B&B Tuesday Update 1/19/21

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/19/21


Written by Anthony

Liam thinks that he just wants a life with Hope and their children. He is so sorry for this. He thinks that this much is true and he loves her more than life itself. He thinks that he will fight to hold on to her and their marriage. Liam realizes that he is asking more of her than any husband should ever ask of their life and yet here he is begging for her to open her heart up to him one more time.

Steffy really does think that this baby is their child. She really does think that the baby could be his. Finn honestly is left wondering how much he can ask her of her feelings. He wonders what happens if it turns out she is carrying his child again.

Summer wonders if there is more to know about Sally Spectra. Flo thinks that is why she came all the way from Genoa City. Summer claims to have come because she was looking to advertise with Spencer. Flo knows that she did ask Wyatt about Sally. Summer just assumed that Wyatt would know. Flo assumes that she wants the dirt on Sally Spectra. Summer wonders if there is dirt.

Steffy thinks that her feelings are complicated. Steffy knows that he is the best thing to happen to her in forever. Finn thinks it is possible that they made a baby together. Finn thinks that it is possible that he might not be the father. It might be a man who is not capable of leaving her alone. Steffy knows why he thinks that way of Liam but it isn’t… Finn is trying to understand her feelings. Finn knows that she will always care for him on some level. Finn wonders if it will stop her from wanting to commit to him.

Liam never should have doubted her and never should have done what he did. He knows that there is no way that she would turn to another man. Especially not Thomas. He knows that he failed her and their marriage. It is going to haunt him for the rest of his life and it should. He almost lost her. He wonders if he has lost her already. He hopes not. He wants to spend the rest of her life proving her loyalty to her. Liam wonders if she will give him that chance and if she will forgive him.

Flo thinks that they should get to know one another a little bit. Summer explains that she is a Newman and Victor Newman is her grandfather. Flo wonders why she would work for the Abbot family then. Summer wants to talk about Sally and her story. Flo explains that Sally’s reputation is known far and wide. Summer is talking about the niece not the aunt. Summer can tell that Flo wants her to work for this. Flo would love to blast the truth about Sally. Flo explains that Sally is not her favorite person. Summer wants to know more.

Steffy doesn’t want to lose Finn. She loves him. Finn wants to be there for Steffy but if he is not the father then Liam will be in her life more than ever. That isn’t a deal breaker if she really does leave Liam out of things. Steffy knows that Liam wants to save his marriage and loves Hope. Finn doesn’t accept the thought of Liam doing this again in the future. He doesn’t trust Liam and he doesn’t think that she should either. Thomas walks in and wonders what is going on. Finn says they were just talking. Steffy wonders what he wants. Thomas can tell something is bothering her. He demands to know what is wrong.

Liam promises that this will never happen again. He will never again forget to treasure her. He will never take this for granted again. Liam knows he made such a big mess of things. He knows for most couples there wouldn’t even be a way back from this. Liam assumes that she still loves him even if he doesn’t deserve that love. Liam needs her to see that he is remorseful. Hope realizes that he regrets what happened and she doesn’t question anything. Liam thinks that is good. He promises that it is true. Liam wants their home and children and the laughter back. He wants it back every single day. He wants it back every single day. Liam thinks that she still wants that. He wonders if he hasn’t destroyed them. Liam wonders if they are going to be ok.

Finn explains that this is between Steffy and him. Steffy admits she feels overwhelmed sometimes but Finn is understanding. Thomas was looking for Hope. Steffy says she went home. Thomas wanted to pick up Douglas from his playdate. He guesses he can go see her at home. Steffy thanks him for being there for him. Finn will always be there.

Flo really doesn’t think they should be talking here. Summer has another meeting to get to. She thinks they could meet up later. If she really has information on Sally then she can talk later.

Steffy doesn’t deserve him. Finn wonders if she really thought that he was going to walk away. He knows that there were a few challenges. Steffy knows that he pulled her through. Finn thinks that with everything that has happened he wants to know if she really loves him the way that he loves her.

Liam will do whatever it takes. Thomas walks in and peaks his head in. Liam needs to know that they can come back from this as a couple. He is scared that he might have lost the woman that he loves over the stupidest possible understanding. Liam needs to know that this won’t happen.

Steffy never wants Finn to doubt that she cares about him. Finn was there for her for some difficult times. He wonders if that is what she is feeling. Finn wants her to ask if that is what she loves about him. Steffy loves him as a man and lover. She thinks that he has brought so much joy and laughter into her life. He asks if this is really true that she wants him to be the father.

Liam wants to change everything about that night. He should have known that she wouldn’t betray him like that. He couldn’t think though. He couldn’t breathe. Liam was a coward. He turned and he ran. He went straight to Steffy. He is a fool. He is an insecure fool. Hope knows that he lost faith in their love for one another. He slept with Steffy. She admits she was devistated and heart broken. Hope knows they have children and she wanted to find a way forward for that somehow. Then he told her about Steffy’s pregnancy and how she might be carrying her child. Liam is sorry but he is not going to make the same mistake twice. He will not do this again. He broke them. He will put the pieces back together. Liam will give her some space to think. Thomas walks in. Thomas tells her she doesn’t have to do that. He heard it. Liam and Steffy… He is shocked they slept together. He asks if Liam could be the father of Steffy’s kid.

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