B&B Monday Update 12/23/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/23/19


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Liam that as cute as he is when he is worried there is nothing to worry about. Liam just thinks that this feels wrong with her turning towards Thomas. He wishes it wasn’t him.

Thomas looks at a sketch he drew of him and Hope making love. He tells her that someday they will be together.

Steffy asks Zoe if Thomas really kissed her. Zoe admits they have been hanging out a bit. Steffy thought she agreed to help her and Liam figure out if Thomas has changed or not. Steffy is worried that Thomas could still be fixated on Hope.

Brooke feels that Thomas is still obsessed with her daughter. Brooke thinks that Thomas is not that person anymore. Ridge thinks that Thomas has moved on. Brooke wishes that he could agree with him but she has done research on psychotic behavior. Brooke feels that Thomas wants to steal him from her.

Thomas tells Quinn that Hope changed her mind. Quinn suggests that she is ready to move on from the past. Thomas explains that this is why Ridge is divorcing her. Which is why he thinks that Shauna is good for Ridge.

Steffy thinks that Thomas hurt her so much. They both did. Steffy thinks that Thomas was crazy about Hope and yet not he is crazy about her. She asks if the kiss they shared felt real.

Liam admits that he is not thrilled about them working together on a line. Hope will not allow Thomas to manipulate her ever again.

Quinn tells Thomas that Shauna is an amazing woman and any man would be lucky to have her. Thomas thinks that Shauna is great and he has talked to her. She has not been easy to hide the fact that she is attracted to him. Thomas thinks that he should be with someone like her friend Shauna. He should call and give him the news. Thomas calls him. He tells him that Hope agreed to work with him. Thomas asks if he is with Brooke. Thomas promises that he only wants what is best for Brooke. Brooke asks what Hope was thinking. She must have been tricked into this. Ridge thinks that Hope must have seen that Thomas is moving on with Zoe.

Steffy asks if the kiss was real or was planned for the exact moment that Hope walked in. Zoe doesn’t know how to answer this. Her nephew’s future depends on it. She wonders if the kiss was to use her. Zoe doesn’t know if Thomas is obsessed with Hope. She really doesn’t know.

Hope explains to Liam that Beth was just stirring. Liam tells Hope that he understands that she is under a lot of pressure. Liam thinks that at some point they should have a conversation about scheduling. Hope promises that they will always put Beth first. Liam wishes that there was some way around her working with Thomas. They don’t know what will set him off next time. Liam thinks that if history has taught them anything then that means that trouble is just around the corner.

Thomas tells Quinn he should get to work. He is looking forward to securing Hope’s place at the company.

Brooke thinks that Thomas feels happy about their marriage ending. Brooke has learned not to trust what he says or does. Brooke thinks that Hope is going further into the lions den. Brooke cannot forget what he did. Ridge tells her to sit with him. Ridge promises that they will be drawling little pictures. He will be there and Charlie will be there. He doesn’t think anything will happen. Ridge wants to rip up the divorce papers. He wants her in his bed. He asks her to forgive his son.

Zoe really does like Thomas. She has watched what he has gone through and fearing that he has lost his son. Steffy thinks if he is faking at all… Zoe has seen change in him. Zoe thinks he is starting to focus on him too.

Liam thinks that he could be right as well. Liam doesn’t think you see things until it is too late. Brooke doesn’t believe this either. Liam thinks that he is still afraid of Thomas. They have a beautiful family together. For months that seemed like a fantasy and now it is a reality. He is trying to scare her a little bit. He want her to think about what this all actually means.

Brooke misses Ridge as well. She wants to be with him more than anything. Ridge is just asking for one simple thing. Brooke doesn’t think that this is simple to her. She doesn’t think that Thomas knows what it means to be sorry. Brooke is worried about her daughter. Ridge doesn’t think he is a lunatic. Brooke thinks he needs actual help. She hopes he gets it before something happens to her daughter. Brooke loves him and cannot imagine her life without him. He hugs her.

Liam is not going to tell her what to do. Liam is supposed to protect her. He doesn’t know if he can protect her this time. Liam doesn’t know what he will do. It is only a matter of time before something sets him off. Hope loves him for protecting his family. Hope thinks if she is going to save her line and her life’s work she has to do the fashion show. She is fully aware of what Thomas is capable of and she promises to be careful.

Zoe thinks that Steffy knows him better than she does. Steffy wants to believe that Thomas is going down the right path. Zoe knows he has gone too far in the past. Zoe thinks that this is what makes him such a unique and amazing designer. Zoe never wants this to happen again. Zoe will know if she is being used as a cover. Steffy thanks her for coming. Thomas sneaks in.

Hope wants to see if this interest in Zoe makes Thomas forget about her and these interests fade away. She hugs Liam.

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