Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/10/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/10/00

by Christy 

Chloe gets a call from Philip and their conversation seems to be going
well.  Yet, he senses that something's not quite right with her, but she
covers by reassuring him that things are just fine.  He wants to go out
with her again and skeptical Chloe says yes, but still has her doubts
about  trusting him.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Mimi start off the day bickering; Nancy blasts her
for not doing her part in finding a job, but Mimi defends herself.  They
two start talking things out.  Mimi admits she picked on Chloe because she
was sick of being the one kids always picked on. She confides in Nancy
about how hard it was growing up and going through adolescence. Nancy
can't help but see herself in Mimi. Later, Chloe comes downstairs, clearly
not thrilled to see Mimi and Nancy bonding.

A frantic Lexie finally awakens to find baby Isaac gone. Little does she
know, her baby is with Stefano and Rolf. Rolf tells Stefano he got the DNA
sample. Stefano is angry with Rolf for pulling this stunt without letting
him know about it. They have to get Isaac back to the Carver house before
it is too late. Rolf decides to stall Celeste and Abe  by  secretly
puncturing  their gas tank.  Abe overhears on the police radio that  his
baby has been kidnapped. 

Greta stops by to see Lucas. She wants to tell him about his cheating,
conniving wife. Lucas thinks Greta needs to focus on her own love life
with Eric.  But she informs him that Eric's left town and that  he's  in
love with Nicole.  Lucas can't believe what she's telling him. 

Roman and Fay go to the Salem inn bar to talk about Nicole. Roman wishes
both Nicole and Brandon would leave his kids alone. Fay is offended by
Roman's bashing of her children.  She explains to him what rough life her
children had to go through growing up.  She tells him about the way their
father hurt Nicole.  Meanwhile, Roman spots Nicole with Rex, but doesn't
say anything to Fay.

Meanwhile, Rex reminds Nicole that if she wants her money, she has to
sleep with him. Nicole argues at first, but then agrees to go up to the
room with him.   She has a hidden agenda, of course.  Roman, now alone,
immediately goes up to the front desk and asks for Nicole's room
number. Nicole and Rex go up to the hotel room, she surprises him by
taking out her laptop and demanding Rex to transfer the money now... or
else! He hesitates at first, but then, she pulls out a gun on him.  This
is really serious,  and Rex wonders what she'll do when she finds out
she's broke after all