Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/11/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/11/00

by Christy 

Philip joins Belle and Shawn at the vacant lot. Shawn and Phillip are
spooked out over the eeriness of the place, but Belle tells them she
 doesn't believe in that sort of thing. Chloe becomes the topic of
conversation and Phillip suspects that something is not quite right with
her.  He's beginning to think he should give up on her. Unbeknownst to
 them, a mysterious man with a knife is watching them from the bushes.

Chloe interrupts Nancy and Mimi and is very annoyed by their new
 bond.  She confronts Nancy and tells her that she thinks she's taking
 Mimi's side.   Nancy defends Mimi, telling Chloe to back off, but Chloe
 manages to make Nancy feel guilty for why Chloe is so upset.  Chloe storms
 off and runs into Craig, who comforts her.  Meanwhile, Mimi advises Nancy
that Chloe is deliberately pushing her buttons on purpose to make Nancy
 feel bad.

Chloe and Mimi are at odds. Mimi tells Chloe to ease up on Nancy, but
 Chloe retaliates by telling Mimi that she's the class loser now. Their
confrontation is briefly interrupted with a call from Belle asking them to
 join them at the vacant lot.  Both girls head out the door, but Chloe
pushes Mimi to the ground.  Craig and Nancy argue again about
Chloe.  Nancy tells him that Chloe is pitting him against her and it's
 working.  He thinks she's twisting the situation to make her look like the
victim.  Nancy is upset by Craig's insensitivity  to her feelings. 

Roman attempts to eavesdrop outside of the hotel room door, but is
 abruptly accosted by two security guards.  He clarifies the situation with
them after some struggle.  With Nicole pointing a gun to his head, Rex
 manages to produce a phony investment statement for Nicole. When she sees
 all the zeros, she screams out in joy. Roman kicks in the door with his
 gun poised. He wants to know just what's going on.  Nicole immediately
makes up a cover story but Roman still has his suspicions. 

 Greta tells Lucas that Eric doesn't love her, he loves Nicole. Lucas tells
 Greta that he knows his wife and he knows that Eric must've tried to get
her back but Nicole refused.  He theorizes that if Nicole really loved
Eric, she would have left town with him.   Thus, this proves that she
 wants their marriage to work.  Later, just as Nicole approaches, Greta
prepares to tell Lucas that Nicole slept with Eric.

Lexie is angry when she sees Stefano outside with Isaac, and demands an
explanation.   She tells him that she should've known all along not to
 trust him.  But Stefano makes up a cover story, which Lexie buys.  Then,
 Abe gets home, and he adamantly voices his  suspicions  about
 DiMera. Lexie and Abe argue with regards to Stefano. Later, Abe is
 devastated when he overhears Lexie tell Stefano that they wouldn't have
 Issac if it weren't for Dimera.  Abe wasn't able to give her a baby and
 Stefano could.  Meanwhile, Rolf begins the DNA testing to find out who the
 real father of Hope's baby is.
Mimi and Chloe meet up with the teens at the vacant lot.  Chloe turns on
 her charm for Phillip and Shawn.  Mimi is disgusted by Chloe's behavior
and tells Belle that Nancy is the only one who really wants her family
 there at their home.   The mysterious man watches the teens with a knife
 in hand.

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