Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/21/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/21/00

by Suzanne 

Victor and Kate lie in bed, close.  They hope that they will be lovers again one day.  They plan how they are going to mess with Sami so Lucas will win custody of Will and Sami will be out of their lives forever.  Victor has a vial with a substance that will make her crazy and do dangerous things.  They plan to make Lucas give it to her.

Sami has a nightmare about Kate, Lucas and execution; Brandon, wearing only a towel, helps comfort her.  She is sure that Lucas killed Franco.  Brandon convinces her to pretend to argue with him at the restaurant so Angela will be sympathetic and share information with him.  Angela says that Roberto did kill Franco, but that he was with her the day Franco was killed.  Sami gets jealous when Angela kisses Brandon.

Nicole uses makeup to make herself look like she's been beat up.  She awakens him from his drugged sleep and tries to convince him that he beat her up.  He is aghast and not sure if she's being honest.  She tells him that he told her that he murdered Franco, so he spills the whole truth about it.  She threatens to go to the police so he grabs her, but then he finds the cassette she is wearing.  She says she doesn't need the tape.  He threatens to shut her up "permanently".  They are interrupted by a phone call from Kate, telling him to get over to Europe with Will and Henderson.  But Nicole says he'd better bring her back a big check or she'll go to the cops.  

The habitat for humanity folks break ground for the new Lockhart home.  Craig, Belle and others give heartwarming speeches.  Shawn finds a canister that Belle thinks is dangerous.  He puts it in a bag and it starts emitting some kind of gas or smoke.  Two rough kids are pissed that their hangout place is being built on (it's called "Salem's Lot", groan...) so they plan to make trouble for Belle and the others.  Brady shows up and makes snide remarks to Marlena and John.  He calls Belle "The perfect child" and them "sickos" and adds that Marlena is not his mother.  They worry about how to handle him.  Chloe flirts with Philip but Mimi thinks she might also be after Shawn.  Philip is more interested in sneaking off and spending time with Chloe than with building the house.  Nancy is not happy to see Chloe and Philip together.  Craig cautions her to stay out of it.  Brady admires Chloe's physical attributes but wonders what she's doing with Philip.


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