B&B Friday Update 1/22/21

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/22/21


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Steffy that he wants to go over the earnings report. He asks if she has looked at them. Steffy hasnít looked at them yet. Ridge wonders where she just went.

Thomas is perplexed that this could be Liamís child. He is sorry and imagines that this is hard for her. Thomas knows this must be a challenge with all her and Liam have gone through. They have survived through so much. He thinks that he has every right to be angry and devastated. Thomas doesnít want her to make the same mistake that Liam did.

Liam takes full responsibility. Wyatt doesnít think that there are enough sorries in this world to make this better. He demands to know what happened since he was devoted to Hope.

Ridge wishes that Steffy would open up a little bit. Zende explains that Donna said that he could walk in. Steffy wonders what is wrong. Zende was just wondering they knew where Zoe was. Zoe explains that she is always here for Zende. Zende tells them that he can always come back. Steffy thinks that she is all good. If there was something he needed to know she would tell him.

Wyatt thinks that Liam is a decent guy and has two amazing women in his life. He thought that the three of them finally worked that out. Wyatt wonders how he could make that mistake again.

Thomas thinks that she cannot make the same mistake again. Thomas knows she might be wishing that someone told her to think about her future again. Hope wonders if he is telling her to forgive Liam.

Ridge really likes the energy that is coming from the HFTF team. Zende tells Ridge that Hope has made her vision clear to them. Ridge thinks it is amazing when that happens. Steffy knows they were talking about the line. Hope wants her collection to be one of the best this year. Zoe thinks that exciting things can happen. Steffy actually has to go. Steffy knows they will go over the numbers later.

Liam is not trying to justify what he did. Wyatt asks if Liam told Hope about this. Liam had no choice. He would have told her anyway but then Steffy found out she was pregnant and he had no choice. Liam thinks that it would have been bad enough. Hope knows everything.

Hope guesses he is telling her to forgive Liam for what he did. He gave up on them and betrayed their weddings vows. Steffy didnít even think that this was true. Thomas knows they made vows for better or worse. Things are tough right now and she doesnít deserve that. These arenít just words for her. She made a promise for the man she loves. This isnít who she is. She doesnít give in to negative emotions. Thomas believes she can forgive Liam.

Zoe asks Zende if he has shown these to Hope yet. Zende admits she is the first person who has seen this. Zoe loves this. Zende admits that she is the lead model so he was an inspiration. Zoe thinks he can be honest with her about anything. Zende admires and respects her. Zoe knows that this isnít the whole truth. They cannot avoid the subject forever. She is engaged to Carter. She feels that they need to see if these sparks between them are real. They cannot deny their chemistry. They work well together in the office. She imagines they would be even more amazing in private. Ridge walks back in. he is shocked that he is still here. He wonders what is going on.

Wyatt imagines that Hope was devastated. Liam explains that Hope was trying to make him feel better. Wyatt assumes that left a mark. Liam admits it was brutal. Wyatt asks if he needs a place to stay. He is not trying to just be nice. That isnít what they do. Liam admits that Hope didnít throw him out. He is shocked. Hope did listen and she was strong. She says that she might be able to forgive him and she is willing to think. He had to tell her about this though. He doesnít even know where he and Hope are at.

Thomas knows that she is shocked. He doesnít think that Liam appreciates her. He wasnít going to lie to her anymore. Hope asks if he really doesnít think that Liam is good but wants her to forgive him. Thomas thinks that all that matters is how she feels about him. Thomas is angry as hell about the guy. He knows she loves him and it is an amazing family and she is looking after Beth and Douglas. Thomas cannot object her feelings when things are at stake. Hope thinks that when she looks at Liam all she can see is Steffy.

Steffy sits in the doctors office and Campbell explains they will have the test results soon.

Zoe tells Ridge that he was telling Zende that she admires his talent. Ridge thinks that the women want his amazing talent in the cutting room downstairs. Ridge tells Zoe that he has another meeting. He wonders if everything is ok with Zoe. Zoe thinks so. Zoe looks at her phone. Zende texts her to meet up with him after work.

Wyatt knows that Hope has forgiven Thomas. Liam doesnít know if she will be able to accept what he has done to their family.

Campbell explains that she has another patient in early labor. Steffy admits she loved being pregnant with Kelly. She admits that this pregnancy wasnít something that was expecting. She needs another test done as soon as possible. She needs a paternity test.

Hope thought that she could get over this. She knows that Steffy is a great mom. She feels like she will be caught in the middle again. She is hoping that Liam is not the father. Thomas knows she wants quality time with her family again. He knows how much she wants that. He knows she was able to forgive him after everything. If she can do that then he knows that she can forgive him. Thomas knows that he is her husband and he knows that she has built an incredible family for him. Thomas tells her to do this for the family. He thinks that she needs to do this for herself. This is what she really wants. It might not be possible and it will be tough. He thinks if anyone can get through this with goodness and grace it is her. She needs to get through this for Liam.

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