Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/14/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/14/00

by Christy 

Bo and Abe have an in depth discussion over their babies.  Abe tells Bo
about his misgivings in having Stefano as a major part in their
lives.  Nevertheless, he loves baby Isaac.  Bo, on the other hand, is
still having a difficult time trying to bond with baby John, because he is
not biologically his.

At the vacant lot, the teens discuss the beginning of building Mimi's
house.  Mimi seems excited and Belle is glad her best friend's spirits
have been lifted.  Chloe is in a rush to get out of there and convinces
Phillip to go with her to Chloe tells Philip she's sick of Mimi
living at her house and is considering a move to New York. Phillip doesn't
like the idea and Chloe persuades Philip to somehow manage to get Mimi out
of there as soon as possible. Meanwhile, at the vacant lot, Shawn and
Belle explain to Mimi the story about the lot, without trying to spook her
out.  The mystery guy continues messing with his knife as the kids meet a
workman who says they're going to start clearing the lot this afternoon.

Nicole interrupts before Greta tells Lucas that Nicole and Eric slept
together. In a private moment, Nicole tries to persuade Greta not to tell
Lucas, but Greta thinks he has a right to know.  Nicole tells  her that
she would be hurting Eric if she told Lucas the truth about them.  Greta
decides not to tell Lucas, but for Eric's sake, not Nicole's.  Meanwhile,
Lucas is stressed about the Sami situation and eyes the pitcher of
martinis.  He wonders about what Greta wants to tell him, but soon focuses
on making things right with his marriage when Nicole enters the
room.  She's ready to carry out her plan to get Lucas drunk.

John stops by to see if Hope needs any help with baby John.  Hope is
touched by his concern for her and the baby, since it seems as Bo hasn't
been doing so lately.  While outside, John manages to swipe a DNA sample
from Hope's baby without getting caught. But as he's leaving, he runs into
Bo, who is less than thrilled to see him. Bo is suspicious of John always
hanging around Hope and the baby, but John reassures him that he's just
there being a good friend to them.  John gets in his car and heads for the
lab.  He's determine to know who the real father is. 

Stefano tells Bart that he wants John to think that the baby is his
(John's) because then Stefano will have a hold over him. Rolf gets the
results back from his DNA test and Stefano is not the baby's father after
Stefano is disappointed but sees this as an opportunity to have John under
his control. 

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