Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/9/00


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/9/00

by  Christy 

Shawn blindfolds Belle and tells her that he has a surprise waiting for
her.  He leads her to the empty lot where they will build Mimi's
house.  The two teenagers bond and Belle is happy that Shawn cares for her
so.  Shawn confides in Belle about his baby brother's health and she
comforts him and renews his spirits.  She tells him that she knows that he
will love his baby brother no matter what.  A strong chill blows through
the lot and frightens Belle. 

Lili Faversham visits Greta who is very pleased that she is there for her
at her time of heartbreak. Greta tells her all about what happened with
Eric. Lili suggests that Greta tell Lucas the truth about his cheating
wife.   After some hesitation, Greta finally decides she'll do it.  She
heads over to see Lucas.

Fay stops by the mansion to tell Nicole something very important.  Nicole
is very cold to her first but is willing to listen to what she has to
day.  She tells her daughter that her father is getting out of prison
soon.  The news startles Nicole.  Later, she meets with Rex to get her
money, but he tells her that she needs to have sex with him again if she
wants him to speed up the financial transaction.

At the station, Roman tells Abe about what happened to Eric. Roman tells
him that he will do everything in his  power to make Eric see how Nicole
Walker is a manipulative piece of trash.  He wants so badly to save his
son.  Unbeknownst to them, Fay overhears their conversation about her
daughter.  Later, Fay confronts Roman about Nicole. 

As part of his plan to get a DNA sample from the baby, Rolf puts a
chemical into the air conditioning system at Lexie's house, which causes
her to pass out.  Rolf takes the baby and brings him back to a shocked
Stefano.  He tells him that now they will be able to determine who the
baby's father is.