Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/1/00



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/1/00

by  Christy

Angela spies on Brandon and Sami.  Brandon explains to Sami that Angela is
an integral part of their plan to find the truth about Lucas and Kate's
involvement in Franco's murder.  Later on, Brandon and Sami go to see
Angela and her father.  Brandon smoothes things over with him and Angela's
father decides to let them stay.  Outside, Sami and Angela have a brief
"getting-to-know-one-another" discussion.  Sami asks Angela if she's ever
been to America, but Angela rebuffs her question.  Sami grows suspicious
of Angela because she knows more than she's telling her.  Brandon plans to
get close to Angela to find out crucial information. 

Lucas attempts to share his feelings to Nicole.  He tells her that he
wouldn't be sober if it weren't for her.  Nicole is insensitive to Lucas'
honesty.  Lucas responds by reminding her that her and Eric won't have
future together because the Brady's hate her and will never approve of her
being with Eric.  Nicole realizes that she must help Sami get Will back to
win over the Brady's.  She convinces Lucas to not go on the trip with Kate
and Victor so that they can work on their marriage woes.  In actuality,
Nicole plans to expose Lucas as an unfit father for Will.  Meanwhile,
Victor and Rex celebrate the victory of their plan to take down
Nicole.  Rex tells Victor that Nicole made a porn movie. 

Shawn asks Phillip what's bothering him.  Phillip expresses his regrets
concerning the bet and he's afraid that Chloe will find out the truth why
he asked her to the dance.  He tells Shawn that Belle would also hate
Shawn because of his involvement.  Phillip teases Shawn about him and
Belle being "item potential" and Shawn gets tongue-tied.  In the meantime,
Jason and Jan arrive to taunt Shawn and Phillip about the bet.  Shawn
tells them that it was a stupid idea that involved hurting other people
and they almost comes to blows until Phillip breaks them up.  Shawn tries
to convince Jason and Jan to help Mimi build a house, but they respond
with their judgmental attitude and snide remarks.  After they leave, Shawn
and Phillip make a pact not to say anything to anyone about the bet.

Belle and Chloe have a heart to heart about Phillip and Chloe tells a
surprised Belle that Phillip almost kissed her.  Chloe tells Belle that
she's still convinced that there was another reason why Phillip asked her
to the dance.  Belle cheers Chloe up by boosting her self-confidence and
taking her shopping. 

Lucas tells an irate Victor that he's staying to work on his marriage with
Nicole.  In her room, Nicole stares in the mirror and ponders her future
with the $25 million and Eric.  She receives a call from Rex who tries to
come on to her.  She demands her money and she won't wait 30 days to get