Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/15/00


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/15/00

by  Christy

Shawn and Hope have a heart-to-heart about Hope and Bo's impending
wedding.  Hope is touched by how much Shawn loves his little
brother.  Meanwhile, John anticipates the results of the DNA test.  He
calls the lab just as Rolf is there, impersonating as a foreign
doctor.  Rolf plans to switch the test results of baby John and Issac so
that John will know he is the father of Hope's baby.

Today, everyone is celebrating the ground-breaking of the lot set for the
Lockhart home.   It is a major media event and everyone is excited,
especially since there is musical entertainment from the hot boy group,
"Plus One." Phillip urges Chloe to sing on stage; she hesitates at first,
but agrees when Shawn volunteers to play his keyboard.  Phillip earnestly
gazes at her as she beautifully sings.  Mimi is bothered that Chloe is the
center of attention, and warns Belle that there's something creepy about
Chloe.  Phillip tells Chloe that everyone loved her onstage and she
questions why people say things like that when they don't even know her,
including Phillip.  She tells him that she would like them to get to know
one another better.

Nancy and Craig start the day off with some tension, but soon smooth
things over with one another when they take advantage of the publicity
from the news crews.  Later, the bulldozer starts to dig, and we see a
mysterious looking can with a picture of a skull lodged beneath the dirt.

Lexie stops by Hope's place with Isaac. The women are enjoying the fact
that they're going through motherhood together. The babies get fussy, and
Hope picks up Isaac, while Lexie comforts John. Hope can't help but notice
that Isaac shares many of the same traits that Shawn did when he was a
baby. They discuss plans for Hope and Bo's wedding.  Hope tells Lexie that
she would want the wedding ceremony in Ireland but soon realizes that she
wants to have her wedding ceremony right there in the backyard as soon as
possible.  Lexie suggests that they should also have a baptism for both
baby John and Issac, and Hope is very happy with the idea. 

Stefano is shocked when John stops by and tells him that Hope's baby has
fetal alcohol syndrome.  Stefano covers up his anger by blaming
Hope.  John retaliates by blaming DiMera for everything that has
happen.   Later, John says he cannot let Hope remember that they made love
on the submarine. He tells Stefano he will get that chip out of her brain,
but he just needs to know how.   When John leaves, Rolf tells Stefano that
the plan in switching the DNA results was successful.  Outside, John
begins to have flashbacks to when he was a doctor during the onslaught of
war; he remembers saving a soldier's life by operating on his brain.  John
comes out of his flashback and collapses on the ground.  It appears that
he is having a seizure.