B&B Thursday Update 12/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/5/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas asks if Douglas had as much fun for the holiday as he did. Douglas really likes thanksgiving a lot. Thomas had a good time too. Douglas thinks the best part was getting to see Hope. Thomas wonders if she wants to see Hope again. Douglas promises to work on the special assignment. Liam shows up. Douglas tells him that he is still stuffed. Douglas asks if Hope came with him. Liam explains she is at home today.
Hope tells Beth that after thanksgiving comes Christmas. She asks if she can say ho-ho-ho. Steffy walks in and thinks that they are going to have fun. Hope thinks that this will be Bethís first Christmas. Steffy is glad that the girls were able to get together on Thanksgiving. She hopes that it is always like that. Hope tells Beth that it is time for a nap. Hope thanks Steffy for stopping by. She is sorry about the timing. Steffy thinks that they need to talk. Steffy asks if Beth went down alright. Hope knows why she is here. Steffy says what happened at Forrester and the aftermath. Steffy doesnít think that she said a word to anyone other than Brooke. Hope thinks that they donít need to bring Brooke into this. Steffy knows that Brooke had something to do with this. She thinks that she could have called at some point. She didnít tell the truth. Not a word. She thought that she killed her brother. Not to mention Douglasí dad.
Liam tells Douglas that Hope misses Douglas a lot as well. Pam runs in and realizes she is late. Pam is helping Douglas with a special assignment but they have been sworn to secrecy. Pam and Douglas go off. Liam asks what that is about. Thomas explains that is a secret. Thomas assumed that he came for an entirely different reason. Liam knows that he gave Hope what she wanted. He knows what he is doing.
Steffy still cannot believe how she is handling things. Hope makes plenty of mistakes. Steffy reminds her that she lied to her father. Hope explains that the entire night everything spiraled out of control. Hope had to find him. Hope asks if she is saying that she caused all of this. Steffy is not but she did manipulate Thomasí feelings. Hope loves Douglas and she thinks of her as his mother. Hope asks what she is saying. Steffy wonders if she will ever really be able to forgive him after what he has done to her. Hope thinks that Steffy thought that Beth was her little girl for months. Thomas could have taken away the pain from the moment he knew the truth. Hope thinks that he wants to forgive Thomas but is it really possible.
Liam knows what happened at the storage area. Thomas reminds him that Hope kept a secret. Liam thinks that he made her think that he killed her. Liam knows what he is doing and he knows the twisted reason why. Liam thinks that he wanted to show her that they are all possible of doing bad things. He was playing a cruel hoax. He hurt her for a day. It is not ok for this to happen. Thomas didnít calculate this. Liam doesnít want him to hurt Hope ever again. Liam thinks what he put them through will be in their mind forever. Hope is not going to forgive him anytime soon.
Steffy thinks that she is right about one thing. She is not sure she will ever be able to get past this. She cannot be angry at Thomas forever. Especially, if he really is sorry which her father really believes. Steffy wants to forgive him. Steffy doesnít think that Thomas should be giving custody to anyone. Steffy knows that she loves Douglas. She needs to be clear though she thinks that she used his feelings to get partial custody of Douglas. Steffy doesnít think she is wrong though.
Thomas thinks that Hope has the biggest heart of anyone he knows. Liam thinks he is delusional. Thomas asks if he is going to keep him from his own career. Liam tells him that he is not going to forget the months that he was stollen from. Liam is doing the best he can to change. Liam hopes for Douglasí sake that is true. While that is going on they need to steal clear of Hope. Thomas thinks that they are a family as well.
Steffy asks if he could squeeze her in for an appointment. She asks if Bill is treating him the way that he should. Liam thinks so. Liam wonders how her line has been going. Steffy thinks that it is great. It is different than lingerie. Steffy asks if he is alright. Steffy thinks he seemed distracted. Liam is just a little pissed off. Thomas is delusional.
Hope shows up at the CEO office. Thomas explains that Liam still hates him. Hope got a visit from Steffy. Thomas calls Pam to come in. Models walk in wearing outfits. Thomas explains that this is a preview of his latest designs for HFTF. Thomas thinks that this was pretty exciting. Thomas thinks that she is the inspiration. Her line needs her.
Liam guesses that Thomas thinks that Hope is going to forgive him. Liam thinks that she just wants to be at home with Beth.
Thomas thinks that her designs would be better with her here. He wants her to come back full time. Douglas walks in and shows her a card that he made with Pamís help. Douglas thinks that Thomas worked so hard designing those dresses. Douglas wants her to work with Thomas.

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