Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/2/00



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/2/00

by  Christy 

At the mall, Phillip and Shawn spot Chloe and Belle.  Chloe looks amazing
in her new dress.  Shawn teases Phillip about being hung up on
Chloe.  Phillip's afraid that Chloe will find out the truth about the
bet.  The boys go over to see what the girls are up to and Phillip asks
Chloe if he could speak with her in private.  As she stands up, she trips
and accidentally falls into Phillip's arms.  He asks her out on a date and
she hesitates at first, but eventually accepts the invitation.  They ask
Belle and Shawn to come along but they awkwardly decline.  Phillip tells
Shawn that maybe Belle is waiting for Shawn to ask her out.

Lexie gives Hope some needed support when she hears the devastating news
about her baby.  The doctor tells them that baby John has fetal alcohol

Craig and Nancy argue about Chloe.  Craig tells Nancy to think about
Chloe's needs and not her own.  He also warns her that if he doesn't give
Chloe space, the whole family will be torn apart. 

John comes back home from visiting Hope and baby John to find Brady
blasting his music.   (We haven't seen his face yet) Brady and John have
their differences and John is distraught over the cold distance between
him and his son.  He goes to church to ask God to help him with his
relationship with Brady.  The priest advises John to confide in God and
then will he find all the answers he needs.  Isabella's spirit appears and
she tells John that she's there to help him with their son