Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/3/00



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/3/00

by Christy 

Marlena comes home just as Brady leaves (we haven't seen his face yet,
just his feet).  Belle and Chloe arrive and an enthusiastic Marlena is
happy to see her daughter.  She's even more thrilled when Belle tells her
about their summer plans to help Mimi build a house. Chloe asks Belle
about her feelings for Shawn.  She tries to avoid giving her a straight

In church, John confides in God about Brady.  Isabella's spirit is there
telling him this is a trial to overcome, and that he will eventually find
the answers to repairing the relationship with his son.  She tells him
that Brady's music is his escape from the world.  John feels Isabella's
spirit in the room and finds himself with a renewed sense of hope.

Lucas walks in to find Nicole leaving Eric a message on his answering
machine.  She quickly covers up and they begin to argue again over their
marriage problems.  Meanwhile, Sami calls Lucas to ask about Will and
Lucas makes her feel guilty for neglecting her son.  Brandon comforts her
and reassures her that the reason why they're in Italy is so that she can
get full custody of her son.  They discuss Angela and their suspicions
that she knows about Franco's murder.  Unbeknownst to Brandon, Angela
spies on him undressing.  She wants him even more now.  But her father
warns that Brandon is just like Roberto.  Angela has a flashback memory
where her and Roberto are talking about Franco's plans to get married. 

Victor's hired man tells him what happened with Brandon.  He also tells
Victor that he couldn't find anything else on Kate and Nicolas
Alamain.  Nicole and Victor discuss about her plans to work on her
marriage with Lucas.  Victor infers that she has a hidden agenda and she
teases that everything she has planned will work to her advantage. 

Kate manipulates Phillip into thinking that he's the only one that can
convince Victor to marry her again.  She tells him that he has to convince
Victor to marry Kate tonight before they leave on their trip.  Phillip
doesn't like the whole predicament but complies with his mother's
wishes.  He calls Chloe to cancel their date and she is hurt. 

John comes home to a delighted Marlena. She tells him that she didn't see
Brady leave.  John is ready to work things out with his son.  Meanwhile,
at the park, we find Brady sitting on a bench (now we see more of him--his
back and the back of his head-but not his face yet) listening to his loud
music and fiddling with a pocketknife.