Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/18/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/18/00

by Christy 

After the ground-breaking ceremony on the lot, Chloe/Philip and
Belle/Shawn spend some quality time alone.  Belle and Shawn joke around as
usual, but it looks as if Shawn is serious about spending more time alone
with Belle.  Phillip and Chloe share a tender moment and in the midst of
it, Chloe has a beach fantasy about her and Philip.   They are about to
kiss, but are interrupted by Mimi's scream.  She found a mysterious bottle
with a picture of a skull on it.   Shawn and Philip playfully tease Mimi
about the haunted lot and Belle tells them to stop. The teens leave the
lot, while someone is mysteriously watching them.  Later, there are two
rough-edge guys surveying the lot.  They are determined to not let the
teens take over their woods. 

John opens up to  Marlena about his strong memories of being a mercenary
man. Marlena thinks this is a bad idea that could have disastrous effects,
and she also thinks it proves John is hiding something from her. John
admits to this, though he admits he isn't sure his memories are
real. Later, a radio producer arrives with a contract to make Marlena's
show more permanent and John is not too thrilled about this at all.

Abe is shocked to find out that Brandon is Fay's son. Abe can't help
wondering why Brandon has this vendetta for him. Fay thinks maybe it is
because Brandon somehow blames Abe for what happened with his
father. Everytime Abe would come over to help Fay with her abusive
husband, her husband would return from jail and take it out on her and
Brandon.  Abe, still can't quite comprehend Brandon's reasons for hating
him, says maybe Brandon knows about the past between Fay and Abe. Fay is
quick to say that no one knows about what went on between her and Abe; no
one must ever know.  And she definitely doesn't want Abe to tell Brandon
that they spoke.

Brandon and Sami go about getting the information they need by having Sami
distract Moroni while Brandon seduces Angela.  Sami does her best to charm
Moroni, keeping Brandon outside with Angela.  Brandon enables Angela to
open up about her former boyfriend, whom she loved very much:  the reason
he died was because of Franco.  Brandon tries to get Angela to say more
about what she knows concerning Franco, but she decides that she doesn't
want to talk about it any more.  She would rather have Brandon do all the
talking now.  Instead, he tells her that he has to get back to Sami, but
would want to meet up with Angela again soon.

Lucas is really drunk and Nicole is trying to get information out of
him. Lucas catches on for a brief moment that his wife is trying to get
him to do something he doesn't want to do.  Nicole turns it around and
makes her look like the innocent victim, that Lucas always shuts her
out.  When Will comes in to say good night to his father, Nicole
insinuates to Lucas that he might hurt Will.  Lucas is angry at what she
said and he reassures her that he would never, ever lay a hand on his
son.  Nicole finally tricks Lucas into admitting he was responsible for
Franco's death. But before she can get anything more information out of
him, Lucas passes out.