B&B Wednesday Update 12/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/11/19


Written By Anthony

Ridge promised himself that they wouldn’t have this argument again. Brooke asks if it says anywhere in the papers why they are doing this. Ridge explains that it protects her and her bank accounts. Brooke doesn’t want this divorce and she knows that he doesn’t either. His son does though. He hates her because she sees right through him. She asks if she is really going to let this happen because of Thomas.

Thomas gets a phone call from Zoe. He asks where she is. Zoe is at Vinny’s. Thomas explains that things have been a little difficult lately. Zoe wonders if his real medical problem is Hope.

Hope asks Liam how he likes being at Spencer. Hope wants to get back to what she loves. Liam knows but just doesn’t want her doing it with Thomas.

Thomas explains that Hope has been very kind lately. Zoe explains that Vinny has been at his girlfriends. Zoe wonders if they really could ever forgive her at Forrester. Thomas promises that things are finally going his way.

Shauna tells Quinn that she doesn’t have to babysit her. Quinn is just here. Eric asks what is going on. Quinn explains that Ridge left here with divorce papers. Eric asks what happened.

Ridge thinks that love or hate him he is not supposed to be doing this. Ridge thinks that this should be enough. Ridge cannot let her decide who is in his life. Thomas is always going to be with him. Brooke doesn’t think forgiveness fixes him. Ridge signs the papers. He points them in her direction. Brooke asks how he can let him do this to them. He tried to hurt her for years. She asks if he forgot about all of this. Brooke sits down and takes the pen. She looks at him with tears down her cheeks. Brooke signs the papers. She smeared it. Ridge says it is ok. Brooke says that this is not ok. Ridge hugs her. Ridge says that a smeared signature is not going to change things. Brooke explains that they can try again. Ridge thinks that this marriage is an excuse for them to hurt each other. He doesn’t want to hurt whatever good is left. Brooke begs him not to file those. Ridge walks out with the papers. Brooke hopes the day he realizes who Thomas really is be the day he comes back to her. Brooke sits alone. Someone rings the doorbell. It is Eric. She hugs him. Eric wonders where Ridge is. Brooke explains that he left. He asks what happened. He sees the divorce papers. He asks if she signed. He wonders why. He knows she doesn’t want a divorce. Brooke doesn’t but she cannot allow his grandson to hurt her or her daughter again.

Hope admits she hasn’t even been back to work full-time yet. She is not even sure if she is comfortable with this. Hope thinks that the designs are good. Liam suggests bringing someone new in. Hope doesn’t think anyone else is going to have the recognition. He has talents. She can give him notes and he will listen. Liam thinks that she has said this before.

Ridge walks into the design office. He shows him the divorce papers. He asks what those are. Ridge says they are. Ridge does not want to talk about this. Thomas is sorry about this. Ridge asks what he is working on. Thomas explains that Hope for the Future is being worked on. Ridge says that is on hibernation. Thomas thinks they have too choose Hope.

Hope thinks that Thomas would technically be her line. Hope has control with Thomas and Douglas now. Liam thinks that this is like having half a marriage. Hope thinks that they have officially made their positions known. Liam does love her. He wants her to be happy and he wants her to be safe.

Ridge tells him that this is not up to him. Thomas thinks that Hope is just warming up to this life. Thomas doesn’t think that Steffy is a designer. Thomas thinks that they can do a Hope for the Future verse Steffy’s line. Ridge will think about it. Thomas tells him he might not want to leave the papers lying around. Thomas says he is sorry. Thomas smiles and is happy when he leaves.

Eric asks Brooke what she needs. Eric holds her. He suggests they get a cabin for her up in the woods like Big Bear but not the same thing. They can go and retire up their with books and knitting. They will stay up there late and talk about how things should have happened. The world will say they are sorry and want them to come back. Brooke assumes including Ridge. Eric says yes.

Hope walks into the design office. She asks what this is about. Thomas explains that Ridge and Brooke are filing for divorce.

Ridge walks into the mansion. He calls out for Eric. Shauna explains that Eric is out but Carter came out. Ridge says that he signed the papers. Ridge tried but they couldn’t figure it out. Ridge thinks you try things your entire life but even still. Shauna will always support him and is here for him. She walks away. Ridge drops the papers on the table.

Brooke looks at the papers.

Thomas is as shocked as she is. Hope needs to be around her mother. Thomas explains that Steffy’s line is under wraps. Ridge says they can only fund one of the lines. Hope asks how this is good news. Thomas says that they have him now. Everyone will see it at the fashion show down. Whoever gets the most buys will win. Thomas needs her inspiration to make some of these better and a win sounds good right now. Hope thinks this a lot to consider. Thomas says that he knows Liam doesn’t like them working together but he can prove that they can work as a kick ass team. He needs the chance.

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