B&B Thursday Update 12/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/19/19


Written by Anthony
 Pictures by Dora

Liam tells Steffy that they cannot be passive with Thomas. Someone else could possibly get hurt. If nothing happens then they have nothing to worry about. If he is still after Hope then… Steffy hangs up as Ridge and Eric walk in. Ridge wonders if everything is ok. Steffy thinks it depends on who you ask. Thomas tells Hope that this is exactly like something she would have done before. Thomas thinks it took him a while because he is stubborn but he is moving forward if Zoe is open to it. Zoe is not opposed. Thomas thinks that is a start.

Wyatt tells Liam that he can deal with the law firm if he wants. He tells Liam to at least pretend to listen to him. He asks what is going on. Liam explains that Thomas is a manipulative liar. Liam guesses that he thinks that he is not a threat anymore. He doesn’t buy it but he is hoping that Steffy doesn’t either.

Eric tells Steffy that he doesn’t mind putting the lines out there. Steffy explains that Hope doesn’t have a designer. Eric thinks the solution is obvious. Thomas.

Thomas asks Zoe for a moment alone. Hope asks if he is doing this for her benefit. Thomas is not going to pressure her anymore. Hope appreciates that. Thomas explains that he likes her. Hope doesn’t think that he owes her any explanations. Thomas is glad.

Eric thinks that Thomas designing for HFTF then it makes sense. Steffy thinks that he should be able to work on the line. Ridge does think that she seems less hostile on Thomas these days. Ridge thinks that Thomas wants to work on being a better father. Eric thinks that this makes sense. It will be positive and not just for the line. Eric thinks that this might be a way for the friction to heal. Eric has seen him better himself as a father and designer and as a man. Steffy hopes that his faith is well placed.

Liam thinks it is crazy that Thomas thinks that they are going to hang out over designs all day. Liam thinks that Thomas knows that Douglas is a straight shot to Hope’s heart. Wyatt suggests that he could be a changed man. Liam needs to know if he is targeting anyone. Liam asked Steffy to spy on Thomas.

Hope has no say in his personal life. Hope thinks it is just weird that it is Zoe. Thomas is trying to move on with his life like she wanted. Hope gets that. Eric, Ridge, and Steffy walk in. Thomas explains that he was planning something special but it wasn’t for Hope. Steffy tells them that the fashion show down is going to go down. Thomas knows that she has to be comfortable with him in order for them to work together.

Liam thinks that Steffy is really upset with Thomas right now. He doesn’t think that Thomas is redeemed at all. He was trying to think of someone that Thomas would confide in that is named Vinny. They go over to the guys place and Zoe is living there. It is weird. He guesses that Vinny stays at his girlfriends. It sounds like Thomas was hoping for a love connection because Thomas is still fixated on Hope. He has issues with Zoe but it is clear that this makes sense.

Eric wants HFTF to be a contender. He thinks it makes sense to have Thomas design the line and they should let him. Thomas thinks that he cannot pressure her. Ridge thinks that this would make sense and be a great idea. Hope does respect his work but she cannot forget what he did. Zoe walks in. She can leave. Thomas tells her to come in. Thomas thinks that they should all know that recently he has bene hanging out with Zoe. They both deeply regret their actions. Thomas really appreciates that. He thinks that they can all put things aside and forgive each other. Thomas thinks that Zoe should be given the same opportunity as anyone else. He knows that Steffy is still trying to get over all of this. He doesn’t think that she did as bad as her father did. He is asking them to bring her back to Forrester Creations. Hope thinks that she knew that her daughter was alive for months. Hope begs them to say that they wouldn’t really allow for her to come back.

Liam does feel bad to ask Steffy to bust her brother, but bringing back Zoe will prove a lot of things. Liam is convinced that this is going to prove everything. Liam thinks that the object of his obsession is still Hope.

Thomas realizes that this is difficult for her to accept. Hope wonders when him and Zoe got so close. Thomas thinks that Zoe was one of their top models. She can be again given the opportunity. Hope cannot believe that he is actually asking this. Thomas knows she hurt Steffy too. Thomas thinks that Steffy showed him true compassion. He is asking the same for Zoe. Zoe has been silent because Thomas is doing such a good job here. She knows that she really is remorseful for what happened. They wouldn’t understand the immense pressure she was under. She just longed for a way to make it up to all of them. She would prove it every day. Eric knows that Zoe’s talents benefited FC. Ridge is trying to be more forgiving. He knows that this has affected Steffy more than anyone. He will leave it up to Steffy. Hope asks if Steffy is really considering this. Their lives were forever changed because of this girl. Steffy thinks that she created this situation. She knows she was put into an awful situation that she didn’t create. She believes in second chances. If she does anything to make her question her loyalty she will go after her. Ridge didn’t expect this. Hope doesn’t think that this should be happening. Steffy knows that Hope feels blindsided. She wishes she could tell her why she is doing this but hiring Zoe will help them move forward and it is what needs to be done.

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