Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/16/00


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/16/00

by  Christy 

Nicole prepares to get Lucas drunk.  She begins to seduce him with one
martini after another.  They are interrupted by a call from Kate who tells
Lucas that things are going well in Italy, and they are so close to
ruining Sami and Brandon's plans. She wouldn't be surprised if she and
Victor got married. But even if that doesn't happen, Kate has a backup
plan: she will somehow get Victor to sign away his millions to
her.    Later, Moroni stops by to meet with Victor, and Kate turns on her
charm.  In effect, this pleases Victor very much.

Angela and the waiter have a frank discussion about her imminent plans to
win Brandon.  She sees Sami as no threat to her at all.  She warns the
waiter to be quiet about her plans because her father must not find
out. Angela really works it when she sees Brandon and Sami dining at her
father's restaurant. She heavily flirts with Brandon, which disgusts a
defensive  Sami's. Later, Sami says she can't believe how Angela has
easily fallen for Brandon. She's optimistic that this plan to get
information from Angela regarding Franco's murder will actually work. 

As they relax by the pool, Nicole is determined to get Lucas to drink
again. She attempts to seduce him by pouring liquor all over her body in
hopes that Lucas will kiss it off. Lucas, of course, falls for it and
before long, he is completely inebriated.   They both get naked in the
pool.  Nicole is pleased that her plan is working and that it won't be
long until he finally tells the truth.  

Hope and Lexie have an enjoyable time shopping for wedding attire.   They
talk about their sons. Hope has come to accept that baby John has fetal
alcohol syndrome and she's just happy he's alive and well. She admits she
doesn't take the little things for granted anymore, and this wedding will
symbolize how much she loves being a family with Bo, Shawn D., and baby

Suffering from his mental flashbacks, John collapses just outside the
DiMera mansion. Stefano and Rolf are horrified when they find him lying
there. They drag John inside and check to see if he's okay. John has a
memory of choking a general, and this memory prompts John to immediately
awake and start choking Rolf. When Stefano yells "at ease," John pulls
back. John leaves  to go to the lab and get the results of the paternity
test.  Stefano and Rolf speculate that John's collapse may have something
to do with the memory flashbacks he's been getting lately.  Later, John is
shocked by the results of the paternity test and in perfect timing,
Stefano hands him a cigar with a sarcastic "Congratulations."  John knows
he's the father of Hope's baby.