Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/24/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/24/00

by Christy 

At the lot, everyone is pitching in to build the new Lockhart home. Chloe
is admiring Philip and Shawn, both shirtless, at work. The teens notice
Shawn's backpack is smoking, so they investigate. Shawn and Chloe
speculate that the smoke was caused by some sort of chemical reaction from
the chemical vial Shawn left in his bag.  He also finds the canister
inside, and when he opens it, he finds another tin can with an ancient
language written on the label. Chloe examines it and says that it's
written in Sanskrit.  Philip thinks they should open it, but Chloe advises
them to wait until they know what it says. Later, they talk about the
talent show.  Chloe asks Shawn to be her accompanying keyboardist and
cancels her plans with Philip so she can rehearse with Shawn. This upsets
both Belle and Philip.  Mimi warns Belle that Chloe is scheming to get
both Philip and Shawn.  Belle decides not to go with them to the pub. 

At the pub, Mimi feels out of place with Philip, Chloe and Shawn.  She
observes how much Chloe is enjoying the attention from the boys.  Philip
reminds Shawn that he's the one going out with Chloe.  Shawn reassures him
that he and Chloe are just good friends who have the love of music in
common.  Two classmates are observing and comment on how Chloe is the
class babe now.  As they leave the pub, they run into Belle and inform her
that Chloe is after Philip and Shawn.  This upsets Belle and she leaves

To much of Hattie's chagrin, Marlena's radio program continues and is
going very well.   Hattie complains to Fay about how awful Marlena is as
the new talk show therapist.  Nancy receives a call from a disgruntled
Hattie who bashes Marlena and makes threats. Hattie demands she speak with
Marlena, but Nancy forbids it and eventually hangs up on the woman. Later,
Nancy tells Marlena about the phone call but doesn't seem too
worried. Marlena thinks that maybe if she spoke to the woman, they could
work things out. But Nancy has a feeling it will only make things
worse. As Marlena signs off, she sees her daughter Belle crying. 

Lili tells Stefano that since Princess Gina is dead, the Von Amberg family
plans to bestow the crown on Greta-she'll become Princess Greta. She'll
get a huge sum of $100 million as well as Gina's property. Lili still
hasn't told Greta this because she wanted to tell Stefano first. Since
there is a chance he is her father, Lili would like it very much if he
would protect the girl. Later, Lili leaves to tell Greta the
news.  Stefano notices Hattie and is intrigued by her. 

In her car, Nicole contemplates the turn of events that have ruined her
plans.  She realizes that if she wants any sort of future, she needs to
have an alternative plan right away. She stops by Greta's apartment,
hoping to gain her sympathy.  Nicole turns on the tears and tells Greta
that Eric called her earlier hoping she'd join him in Colorado, but she
turned him down. Nicole says it would just hurt too many people if she did
such a thing. And right now Nicole wants to focus on getting her marriage
back together. She'd really like it if Greta would talk to Lucas and get
him to take her back. Greta still doesn't trust Nicole, though.  Greta
really lets Nicole have it by telling how awful a person she is.  To much
of Greta's surprise, Nicole drops to her knees and begs for Greta's
forgiveness.   Greta is alarmed by her gesture and tells her to
leave.  Outside, Nicole smiles and says that she is back on top of her