Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/22/00


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/22/00

by  Suzanne

Nicole told Roman that she knows who shot Franco but didn't give him details. She told him she wants to divorce Lucas and marry Eric. She warned him that if he doesn't cooperate with her, she would turn Eric against him. He warned her not to threaten him and he won't have anything to do with her unless she tells him who murdered Franco. He also points out that if Eric wanted to be with her, he would have taken her with him.

Greta filled Austin in on what happened between her and Eric. He was stunned to find out that Nicole says she's going to try to make it work with Lucas, despite what happened with Eric, and that Lucas doesn't know anything about it. Greta is pretty bitter about the whole thing.

Craig told Marlena that she should have gotten his permission to use the hospital conference room as a radio studio, and he refuses to let it go on. John tells him to back off. Marlena apologizes; she thought the producer had gotten his permission. Upset, she tells the producer that she can't do the show. He talks to Craig and points out that the show would be good publicity for the hospital. Nancy hears about the show, which reminds her of her favorite show, Frasier. She takes Craig aside and says they should let Marlena do the show there, and she wants to be her producer (like Roz on Frasier).  Craig agrees and everyone seems happy.  Marlena speaks with Roman on the phone.  He asks her if she thinks this will be safer than last time she did a radio show.  She says not a day goes by that she doesn't think of her sister's murder.  But she wants to help people.

Fay and Hattie hear about Marlena's new show. They are shocked to find out that the previous host, Dr. Hinkley, was a bigamist. Hattie says she really hates Marlena.  Fay's special customer (Stefano) chats with her about family values, bemoaning the fact that no one seems to stay married any more. Fay, curious about him, asks him if he's been married, but then she takes it back when she sees the annoyed look on his face. Stefano looks at the flyer, advertising Marlena's show, with interest.

Brady and John have an argument about Isabella. Brady accuses him of not ever loving anyone but Marlena and wonders why he doesn't ever talk about Isabella. John says it's too painful; he explains that he tried to put the past behind him. Brady says that's bull, since he's so obsessed with his past, particularly Stefano. John wonders if maybe he's right.  He has a flashback to when he was a mercenary and ordering a kid to "keep a clean gun".  

Nicole goes to Rex's office to get her money but she overhears that he's been plotting with Victor to rip her off. Rex and his secretary are planning to leave down.  Nicole almost knifes Rex but decides against it.  She vows to get even with Victor.  Eric phones Nicole and tells her he wants her to come be with him.