want you to get
cancelled.  Marlena assures he that she also cares about not being cancelled
and ratings, but she has to do things her way.  Nancy agrees that Marlena’s
integrity is important for the viewers, especially during ‘these stressful
times’.   Nancy complains that Chloe is still trying to ruin her marriage.
Marlena warns her that Chloe is a problem only because she is allowing it.
Nancy is complaining that Chloe is playing Craig against her and he is
falling for it hook, line and sinker. 

Marlena asks Nancy if she has discussed this problem with Craig and Nancy
tells her she tried.  He says she is making a big deal out of nothing, and
makes it all her own fault.  She is too involved.  She hovers too much and
should stop trying so hard to make Chloe like her.  Chloe may then be more
comfortable and able to like her.  Nancy sees that Marlena is suggesting she
get professional help deal with very delicate situation.  Nancy is angry.
It is really Chloe who needs help as she is hell bent on making her life

Bo and Hope tune in to the Marlena’s show.  A caller is talking about being
sad about keeping a secret from her husband, but doesn't want to hurt people
she loves.  Little John is crying.  Bo listens to Marlena very carefully.
Marlena tells ‘Sally’ that guilt undermines one's mental health, and piece
of mind, self esteem and creates distance between one's partner.  Is the
caller underestimating her own strength?  Can she deal with this secret
better than she thinks?  Husband is considering Marlena's advise attentively
while his wife comforts her baby. 

At the diner, Hattie is growling at Marlena's caller yapping away about her
betraying husband.  Dump the bum she says.  When Marlena gives advise to her
saying it is difficult to establish trust in a relationship after a betrayal
and Hattie is surily "and so are you, (betrayer) Marlena."

Hattie is mocking Marlena’s radio show.  Secrets have a way of coming out.
How deep, how profound, how Marlena!   Total waste on the station's money.
Show will sink faster than the Titanic.   Fay's daughter enters the café and
Hattie shouts, surprise, surprise, your daughter, Fay.  Were you expecting
her?  Fay is surprise and warmly approaches Nichole.  She came to see Fay
and needs her help about obtaining information on Victor Kiriakis.

Hattie is growling at Marlena's caller yapping away about her betraying
husband.  Dump the bum she says.  When Marlena gives advise to her saying it
is difficult to establish trust in a relationship after a betrayal and
Hattie is surily "and so are you, (betrayer) Marlena."

Fay and Nicole are outside to discuss Victor in privacy.  Nicole presses her
for information.  Fay had worked at the country club.  What about his
friends?  What kind of people did Victor bring in?  Fay struggles to
remember, and eventually comes up with a tidbit for Nicole.  She tells
Nicole that Victor always had such ‘class’.   Why wouldn’t he, Nicole asks,
he always had money.  Fay remembers Victor was never condescending and
treated her with respect, like a somebody.  Nicole is very sarcastic about
Victor and Fay asks her what her problem is with Victor.  Did he treat her
with disrespect?  Nicole answers, “never mind.” 

At the diner, Lyle insults Hattie by showing a picture of Dr. Evans and of
their resemblance if she were twenty years younger.  Especially around the
eyes.  Hattie says Dr. Duck is the last person she wants to look like and
she walks off from her shift, making loud and coarse duck calls along with a
hearty laugh. 

Fay wonders why Nicole is asking about Victor and Nicole answers angrily
that he was once nearly her father-in-law.  She remembered at Christmas that
he said he was raised up in Greece and all those jobs he had as a child.
Was he poor then?  Fay remembers what Victor used to say.  That business was
only a game.   And money is freedom.  I’ve been going about his the wrong
way, Nicole says.  Fay is worried.  Nicole thanks her for being very
helpful.  Fay warns her not to be messing up with Victor as he is a very
smart man.  Nicole assures her that she is also smart.  She thinks she is
now even smarter and takes off, leaving her mother worried.  Business is a
game, and money is freedom.  Hummm, Nicole repeats these words to herself. 

When Hattie is back at home she looks at herself in the mirror and stares at
the newspaper of Marlena.  She talks to herself, “My those Hollywood types.
They see a plastic surgeon more than I wash my car.”  Hattie lets her hair
fall down and strokes it down to her shoulders.  She takes a deep breath and
snips off a piece of hair.  She grows calmer and then furiously cuts the
rest of her hair.

Lyle tells Fay that Hattie and Dr. Evans look as if they were separated at
birth.   Fay warns him not to bring this up to Hattie because it upsets her
so much.  Lyle doesn’t understand why this is so.  He would think Hattie
would be happy for the resemblance because Marlena is a real babe.  He
changes the subject to Nicole and how she gets her looks from Fay.  And
married to such a rich man, whose kin is that billionaire Greek man that
karaoke guy.  It is Kiriakis, Fay corrects him.   Some people have all the
luck, Lyle grumbles.

Hope struggles to comfort her crying baby and Bo suggested taking the baby
to the doctor, but Hope becomes angry.  She doesn't want her poor baby
drugged.  Bo is angry and walks out the door.  A little later, the couple
make up tenderly.  Bo admits he is short on patience.  She asks what is
bothering him aside from little John.  He is not being himself.  She
believes it is because he blames her for problems with the child. 

Bo tells her she was not herself while she was carrying the baby.  She wants
to turn back the clock and make it all go away.  Hope asks Bo why they are
dregging up the past when they should be focused on the present.  She has a
feeling that Bo is worried about something ‘specific’ that happened in the
past.   Hope presses him to tell her.  Bo suggests that she must come to
terms with the year she lost.  He is prepared to go through the process with

Bo assures Hope that they are both strong and have each other to deal with
what happened that year.  Hope questions what really bothered him most about
her being Princess Gina.  He answers, “The fact that you kept pushing me
away.  And that you kept wishing you were off somewhere else and you’d keep
disappearing off - to be with someone else.”  Hope is startled and asks,
“What are you implying.  You don’t think that I was with somebody else?  My
God, Bo?  Are you saying that that child of yours is some one else’s?” 

At the Carvers, Lexie asks Abe what had Bo said earlier to make him feel
upset and he tells her that the mystery woman showing up at the station
asking for him was Fay Mendez.  Her real name is Walker.  Brandon Walker's
mother.  Lexie is surprised?  What does Fay want from him?  Nothing.  This
is not her style, Abe answers, but Lexie is taken aback and asks how well
does he know her.  Abe’s memory drifts back to the time they were a couple
and had been kissing.

Lexi wants Abe to tell her more about Fay Walker.    Abe tells her “I met
her when I was walking the beat.”  “Is she is single?  Is she beautiful?”
She asks her husband.  “Yes, she was very attractive, but she was married.”
“You just saw her around the neighborhood?”  “Not exactly.  I saw her more
often than I cared to.  Her husband was very abusive.”   Lexie said that she
understands most wives are too scared, and Fay expected her husband Paul
would clean up and change.  So Brandon was a witness to all that, Lexie
worries.  He is still sensitive and vulnerable although he’s acting tough.
Yeah, he cut his share of hell from Paul, Abe tells her.  

The Carvers are pleased how mellow and sweet little Isaac is.  They wish
Hope will soon have an easier time with her baby.  She is carrying the guilt
for having caused the condition her baby is in, but she was not responsible
actions.  She was not herself.  He worries that perhaps Bo may realize that
he is not the father of Hopes’ baby.   Lex asks whether Bo was going to ask
her?  Was that the possibility?  Abe hopes not but Bo alluded to the fact
that when John and Marlena were married, Hope was Gina then, and she
disappeared.  She said that she was in Paris, and she… the wife interrupts.
There is no way that could be possible.  They are anxious that Bo should
question Hope about this.

Look Abe, you are one of Bo’s closest friends.  If Bo thinks he is not the
father he should get a paternity test.   Lexie then realizes a dreadful
thought and says, Oh my God!  What if the father is not Bo and the real
father will come after them to claim little John?  Bo trusts you and depends
on you.  You should convince Bo to have his DNA test done. 

Nicole opens the car and pulls out Bo for being parked outside the estate.
We need to talk, Nicole, Bo tells her but she asks him to get the hell out
before she would call the police. 

At the Kiriakis’ estate, Victor asks, “Any word on Lucas?  Where is he?  On
the phone to his heartsick wife complaining that his mother and Victor
dragged him off to Italy and she's complaining of her Herculean effort to
save her marriage.”   He had spoken with Nicole when Lucas was on his way to
the airport and she is in denial about being penniless and is determined to
stay on with Lucas and make their marriage work.  "We will need to
concentrate on the Sami trap.  Getting ready for Phase I.   Here is Phase I
now.  Ah, here comes Fay's runt now. " Lucas is putting on an act as a
drunk.   "Hey dudes, whaaatz uuup?” 

Brilliant disguise!  Victor praises.  If your mother hadn’t told me you were
here I would have thought some surfer was in the house to rob it.  Just as
long as Brandon and Sammy don’t see you first.  Lucas grows very excited
about doing his surfing act, but Victor urges him to get serious about
‘business’.  It is deadly serious, or it can be very dangerous.  “I will be
careful.  I don’t want to be party to anything extreme.  I don’t want Sami’s
life put in any danger.   Lucas panics when Victor suggests that he wants
her a ‘little disabled’ but not crippled.  The first move is getting Lucas a
job at the kitchen and he protests he can’t even boil an egg, but Kate
informs him that he is going to be doing the dishes.  Lucas is totally
beside himself at this thought.

What’s with this washing the dishes?  I thought I was going to hang out the
beaches!  Victor answers he is wrong as usual.  He hands Lucas a vile and
instructs him to empty the contents into Sami’s food.  It is an herbal
substance, and nontoxic, so it only would put her into a hypnotic state.
Lucas is jittery about it but Victor reminds him this is going to help keep
him and his mother out of prison and for Lucas to gain custody of his son.
Lucas agrees not to continue feeling sorry for Sami, but wonders were Will
fits in all this and why does he have to bring him and Henderson to Italy. 

Victor shouts at Lucas who is worried about any danger to Will.   Lucas is
assured and asks for the rest of the plan but Victor is summoned  to take a
call from Japan.  Kate asks what Lucas told Nichol about the trip.  He
informed Kate that he trusts Nicole completely and Kate then grows
desperately.  She asks whether he so stupid that he told her he shot her

Kate continues to rant on Lucas about confiding in Nicole.  Give me some
credit, will you, please, Lucas shouts at Kate.  When Victor enters, he sees
the cause of their grim faces.  Nicole.  Lucas asks when and why Will is
going to be used in the plan   against Sami.  Victor says Will is going to
be bait when Sami is in her hypnotic state.   Victor also assures Lucas his
baby will be perfectly safe. 

Nicole is angry at Rex for not keeping his promises.  She missed her
appointment because she is trying to make her marriage work.  She tells him
she doesn’t plan out to cash out her earnings but to let it keep on growing.
She wants 25 million and with his commission she will have only 18.6
million.  She never wants contact with Rex ever again, and then asks him to
send her statements to her house.

The phone rings at the Kiriakis residence and Rex tells Victor that Nicole
has no idea that the money is gone.  She doesn’t know she is broke.   I
thought I told you to wrap this up, Victor snaps.  Rex also mentions Nicole
didn’t meet him earlier because she was trying to meet with her husband.
All right, keep in touch, Victor says.  And he asks himself, does Nicole
really not know or if she is playing some game with us?