B&B Thursday Update 1/21/21

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/21/21


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Thomas that no one can know about this. Thomas doesnít even know what to say. Hope explains that what he heard was true. Thomas is shocked that Steffy is pregnant.

Finn thinks that it is hard not knowing who the father is. Steffy doesnít think that he should be in this position. She wants to be with Finn. Finn wants to know if she would rather he be the father or Liam.

Liam tells someone on the phone that this is not how Spencer does business and they know it. Liam tells them that he is done negotiating. He slams the phone. Wyatt wonders if that was the Norwegian deal. Wyatt wonders what is wrong with him. It cannot be that bad.

Steffy has been an independent woman. Steffy thinks that when it comes to Hope and Liam she feels like a failure. Steffy doesnít want this for herself or her children. She wants to break that cycle. Finn wonders if that means that she is ready to break away from Liam.

Wyatt thinks that Liam sounded like Bill on the phone. Wyatt assumes that it is hard to deal with Thomas every day.

Hope guesses that Liam had to tell her about Steffy. Thomas thinks that there is still a chance the baby could be Finnís. Hope knows it is possible but they are not sure yet. Thomas wishes he could take away her pain.

Wyatt gets how upsetting this is for Liam. Flo knows that it is hard for him because it was Thomas. Flo thinks it is a good thing that it wasnít actually Hope. Liam thinks he should have known that Hope wouldnít betray him like that. Liam is not loving how much space that Thomas has in his brain right now. Wyatt wonders if he is sure that he is ok. Liam claims that he is fine. Flo will go and leave them to have some time alone. Wyatt will see her at home then. Wyatt tells him whatever is bugging him has to do with Thomas. Liam explains that it is partly Thomas but the other part is Steffy.

Steffy wants them to be transparent with each other. Steffy admits that her life has been messy ever since she was a child. Finn admits that it has been a long time since he let himself trust someone. Steffy knows she should have appreciated him more. She thinks that he gave her a distraction. Steffy thinks that he is everything for her. He has been a blessing and she wants to stay on this adventure with Finn.

Thomas knows that Steffy was upset earlier with Finn and Steffy. Hope feels bad for Finn too. Thomas knows that Finn loves her so much. Thomas tried to warn him about Liam but no one could have seen this coming. Hope wonders if she should have paid more attention. Hope wonders if this is making her question everything. He might have been drinking but that is not an excuse. He knew he was married and he did this anyway. This is what hurts the most for her.

Liam admits he is freaked out about his future. Wyatt asks if this is about Steffy. He asks why Liam is eating meat. Wyatt wonders what he could have done. Liam hurt Hope in the worst possible way. Wyatt asks if he cheated with Steffy.

Thomas guesses that Liam chose to run off to Steffy. Hope already knew that. Liam was upset by something that he thought he saw but he forgot to mention that it happened to be Steffy. Thomas knows that Steffy is not pregnant with what could be his child. Thomas knows that this must feel awful. Thomas thinks that she is one of the most loyal person that he knows. Hope doesnít want to hear that he is right.

Steffy will always care about Liam. It isnít the same feeling that she has with Finn. Finn tells her that it canít be that she cannot have Liam. Steffy feels safe with Finn. She thinks that he makes her feel that way too. She wants that for her child. Steffy hopes that he wants this too. Steffy knows that she wants him. She wants him to be the father of the child.

Liam admits that this is not all. She is pregnant. Wyatt guesses of course she is. It must be Liamís. Liam says that Steffy is going to take a paternity test. Liam threw his life away because that is what Liam does best.

Hope knows that Liam never wanted her to trust Thomas and yet Liam is the one that she never should have trusted. She knows that Thomas warned her not put faith in Liam. Thomas wishes that Liam had confronted them and then none of this would be happening. Hope doesnít think that worrying is productive. Hope thinks that this just makes this worse. Thomas knows that this is all on him. He is not trying to say he told them so. He only cares about her. He has had his fair share of bad behavior and he has done awful things. She forgave him and Liam made a terrible mistake. He was an idiot and he broke her heart. She has a family with him though. Thomas thinks that all of them have things at stake. Thomas knows that Liam loves her. He doesnít want to lose her. He doesnít want to lose the family that he has with her and their future. Thomas knows the pregnancy can make things complicated but they need to take this one step at a time. They need to cross this with Liam. Thomas thinks that he is sorry for what he did and he loves her. Thomas suggests that she give him another chance.

Steffy knows she hurt him and she cannot say sorry enough. She can promise to be truthful. Finn tells her not to just say what she thinks he wants to hear. Steffy actually wants to move on. Steffy appreciates that Finn wants to be there. Steffy wants to commit her life to him and hopes that he wants that too. Steffy says if he wants to go, then the door is right there. She hopes he doesnít want to but she understands if he does. Finn closes the door. He has immersed himself in his career these past few years that he hasnít allowed himself to open up with anyone. He knows that she regrets what happened with Liam. Finn believes that it wonít happen again. Finn thinks that he loves her. He wants a family with her. He wants the family to be his. He is going to believe that it is his. That way they can be together for their child.

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