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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/10/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge reminds Brooke that they have loved each other so long. The have vowed that nothing would come between them. Ridge asks if she is asking him to banish his son for her. Ridge is asking her to change her mind and not let this be the end of them.

Thomas wonders if Steffy is always going to be suspicious of him. Steffy asked if Douglas really just made a card for Hope. Thomas admits not exactly. Steffy asks if Hope is really going to deal with him on a day to day basis.

Hope cannot stay away from her line indefinitely and still remain viable. Liam cannot believe that Hope would even consider spending that much time with Thomas.

Thomas thinks that Hope’s line needs a visionary or they might as well put an end to it. Thomas showed her a bunch of new designs and she was impressed. Steffy thinks given his track record she finds that hard to believe.

Hope thinks that a lot of people don’t understand her line the way she does. Liam thinks that this is coming out of nowhere. Hope tells Liam that it was Thomas and Douglas.

Shauna knew that this was too good to be true. Shauna knows that Ridge came right out and said that Brooke is the love of his life. Quinn knows how invested she is in this relationship.

Brooke thinks that this means the world to her. She wants them to be together always. Ridge thinks that they can do that. They can find away. This should be simple. Brooke thinks that there are too many unbreakable connections with Thomas. She cannot accept him in this home though. She knows he needs more from her but she is sorry. She cannot do this. She doesn’t think that she ever will.

Steffy doesn’t think that he can demand that Hope relaunch the line without permission. Steffy doesn’t think that anything has been decided. Thomas guesses that he has to stay in his lane then. Thomas is sorry to try doing something important.

Hope assumed that she was asked to stop by for Douglas. Hope explains that Thomas’ designs were actually good even if she would still change a few things. Douglas made a HFTF logo for her. Liam asks how she knows that Thomas is not using his son to manipulate her again.

Shauna thinks that Brooke chased him away while judging him. Quinn thinks that Brooke doesn’t understand that she is not perfection. Shauna thinks that she should be humble and grateful. She should be praising her husband and not making them choose. Se feels what happened with Beth but the right people ended up in the right place. Quinn thinks that Brooke is incapable apparently. Shauna guesses that they will find out soon enough.

Brooke loves Thomas and she has forgiven him for a lot of things that he did to her son. She is worried about what will happen next. She is concerned about what could happen. She is the only one sounding any alarms. She is supporting him blindly. He needs help and he is dangerous. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her daughter.

Steffy asks what would make him think that Hope wants to see him every day. Steffy thinks that if Hope had it her way then she would stay as far away from him as possible.

Hope knows better than anyone what he is capable of. She thinks that there was something different about this time. Liam thinks that was the last ditch effort. He is still after her. Hope knows that he is right about that. It doesn’t matter because she would never be with Thomas. The thought is ridicules to think about. Liam guesses that here they are though.

Shauna thinks that Ridge was kind and respectful towards her. The one shouting the loudest about her was Brooke. Shauna knew what an extraordinary man that he was though. Quinn likes to look at this as the infamous night. Shauna thinks that this leads them to where they are now. Shauna guesses that Ridge wants one last effort. Shauna admires him for it. It baffles her that Brooke doesn’t understand this though. They do not make them like Ridge though. He is one of a kind.

Ridge understands that she is worried about Thomas. Ridge thinks that he is getting better though. Brooke thinks it is odd that Thomas would do that. Brooke thinks that after all the manipulations it was hard to see. Ridge wants to move passed this. He thinks it starts with forgiveness. He knows her heart better than anyone. He wants this to not rip them a part. Brooke thinks that he really is. He hates her and doesn’t want her with him. He wants her out of the company and he is getting what he wants. This time it is them. She loves him. She doesn’t want a divorce. She wants to be with him forever. If that means forgiving Thomas she doesn’t have anything more to say.

Thomas is willing to work for forgiveness by being the best man he can be.

Hope does share a son with Thomas. Liam thinks that this all fits so perfectly. He gets to be the good guy in all of this. Hope wants Thomas to be a good father. If he isn’t then this will show her what is actually going on. Liam strongly objects to her working with Thomas again. She doesn’t see it ending well.

Quinn thinks that Shauna is so brave. Shauna thinks that you only live once. She knows that sometimes she can take things too far but even so. Shauna can still pinch herself. She loves that she gets to sped time with Ridge and what have you. If Brooke can forgive Thomas that all ends.

Ridge cannot lose her. Brooke says then don’t. Brooke thinks that he is not looking at this from her point of view. She might actually be right about this. She needs him to trust her instincts and be loyal for a change. Ridge asks if this is really loyalty. Brooke thinks that Thomas needs medication. He doesn’t need to be running around loose. Emma was an instance. He was chasing her He is just poor and misguided. His love is sick and twisted and it hurts her that he doesn’t see that. He did wrong by Hope. Brooke needs him to trust her and believe her that Thomas is obsessed with her daughter and she doesn’t want her anywhere near him. She needs him to support her.

Thomas thinks that co-parents means they are in each others lives forever. He needs Hope to come back so she can see that they are mean to be. He crosses out “The” and writes “Our” in terms of “Hope for the Future.”

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