Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/17/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/17/00

by Christy 

John rips open the envelope and reads the results.   He is shocked to
finally learn the truth about Hopes' baby.  Stefano is right there to
sarcastically congratulate him as the father of Hope's baby.  John is
furious because he doesn't want to hurt the people he loves the most.  He
leaves to see Doc.  Stefano is pleased that he will soon have John under
his control.

Nicole is happy that she has Lucas right where she wants him.  A very
drunk Lucas jumps into the pool with is wife.   They are frolicking in the
pool when Lucas suggests that they go out to dinner.  In the limo, Nicole
tries to get Lucas to open up about Kate and Victor's trip to Europe.   He
tries to avoid the topic by suggesting they visit Fay at the diner.  When
they get there, Nicole sees her mom talking to someone and decides to head
back.  She finds Lucas passed out on the ground and kicks him the ribs to
wake him up.   Later, she manipulates Lucas into telling her about Kate
and Victor's trip.  He tells her that it has something to do with Franco.

Victor is beginning to allow Kate to get close to him again.  They are
truly enjoying each other's company and appear to act like two people in
love. Kate tells him that she hopes that they'll soon be husband and
wife. She loves being in Victor's arms and whether or not they sleep
together doesn't matter. Victor is touched by her sentiment, and they kiss
passionately. Later, Victor says he's got a secret weapon to destroy Sami,
and shows Kate a vial of powder. 

Abe and Officer Simmons stop by a 50s diner for a quick bite, but Abe gets
quite a surprise when he walks in. He notices that Fay works there. Fay
notices him too and flashbacks to when her and Abe were once close.  He
had helped her during a rough time in her life.  It is awkward, but Fay
sits with Abe to catch up on old times.  They talk about the past and
Fay's bad luck with her husband. Abe brings up the topic of Fay's
children, and she is uncomfortable to talk to him about them. Abe asks
about her son, wonders what he's been up to.  She hesitates at first, but
then she tells Abe the he already knows her son:  Brandon.  Abe is in

Marlena gets a visit from Miles Malloy who offers her a job as a talk show
therapist.  He tells her that he desparately needs her to replace one of
their talk show therapists who just got fired.  Marlena isn't sure this is
such a good idea because she swore she would never do another talk show
again.  But Miles makes the offer all too appealing to pass up. She will
inform him of her decision after some well-thought out reasoning.  Later,
John is relieved to see Marlena and is comforted by her affection.  She
brings up the offer of being a talk show therapist and John isn't too
thrilled with the idea.