B&B Monday Update 12/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/30/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy assumes that Hope is interested in how this date with Zoe will go. Hope thinks it is a relief. Steffy guesses that Thomas is actually moving on. Hope thinks that it is actually happening.

Thomas asks if Zoe really thinks if she is just some sort of distraction for him. Zoe feels like she is being showered with all these romantic gestures but she is trying to figure out where she stands. She asks what this evening is really about.

Brooke finds Steffy at the office. She told Liam that she knew about the plan. Steffy really doesn’t like keeping secrets from her brother. Steffy thinks that they need to figure out if Thomas is really responsible. Steffy explains that Zoe and Thomas are on a date and it could last all night long.

Hope asks if Douglas plans to help her with Beth’s bedtime routine. Douglas doesn’t think she understands the stories. Hope thinks she is a little young but she probably does enjoy it. It is calming to her. Liam hugs Douglas he thought that Thomas would have picked him up by now. Hope explains that Thomas asked if she could watch him tonight. Liam wonders if Thomas has plans. Hope says that he has big plans.

Thomas doesn’t know how to answer that. He doesn’t know if there is anything he could say to convince her. He feels like he has to show her. He wanted to be with Hope and wanted to be with her. Thomas knows it makes sense that she would question this. Thomas doesn’t know why he would put himself through something like this. Thomas thinks he deserves to be with someone who likes him and wants to be with him. Thomas thinks that she makes him feel like the way that he wanted to feel with Hope. It makes him feel like he can see the future in those beautiful eyes. So many great things are happening and it is all because of her. He is hoping that she can see his future in his own eyes.

Brooke thinks that this is a maybe with Thomas. Steffy just wants Thomas to move on so she can believe in him again. Brooke thinks that Zoe could be blinded. She is setting Zoe up for heartbreak. Steffy wants her brother to mean what he says and no lie to them anymore.

Douglas tells Beth he can share his car with him. Hope promises that Beth will know her please and thank yous’ very soon. Douglas wants ten more minutes before bed. Hope is going to go do some dishes and then they will have a bath. Liam asks when he will find out what is going on with Thomas. Hope explains he is on a date with Zoe.

Zoe thanks Thomas for everything. She loves the view of everything. Zoe wonders if she is dreaming. This is the fairytale stuff she used to think about as a child. Thomas thinks she seems right at home like she matters. Especially, after everything that went down this year. Thomas thinks it is the beginning. Thomas thinks that after tonight she will know how much she means to him.

Brooke doesn’t think that one night with Zoe is not confirmation of anything. Steffy thinks that this is hard for her. She knows Ridge wants her to find forgiveness. Steffy wants to believe that Thomas has transformed back to the man that he used to be. Brooke wishes that she could see Thomas the way that Ridge sees him. Brooke wonders what if Kelly had gone through the same thing that Hope went through. She wonders if she would be able to look at those people as anything other than horrible people. Brooke thinks it is only going to prove that Thomas is a bad person again.

Liam thinks that Douglas makes her so happy. Liam knows it is nice to have him again. Hope explains the date between Thomas and Zoe is what it is. Thomas wanted to make the date special. He was hoping to wake up with her. It means that he wants to wake up with someone other than her.

Zoe likes what she is seeing. Thomas thinks that she was talking about the view. They could walk the grounds if she likes. Zoe thinks this sounds so unreal to her. Thomas promises it is very real to him. They kiss one another. He just wants to take her upstairs. He wants Zoe.

Steffy would be extremely guarded if she thought that he daughter was in danger. Steffy asks what if Zoe reports back that Thomas didn’t even bring up Hope. Steffy suggests that Thomas could not be a threat anymore. Brooke still stands by the belief that Thomas needs help and one call a week to Taylor is not enough. She is not going to let her guard down. Brooke will still be watching him every step of the way because she doesn’t trust him. She thinks that he is still obsessed with Hope.

Hope had her suspicions as well when she saw the romantic meal setup. Hope is desperate to keep her line around. Hope is being cautious around him. She thought that he waned him to move on. She thinks that Douglas deserves a father that is healthy and stable. This could prepare Brooke’s marriage to Ridge. They might actually find their way back to one another. They can focus on their relationship again and not worry about anyone obsessing over one another. They can just be happy and be them. This is a very important night and he does want Thomas to get his life back on track. A step with Zoe is a step away from her. She thinks that hopefully this means that he is away from her. Liam hopes that means it works out for them then.

Thomas thinks that Zoe is beautiful in any light but there is something about the flickering of candles. Thomas thinks that there is something special about tonight right here and now. He kisses her. They start to undress one another.

Hope tells Liam that a new chapter is beginning tonight. Thomas is with the woman he should be with. Zoe asks Thomas what is wrong. Thomas thinks nothing at all. The two continue to kiss one another. They get on the bed.

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