B&B Friday Update 12/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/20/19


Written by Anthony
 Pictures by Dora

Steffy understands why Hope is angry. Steffy thinks she is a good model. Hope thinks that there are thousands of pretty girls walking the street. Steffy doesn’t have to like Zoe but she does have something to offer.

Zoe cannot believe she is back at Forrester. Thomas thinks that she shouldn’t doubt him. Zoe thinks that this was a good celebration. Thomas thinks she heard him. He is moving on. He wants to move on with her. He smiles at her.

Brooke finds Ridge at the Forrester estate. Brooke asks if it is true. Ridge is going to deny everything. Brooke is shocked to hear that Zoe was rehired. Brooke asks how he could allow her back at FC. Ridge explains that Steffy made the call. Brooke doesn’t believe that. Ridge was as shocked as she was.

Liam walks into Steffy’s office. He asks if it is ok to come in. Steffy appreciates a friendly face. Steffy went through with it. She rehired Zoe. Liam thinks that is a good thing. Steffy thinks that Hope is really upset about it and she totally gets it. She is trying to justify it but there is no reasonable explanation. Liam thinks they have to do this. They have to figure out what is going on with Thomas.

Thomas hopes that Zoe likes wine. Zoe will buy him a case of wine with her first paycheck. Thomas thinks that there are ways to thank him. Hope walks in as they kiss. Hope will leave. Zoe thinks she is probably troubled to work with her again. Zoe is thankful for Thomas and allowing her back. Thomas knows what it is like to need a second chance. Zoe doesn’t think it needs to be right now. Eventually, that is all she is asking for right now. Hope thinks that she can hope for eventually but that is not happening from her. Thomas tells her that they will celebrate later. Zoe kisses him as she leaves. Hope guesses that lying really does bring people together. She thinks that this instant connection is not real.

Brooke doesn’t know what Steffy is thinking. She thinks he will have to step in. Ridge thinks that Steffy found understanding and forgiveness.

Steffy doesn’t think that Liam will get the answers that he is looking for. Thomas might actually be interested in Zoe. Liam will not let Hope anywhere near Thomas ever again.

Thomas has a lot in common with Zoe. One thing is shame. They are trying to get their lives back on track. He knows he is having fun. It is nice having someone to talk with. He will keep things professional. He asks who she chose as her designer. Hope doesn’t have anyone yet. Hope has to bring someone in from the outside. Thomas knows that he deserves her mistrust. Thomas just wants to help her line win. Thomas is trying to impress a model right now. Hope thinks that working on him with anything doesn’t sit well with her. She cannot pretend that this never happened. He is an incredible designer though. She appreciates the devotion that he will has shown for her line so she will give it some thought. She will take it into consideration. Thomas promises to accept this. He honestly believes together they could create something truly magnificent.

Brooke thinks that understanding for a woman that made Hope think that her baby is dead is hard to believe. This is hard to understand. Ridge gets a call from Thomas. Ridge takes the call. Thomas just wanted to thank Ridge for giving Zoe another chance. Ridge didn’t even know that he had an interest in Zoe. Ridge wants him to be safe. Thomas always is. Brooke guesses that Thomas spoke on Zoe’s behalf. She wonders what this was about a romantic setting. Ridge thinks that this means he is landing on his feet.

Zoe thanks Steffy again. Steffy wants her to remember the reason she agreed to this. She wants to know what is really going on. Zoe says just kissing. They have been getting closer lately.

Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t understand how Steffy can be ok with this. Liam is shocked that Thomas went to bat for Zoe. Hope is confused because this seems out of nowhere. Hope is under a lot of pressure. She hates to say it but she is running out of options. Liam thinks that he is dangerous and a proven liar. Liam thinks that they have every reason to believe that he is still obsessed with her.

Zoe tells Steffy that Thomas kissed her and Hope saw. Steffy thinks that this is a big red flag of Hope just happening to be there. Steffy asked if the kiss felt like it was meant for her or Hope.

Brooke is shocked that he has a thing for Zoe. Brooke guesses he could be dating Zoe but he dated a lot of women while he lusted after Hope. They know everything that he has done. He conned her. He is obsessed with Hope. He is dangerous and violent. She wishes he could see the person that his son really is.

Hope thinks that lying or not doesn’t really matter She needs a designer. Thomas is talented and has been working on the line. This could be an easy transition. If he really is moving on then it is great news for all of them. Liam thinks that Thomas is on a path headed towards her. Hope promises that he cannot change what they have. Liam thinks that he has pushed himself into their lives before. It seems like a grand plan to get closer to her. Hope thinks he can choose to accept it or not. Hope needs to co-parent with him for the sake of Douglas and her sake. Liam guesses she should work with him then. He is not going to tell her who to work with. Liam says that if he does anything to her though. Hope is going to call Thomas. Thomas gets a phone call from Hope. Hope says they can work together. Thomas thinks that they will make a great team. Thomas promises that she will not be disappointed. Hope will see him tomorrow. Liam has a bad feeling. Hope promises it will be fine.

Thomas finishes a drawing of him making love to Hope.

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