B&B Tuesday Update 12/24/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/24/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke asks if Hope is really ok with this. Hope has no other choice. She is committed to working on HFTF. Brooke asks if that means that she is going to forget about all he has put her through. Hope thinks that the designs he has created really work for her line. Hope explains that he says that he has moved on. Hope is fully aware of what Thomas is capable of. Hope explains that maybe things have moved on now that he is interested in Zoe.

Thomas looks at Zoe. He sees that she is here bright and early. Zoe got up at the crack of dawn. She owes this all to him and Steffy as well. Thomas wonders what they were all talking about yesterday.

Steffy wants to know what is going on with Thomas.

Zoe thinks that it was nice to talk with his sister. She was curious about the two of them. She told them that they kissed. She hopes that he doesn’t mind. Thomas doesn’t care if Steffy or anyone knows that they spend time together.

Hope is shocked that Steffy would be ok with this but Zoe is back. Brooke wonders wat this sudden interest in Zoe is all about for Thomas.

Carter sees that Zoe is back. Zoe is just as shocked as everyone else. Carter is not here to judge. He is shocked that Steffy was so forgiving.

Eric asks Ridge and Steffy what this is about. Ridge guesses it is a family powwow. Thomas walks in and explains that it feels like he is officially back at the company. He is grateful for his family’s understanding behavior. Steffy asks if he is ready to work so closely with Hope. Thomas assumes she means if he is still obsessed with her.

Brooke still doesn’t buy Thomas and Zoe. It is too convenient. Hope thinks that it seems real. Zoe is talented which is why she put her on the catwalk and she was beautiful. Hope knows that Zoe was with Xander but they have been over for a while. Brooke cannot believe that they are all of a sudden some sort of insta-couple. Hope thinks it feels like she is somehow more. Hope does want him to get better. Hope knows that she wants her to be careful. Hope thinks that if Thomas is really moving on with Zoe then that is good news for all of them. Brooke will see what is really going on.

Zoe never actually expected this. Carter is shocked that she is with Thomas. Zoe is not the type to kiss and tell. Especially, this early in this. Zoe is sure that Thomas and her have made mistakes that they regret. They are trying to show everyone that they have changed. Carter is skeptical. Zoe thinks that Thomas is on his way to being better. Zoe wants to be able to help Steffy with that.

Thomas knows that he lost all perspective where Steffy is concerned. Thomas is grateful to all of them for giving him another chance. He is now working on the line with Hope. Thomas explains he is not still obsessed with her. She has a family with Liam and a little girl. He is moving on with a new romance possibly. Steffy really hopes that this is true an a fresh start for him. Steffy wonders if he is really moving on with Zoe though. Thomas really doesn’t know what the future holds for the two of them. Thomas is trying to move on from the past. Thomas thinks that they don’t think he has been honest with his feelings for Hope. He thinks that they will see that he can respect her boundaries. Liam and Brooke will probably never believe it when they see it but he promises that he will not let them down.

Hope walks into the design office and Zoe is there. Zoe explains that Thomas is in a meeting with his family. Hope was told by Pam. She still has reservations about her working at her working here. Hope is only moving passed things for Thomas for Douglas’ sake. Zoe doesn’t think that Hope can hate her more than she hates herself after all she has put her through. Hope wonders how serious they are.

Brooke asks how Steffy could do this. She doesn’t understand why she would hire back Zoe after what she did to the two of them. Steffy explains that Zoe’s return is not what it appears to be. Steffy needs her right now. Liam and her need her Zoe is part of their plan. Brooke asks what kind of a plan. Steffy explains that Liam came to her to ask for help. He doesn’t think that Thomas has reformed. Steffy has her doubts. She decided to talk with his friend Vinny. Zoe was there. Thomas was staying at Vinny’s for a bit and he invited Zoe to stay with them. Brooke thinks he is still obsessed with Hope. He must just be learning how to hide it better. Brooke thinks that he is dangerous and it is getting worse. Steffy guesses that Thomas trusts Zoe. She can spy on Thomas and see if she is fixated on Hope. Steffy doesn’t trust her but she is desperate to get her job back. Steffy guesses that Thomas was in the office and told them all that this is real. She hopes so for Hope’s on sake.

Hope just wants the truth. She asks if there is really something going on between her and Thomas. Zoe explains that they know each other in ways that other people can’t. Zoe explains that Thomas fascinates her. He is sexy and talented. She thinks that is what makes him a talented designer. Thomas walks in. He didn’t know that they would both be here. Thomas was just with Ridge, Steffy, and Eric. He was thanking them for giving him a second chance. He thinks that he owes her one as well of course. He is grateful. They are being parents to Douglas and this is amazing. He is grateful to be working together. He knows that she is probably still second guessing things. He knows it will take time to earn back her trust. He will do it by being an amazing father to Douglas and kicking ass on her line. Thomas thinks what is true is that the old Thomas is gone and history. He is looking forward not back. He just told his family that he wouldn’t let them down. They will not regret letting him back into her life.

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