B&B Tuesday Update 12/31/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/31/19


Written by Anthony

Eric explains that it is his favorite time of year with Christmas. Quinn thinks that Pam and Charlie deserve the credit for the decorations. Ridge claims to be excited. Eric wonders if she invited Shauna. Quinn did but she is spending the day with Flo. Eric asks if Ridge is inviting Brooke.
Hope tells Brooke that Douglas won a game of cards. Hope thinks that Douglas is getting a little to smart for his own good. Douglas thinks that this will be Bethís first Christmas. Hope wonders if he finished his letter to Santa. Douglas is going to write Bethís letter as well. Brooke asks if she knows what happened between Zoe and Thomas last night.

Thomas wakes up in bed with Zoe but pictures Hope next to him. He sighs and sits up. Zoe wakes up and cuddles him. She asks if last night really happened. Thomas smiles.

Eric hopes that Brooke knows she is welcome. Ridge imagines she has to know. Eric thinks that she has to be here. Eric wants to do the twelve days of Christmas with Brooke. Charlie explains that Pam and him are working on the number. Quinn wonders if this will be uncomfortable for Brooke to be here. Ridge has no idea what she will be doing. Quinn assumes that Brooke will be crying for all twelve days.

Douglas has letters to Santa from Beth and himself. Hope thinks that they have to start packing up. She needs to give Thomas the heads up to get back home.

Thomas says that he really had a great time last night. Zoe thinks they needed to show each other how they really felt. Zoe is going to go and freshen up. Thomas gets a text from Hope. She is coming over with Douglas.

Hope thinks it is so sweet that Douglas wanted to spend time with Beth before he left. Brooke thinks that Liam really needs to see the letters. Hope has shared custody of Thomas. Brooke doesnít think for long. If he doesnít get the help he needs. Hope does wonders what is really going on with him and Zoe. Hope doesnít want to think about Thomasí love life but she wants him to move on from his obsession with her. Brooke wants that as well for Douglasí wellbeing. Brooke hates being apart from Ridge during the holidays.

Quinn thinks it says a lot that Brooke cannot make exceptions even during the holiday. Eric doesnít think it is an issue. Thomas walks down with Zoe. Eric says hello to Zoe. She thinks it is nice to see them all again. She thinks the house looks beautiful. She should get going. Thomas tells her that they are doing a family dinner and asks if she wants to come. He knows they are just getting started but he wants them to move past the things they did. He thinks that Eric and Ridge will see how special she is to him. Quinn suggests she join them. Eric considers it an olive branch. Quinn knows her father took advantage of her too. Ridge guesses she has them and Thomas. Eric thinks as long as she is willing to sing some carols the invitation is solid. Zoe really didnít expect any of this. She is grateful to all of them. Thomas should be thankful for her. He needed her in his life.

Zoe is shocked that she got invited to Christmas with her family. She is shocked by how kind his entire family is being. She feels like she doesnít deserve it after all that her father has done. Thomas reminds her that it is time for them to move on. Zoe thinks it is huge of her. Zoe is glad to hear about this. She thought that he might not want his family to know about them given their history. Thomas wants people to know about them. He meant what he said about them. He is all in with her. He kisses her as Hope walks in. Douglas runs over. Douglas told Beth all about Santa. Zoe thinks she will get going. Hope doesnít think that she has to leave on her account. Zoe actually has some last minute shopping to do. She says goodbye to Hope. Hope wishes Zoe a merry Christmas. Douglas runs upstairs to color. Hope thinks that he seems excited. Hope sees that him and Zoe are getting along. Thomas thinks it was a good night.

Brooke looks at a Christmas ornament from her tree. She gets a call from Ridge at the office. He was just thinking about her. He knows that their relationship is complicated but he wants her to stop over tomorrow. Brooke knows that Thomas will be there. Ridge thinks that Brooke is her family. Ridge knows that there are always obstacles in their way. Ridge doesnít think that he doesnít love her. Ridge wants her to try to come over it isnít Christmas without her. He hangs up. Brooke looks at an old wedding picture of her and Ridge.

Ridge finds a picture of him and Brooke. Ridge places an ornament up of him and Brooke above the fireplace at work.

Thomas assumes that things went well last night. Hope thinks that things were great. Beth really does adore Douglas. Thomas is glad that she was able to watch him. She welcomes anytime she gets to spend with him. Thomas hopes he wasnít awkward earlier with Zoe. He supposes that she would have figured out sooner or later anyway. Thomas explains that everyone was here when they came down earlier. They invited her to dinner tomorrow. She doesnít have any family here right now. She is important to him right now. Thomas asks if it will be weird for her to be here. Hope does need to be there for her mother but Liam and her were planning on stopping by for the childrenís sake. Thomas cannot wait to tell Douglas though. Hope will see him tomorrow then. Thomas thanks her again for giving him a night alone with Zoe. Thomas thinks it will be a good Christmas after all.

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