B&B Monday Update 1/18/21

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/18/21


Written by Anthony

Steffy asks what Hope is asking. Hope thinks it is obvious to her. She wants to know who the babies father is. She wants to know if she thinks the baby’s father is Finn or Liam.

Finn guesses that Liam has special access around here. He knows the being Kelly’s father gives him special rights. If Steffy is carrying his child then that access is going to have limits. No more breezing in and out of Steffy’s life whenever he wants and he will definitely not be able to cause her anymore pain.

Bill is putting a shirt on at work. Wyatt walks in and asks what he is doing. Bill demands to know what he is doing. Bill just wants to get a workout in without anyone interrupting. He asks who this is. Wyatt explains that this is Summer Newman. Bill gives his apologies. He is intrigued by this collaboration. Bill wants her to wish her parents well. He met them a while back when he was passing through Genoa City. Bill has met them. Summer asks what his connection to Genoa City is. Bill has passed through there on business a few times. Bill respects the Fenmore’s and the Abbots and of course Victor Newman.

Liam wishes that he could have gone into Thomas’ apartment so he would know the truth. He thinks that the entire trajectory would be different right now. Finn knows he didn’t though. Liam isn’t trying to make excuses right now. He doesn’t blame him for not trusting him but he doesn’t have to build a mote around Steffy. He loves Hope and that is never going to change.

Hope wonders who she thinks is the father. Steffy won’t know until she gets a paternity test. She does love Finn and she thinks it would make things less complicated. Hope doesn’t believe that for a second.

Wyatt thinks that these numbers would be great. Summer likes this idea. Bill thinks it was a pleasure meeting Summer. Summer thinks that Bill is not scary at all. Bill tells her to keep that under her hat. He has a reputation. Summer wonders if Bill will be gracing Genoa City anytime soon. Bill thinks you never know. Bill will speak with Wyatt later about him barging in. Summer thinks it is great when everyone is on the same page. Summer forgot how much she loves LA. The next time she is going to have to plan things. She thinks it must have been hard for Sally to leave. She knows that her and Wyatt were involved. Wyatt was almost married to her once upon a time. Wyatt thinks that Sally is complicated. Summer asks if that is it. Wyatt doesn’t know where this is going. Summer is just trying to figure out why Sally would move to Genoa City.

Finn thinks that Liam gives him a good act. Liam will make sure that Hope and him are on a good path. Finn wonders why he questions is values. Liam is not lying to him. He regrets deeply what he did with Steffy. He thinks that finding out who the father is will dictate where things go from here. Liam will regret this forever.

Hope knows that Steffy loves Liam and loves the relationship that she has had with him. Hope knows that Steffy wants the child to be hers and Liam’s. Steffy is sorry for the pain she caused. She doesn’t want to lose her future with Finn. That is the truth. She swears. Hope grabs her bag and walks out.

Summer feels like something happened that caused Sally to move out to Genoa City. Summer knows that Sally was making a name for herself here. There must be more to the story. Wyatt suggests that she ask Sally. Wyatt thinks his experience with Sally was unique. Wyatt has a meeting he needs to get too. Summer wonders if she can make a call in here before she goes. Wyatt thinks that is fine. He is excited about the business venture. Flo walks in and asks why she was asking about Sally. Summer wonders who she is. Flo tells her she is Wyatt’s girlfriend. Summer wonders if she knows Sally. Flo thinks if she ever…

Finn shows up at Steffy’s office. Steffy was thinking about him. She knows it is a lot to process. She is glad that he isn’t avoiding her. She feels better now that he is here. Steffy wonders how he is feeling knowing she might be carrying his baby.

Hope calls out for Brooke in the main house. She goes over and looks at the mail. She sees a photo of her and Hope. She thinks about Liam begging for forgiveness. Liam walks in and heard from Donna that she left the office and was home. Liam thought that they could talk. Hope doesn’t know what there is to talk about. Hope thinks they are in a holding pattern until Steffy’s paternity test comes in. She cannot believe they are here again. Liam is sorry for how she hurt her. Liam thinks that this is killing him. He assumes she wants him to suffer on some level. Hope doesn’t want this. She doesn’t want any of this. Hope thinks that he might be the father of Steffy’s child.

Flo suggests that she could answer any question on Sally. Summer thinks she has everything she needs to know. Flo thinks that there is always a lot more to Sally then people know.

Finn hates the way that Liam treats Steffy. He wishes that she pushed him away. The back and forth between her and Hope. He thinks that things will be different moving forward. Steffy gets where he is coming from. She could have told Liam to leave. Finn knows that she shares a child with Liam. Steffy is sorry. She knows they are good together and they were and maybe are building a future. She wants him to know that despite her history with Liam her feelings for him are stronger than ever. She loves Finn and wants the baby to be his.

Liam thinks before he came up here he was looking around the cabin. He loves that they live there. He doesn’t think he ever told her that. Liam does though. He loves the toys and her makeup and it is always all over the bathroom counter. He thinks about the memories they have made. It is all precious to him. It is all life and family. It is them. He threw it away in one moment. He doesn’t think he has ever been more wrong in his life. He lost faith. He stopped believing in them. He should have known that she wouldn’t kiss Thomas. Hope wonders why hew would think that. Liam just thinks something inside of him broke. Then he blew them up with a mannequin. He guesses he keeps saying it. He is sorry. He hates what he did to her. He knows he put them all in impossible positions. He knows that he did this again. He is asking her to make another adjustment. He thinks the baby might not be his. If it is he and she will be loved and cared for but the life he wants is with her and Beth and Douglas. He loves her more than anything and anything in the world. He wants her by his side for the rest of his life. It is so unfair because he thinks what that really means and what he is really asking her is to forgive what he wouldn’t. He starts to sob. He is sorry.

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