B&B Monday Update 12/16/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/16/19


Written by Anthony
 Pictures by Dora

Liam is not asking Steffy to stab Thomas in the back but they need to find out if he has changed or not. Steffy doesn’t want to think the worst of her brother. Liam thinks that they need to know the truth. Liam wants her to think of her nephew. They don’t want to put her in this position. Steffy thinks if she does this then it will prove that her father is right about Thomas. Steffy thinks that she is saying yes. They need to know the truth about Thomas.

Thomas and Douglas play tic-tac-toe. Douglas wonders if he wants to play again. Thomas thinks later. Douglas wonders if Hope changed her mind about working with him. Thomas says no.

Hope wishes she wouldn’t worry about her. Brooke knows that they are raising Douglas together. Brooke thought that they never would sign divorce papers and yet here they are. Brooke is praying that soon enough Ridge will realize that Thomas is unhinged. Brooke is grateful that she shut down Thomas. Hope explains that if she wants to relaunch her line she has to do a fashion show down to decide which line stays and goes. Brooke asks if she is going to go head to head with Steffy on the runway. Hope knows that HFTF has been in limbo. Brooke thinks that so many things have been happening in their life. Hope thinks that the line could be discontinued permanently. Brooke promises that this will not be Thomas working with her.

Liam asks if Thomas has any friends. Steffy knows he has a friend named Viny that he was friends with in his past. Liam thinks they should pay him a visit.

Thomas needs to take a call really quick. Zoe asks if he has spoken to his dad or Eric yet. Zoe has been loyal to him. She is just asking for a little loyalty in return. Thomas hangs up. Douglas asks if that was Hope. Thomas says no but he promises that all three of them will be spending a lot of time together soon. Thomas thinks that Hope will realize she wants to spend time with him. The more time they spend together as a family the better. Thomas promises that it will be ok. Eric asks if Douglas has a hug for him. Douglas hugs him. Eric wants to talk business. He wants to talk about the proposed fashion show down.

Hope turned down Thomas’ help. Ridge understood. Even so though she still cannot help but feel conflicted he has taken her bohemian sense of style and really updated it. She has no idea how someone so destructive could be that talented. Brooke is scared right now. Thomas has an agenda and that agenda is her. That is why she is where she is. There are secrets that have not been uncovered yet.

Liam and Steffy find Zoe. Liam asks what Zoe is doing here. Zoe explains that this is her apartment. Steffy is looking for Vinny. Zoe says that he is usually at his girlfriends. Liam asks if they can come in. Zoe lets them in. Liam finds it odd that she ends up here. Zoe thought that her and Thomas were friends but she is not so sure that he is actually interested. Zoe takes laundry into the other room. Liam tells Steffy that there is clearly something wrong. He is doing whatever he has to do to get Hope.

Thomas thinks that Douglas is a cool kid. Eric thinks that he reminds him of Ridge. Eric hates seeing him with his life upside down like this. Thomas knows that this is his fault. Eric thinks that relationships are complex. Eric has been designing things for HFTF. Thomas thinks he could use his skills to help her out but Hope turned him down. Eric asks how he feels about that.

Brooke tells Hope to ask anyone but Thomas about help. Brooke thinks he lacks empathy and blames others for his mistakes. Hope thinks they both know that you cannot diagnose someone based on what you read on the internet. Hope thinks that Ridge should see this or Steffy.

Zoe thinks they still haven’t said what they are doing here. Liam asks if she is still in contact with Thomas. Zoe spoke with him earlier. Liam needs to have her word that this won’t get back to Thomas. Zoe knows. She should have gone to him and Hope. Zoe is so sorry. She was not strong enough to do what was right. She understands their concern She knows they don’t want to hear this but she does wonder if he is obsessed with Hope again.

Brooke reads the definition of a psychopath. Above all they lack empathy and other emotions. That sounds like Thomas. Hope knows but sometimes she doesn’t know which version to believe. Hope thinks it takes a sick individual to do what he did. Brooke thinks he is sick and twisted. She is convinced that he needs serious help.

Thomas admits it stung when Hope turned her down. Thomas explains that he didn’t kidnap Beth but he did blame others for his mistakes. He sees that now. He needs Hope to see that he does and that he is remorseful.

Liam asks what exactly Thomas said. Zoe needs to be totally honest. Zoe is hoping that something can happen with Thomas and her. She was also hoping that Thomas could help her get her job back. Zoe gets this sense of intensity when he talks about her. She meant what she said. She hates what she did to all of them. Zoe is desperate to get back there and she would do anything. Liam suggests that there might be a way to help each other out. Liam needs to protect Hope. He needs to find proof of her. Liam thinks that he let her move in with him. Liam thinks if Zoe is remorseful. Liam tells Steffy to hire Zoe back. Steffy says no. Liam needs proof of Thomas being crazy or not. She is their only shot. She is going to be the one to prove that Thomas is crazy once and for all.

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