B&B Tuesday Update 12/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/17/19


Written by Anthony
 Pictures by Dora

Zoe asks if they want her to become a spy. Liam knows that Thomas trusts her. Steffy doesn’t. Zoe would do anything to go back to Forrester. Liam thinks that Zoe is their way to find out the truth about him.

Thomas thanks Vinny for swinging by. Vinny tells him that if he wants to move back in that is fine but Zoe would have to move out. Thomas tells them that he and Douglas are in a good place right now. There is still one thing that would make everything perfect.

Hope still cannot believe this. Quinn is sorry. She wonders what she wanted to see her about. Hope explains that there is a fashion show down. She wants Quinn to design for her. She has a wonderful eye. She thinks that she understands her line. Quinn thinks that it is a really interesting idea. She wonders if she has spoken to Thomas. Quinn is really flattered but she thinks that designing clothes would be a stretch for her. She thought that her and Thomas were co-parenting well. She thinks that Thomas must have a full portfolio full of designs. She wonders if he doesn’t want to be in competition with his sister. Hope explains that she cannot work on a team with him. She is not ready for that and she might not ever be.

Vinny doesn’t think that Thomas would be shocked that Hope turned him down. He thinks that he gets a little intense with Hope. Thomas thinks that Hope is going to have to put this all aside. This could fix everything. Thomas thinks that they are co-parenting together and it is a powerful connection. The door is opening.

Steffy doesn’t think working together makes anyone dangerous. Steffy doesn’t know if Thomas will ever regain her trust but even so. Steffy thinks that this is family they are talking about. Zoe doesn’t want to hurt her brother. If this can help bring her family back together then it is the least she can do to help her get her family back together. Liam thinks that Zoe can help them prove it. Liam is not sure if Zoe needs to hear this but she is doing the right thing. He does understand why Steffy is uncomfortable but she needs to know the truth about her brother. Liam asks if there is anything else she can tell him. Zoe has not really saw much of him since he moved into Eric’s. Zoe just feels terrible about all of this. Liam doesn’t think that Zoe forced Thomas to lie to them. Zoe wants to be able to have the chance to do that. Liam reminds her that she has to stay close to Thomas. Zoe thinks that his focus on Hope worried her and she doesn’t want to believe that he is a threat. Liam is worried that his instincts about him are dead on.

Sally and Steffy talk about their designs. Hope walks in. She assumes that they have heard about the showdown. She is looking for a designer. She was wondering if she could work for HFTF. Sally is actually spoken for. Steffy explains that Sally is working for her collection.

Vinny thinks that things are looking up for him right now. Thomas keeps going about this all wrong. He knows that he wants Hope but he cannot have her. Thomas thinks that he is moving on. He thinks that if he wants Hope to come to her then he needs to take a step back. Thomas thinks if they are going to be together then he needs to be patient. Thomas knows that strength is not his thing but starting today he is going to go about this in a whole new way. Quinn finds Thomas. She was just talking about him. It is about his designs for the showdown. She is assuming that this is not starting the way that he had hoped. Quinn was flattered to be asked by Hope but she is a jewelry designer. She thinks that she is a bit desperate. Quinn knows that he came up with some impressive looks. Quinn gets the feeling that he could use her help. Thomas wants to work on the collection. She doesn’t want to work with him though. Thomas thinks that she has to come to her own choices. Quinn suggests asking her again. Thomas still believes in the line and collection but it is difficult right now. He believes that he will get through to her.

Hope is shocked that she is working with Steffy. Hope is sorry. She was not trying to steal her away or anything. Sally explains she is just connected to the line. Hope thought she would have more time to get her line back but it is either now or never. Sally knows that things have been tense between her and Thomas. She is a Spectra though. Rumor has it though that Thomas’ latest designs are really good. Hope doesn’t want her line to be shut down. Sally thinks it was just a suggestion. Sally gets it if she cannot trust Thomas anymore.

Liam looks at his phone.

Hope walks into the design office. Hope sees candles all over the place and wonders what this is all about.

Steffy tells Liam she got his text. Liam thinks that this could benefit everyone. If Thomas is innocent then Zoe will be the one to prove it. He knows that she wants to believe this. Liam thinks that this is how they get them. Steffy is not going to bring in someone she doesn’t trust. Liam thinks that Thomas has gotten better at hiding his designs. Liam thinks that this is rigged so he needs Thomas. Liam thinks if there is a grand plan here then it is not what it is.

Hope is running out of options but then she sees all of this. She asks how he even knew she was coming over here. She thinks that if he is using that boy against her again. She thinks this is why they cannot work together. Hope thinks that he is using her feelings against her again. Hope genuinely was impressed by the designs that he showed her. Hope thought she could trust him again. Hope doesn’t think this is what she wants. Zoe walks in. Zoe got Thomas’ message. Thomas knows how she feels about her but she is very sorry for what happened with Beth. Zoe is. Thomas doesn’t think they have to be sorry anymore. They deserve to move forward and enjoy themselves. He thinks that they have gotten close lately. He feels like they have connected. Hope asks if this is really for Zoe. Thomas says yes. Thomas could see how she misunderstood but Zoe has helped him realize that he needs to move on. He had a lot of great things going on in his life. He needs to try something new.

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