B&B Friday Update 12/6/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/6/19


Written by Anthony

Liam does not trust Thomas. Liam does not want Hope to let her guard down. Steffy still has no idea how she convinced him to give her custody. Liam says that he did that to win her over. Liam thinks that Douglas wants nothing to do with his father.
Hope appreciates the sign. Hope thinks that the designs were beautiful. Thomas feels inspired but he is ready to make any changes that need to done. Douglas thinks that this will be fun.
Ridge looks at the divorce papers. Shauna shouldn’t give legal advice. Ridge knew that they have been discussing this but he is not so sure he can sign them. Ridge needs to try one more time with his wife. Ridge knows that they have been through a lot over the years. Ridge wants her to know that this meant something to him. If this is the end of them though he needs to make sure he tried everything he could. Ridge meant what he said to her. Shauna needs him to be honest. It has always worked for her.
Steffy thinks that if Hope wants to be Douglas’ mom then she has to be with Thomas. Liam thinks that this is about Douglas. If Thomas thinks that this will lead to a grand reunion then he is wrong.
Hope has lost a lot of time with Beth. Thomas will create a nursery on the executive floor. Douglas can come here after school like he did with his dad. Thomas has done everything that he could to keep this line alive. Hope thinks that this sounds very exciting. Douglas asks if she is saying yes.
Ridge shows up at Brooke’s house. Brooke thinks it is nice to see him. Brooke sees the divorce papers. Ridge thinks she knew they were coming. Brooke knows but she really cannot believe that this is what he wants. Ridge wants to be with his Logan. They are meant to be together.
Liam thinks that everything that Hope has done is for Douglas. This means sharing a life with Thomas and he doesn’t want that. Steffy wishes that he had not signed those papers. Steffy doesn’t think that he should be stressing over this. Steffy cannot believe that Hope would get in the way of this.
Hope thinks that relaunching right now is a commitment. Thomas doesn’t think that they will find anyone more dedicated to her. Douglas thinks that they make a good team. Thomas thinks that she create something here. Thomas can work really hard on this but she needs to bring this back to life.
Quinn finds Shauna. She has been dying to try this new Filipino place. Quinn asks what is going on. She wonders what happened. Shauna explains that Ridge just left with Divorce papers for Brooke.
Ridge explains that Carter had these drawn up for Brooke. Ridge asks what they are doing here. Ridge doesn’t think that either of them want to be here. Ridge doesn’t think they are even lovers anymore. She is the love of his life this distance keeps growing. If she signs this then it is over. Ridge thinks that they can figure this out.
Douglas tells Thomas that he is sorry that Hope didn’t say yes. Thomas is sad as well. Thomas thinks that this could really change things for all of them. Stuffy walks in and says that she heard that there was a meeting in here. Stuffy sees the HFTF sign. She thinks that Douglas has some kills. She asks Thomas what is going on. Douglas explains that Thomas asked Hope to come back to work with him.
Hope knocks on Liam’s door. Liam thanks someone on the phone. Hope thinks that he is hitting the ground running. Hope asks if there is any tension with Bill. Liam believes that anyone can work with anyone he supposes. Liam feels that he belongs here. Hope knows what he means.
Quinn is shocked about the divorce. Quinn doesn’t think that she has to look so sad about this. Quinn feels that he is about to be a free man.
Shauna explains that Brooke is still the only woman that Ridge wants to be with. Ridge thinks that this is a start. Brooke thinks about Shauna living in her fathers guest house. Ridge thinks that enough is enough. Ridge think that a little forgiveness goes along way. Brooke asks if they forgive each other. Ridge thinks it is a start. Brooke asks if she is supposed to forgive Thomas. Brooke guesses she forgives Thomas or they get a divorce.
Stuffy is shocked to hear that Thomas asked to work with her on her collection. Douglas guesses they can all work together. Pam just heard that the yogurt place across the street has brand new toppings. Pam thinks that he can have a sandwich first. Stuffy is shocked that they are bringing back Hope full time. Stuffy asks if he has learned his lesson. He is luring Douglas to bring Hope back.
Hope wonders if he likes being back here. Liam does. He misses being with her at Forrester. Hope loves the time that she has spent with her. She knows that eventually she has to go back to work. Hope has been giving it some thought. She thinks she is. Liam thinks that he has her full support. Liam asks how long it will take her to find a new designer. Liam tells her that she cannot keep Thomas on. Hope explains that his designs are good. Liam thinks this is ridicules. Hope didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either.
Shauna knew it wouldn’t work out with Ridge. Shauna thought for a minute there they had potential.
Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge understands what he is asking. Ridge asks if this is ok with her. They don’t get to spend time together again. Brooke doesn’t like this either. Ridge respects her but he doesn’t want to be blamed for his child. Ridge is trying to pull the family back together. Ridge knows it will take work and effort. Ridge wants her by his side. Ridge asks if she can find it in her heart to help his son. Ridge asks if she can forgive Thomas.

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