B&B Wednesday Update 12/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/4/19


Written By Anthony

Steffy tells Kelly that she loves Thanksgiving turkey. She knows that she wishes that her cousin was here. Thomas points out that he is with Hope and Beth. Steffy goes to put Kelly to bed. Thomas knows. That he is still upset about him sharing custody. Steffy asks if they really have to talk about this right now. Steffy agrees that this was a mistake though. Ridge reminds him that Hope almost killed her.
Hope tells Liam that she likes their little family. Douglas is thankful for Hope. Hope is hopeful that they all get to see one another tomorrow. Douglas wonders if everyone is going to Eric’s tomorrow. Hope is sure that he will have a great time regardless.
Quinn asks Shauna if she is interrupting a good daydream. Shauna claims yes. She bets that she was wishing that she was Ridge. She thinks that she is that easy to read. Quinn explains that Eric and Flo want to invite her over for dinner. Shauna explains that Flo is still taking it easy. Quinn guesses with any luck Ridge will be over too. Quinn is going to seat the two of them next to one another. Quinn knows that she thinks that he is hot. Shauna admits that they have been spending time together. Shauna admits that they behaved themselves. Quinn thinks that by the end of the weekend it will be a different story.
Thomas was just trying to make Hope think. He didn’t realize that this would be such an issue. He just wanted Hope to realize that honest people keep secrets.
Douglas hopes that he can see her tomorrow. Hope does as well but they will see. Hope tells him to draw an owl. Liam asks Hope if she is spending on spending tomorrow with Douglas. Liam reminds her that means that they are spending Thanksgiving with Thomas. Hope loves looking at them together. He is such a sweet big brother. Liam wonders if he is confused by all of this. Hope thinks that Thomas will always be his father. Hope knows that he doesn’t want her spending time with Thomas. Liam just doesn’t think that this is safe. Hope understands but she needs to keep an open mind and open heart. She needs to just be a family and appreciate what they have. Liam thinks that she is so smart. Hope tries to be.
Thomas admits that he did let Hope believe that he was dead but it was only one night. He kept a secret and he was wrong. She didn’t go too the police like she should have. Ridge points out that Brooke wouldn’t let her. Ridge asks why he would sign custody papers. Thomas wants to point out that they are all talking right now. Thomas wonders if Ridge is going to spend time with Brooke tomorrow. Ridge has no idea what he is going to do tomorrow.
Quinn thinks that this is kind of nice. They can all have some peace tomorrow. Shauna cannot believe all this is happening. Her and Ridge making out on the Forrester couch. Quinn thinks that this house is magical. It is where her and Eric fell in love. Shauna thinks that being in Ridge’s arms felt so good. Shauna thinks that this is really thanksgiving.
Steffy has some work to do for her line. They are more than welcome to eat if they want. Steffy is really hoping to see Beth. She is going to be wearing a sweatsuit. Ridge will see Eric at home. Steffy asks if he is really over with Brooke. Ridge admits that they have some issues. Thomas tells him to drive safe. Steffy thinks that he is happy that they broke up. Thomas is not sorry about that.
Hope asks Beth if she did this all by herself. Douglas is teaching her to spell her name. Liam thinks that is the best B he has ever seen in his whole life. Douglas loves Beth. Hope knows that Beth adores him. He is the reason that they can all be here as a family. Hope knows that Beth is home with them right now because of him.
Thomas thinks that she is excited for the marriage to be over. Steffy doesn’t think that it will ever actually be over for them. Thomas wonders if she thinks that because he is her destiny. She is not. Steffy thinks that Brooke was going to tell him. Steffy is not defending Brooke or Hope but she is not going to celebrate this. Thomas thinks. That he is finally realizing who Brooke really is.
Ridge walks into the Forrester living room. Shauna says hi. She explains that this is her new favorite room. Ridge couldn’t imagine why. He asks how her day was. Shauna doesn’t make a habit of kiss and tell but she does need to mention something. Quinn saw them kissing but she says she is not going to say anything. Shauna has something to be really grateful for this thanksgiving. She likes spending time with him. She thinks that they are good for one another. Shauna has no expectations. She learned to let go of those a long time ago. Shauna has learned to just let go. Shauna thinks that the other day was the most spontaneous she has been. Ridge thinks it feels great to be understood. Shauna doesn’t know what his plans are for tomorrow but she is thankful that he is in her life.
Thomas has a vision for all of them to be happy. That is her and Liam and him and Thomas. Steffy doesn’t think that Hope likes him at all. He was expecting something with Hope. Thomas really thinks that something good will happen with Hope. Thomas is vowing to become a better person.
Liam plays pat-a-cake with Beth. Liam knows he needs to learn a new song. Douglas thinks that he is almost old enough to babysit. Liam tells him to wait a few more years. Hope doesn’t think that they would be here right now if it weren’t for Douglas. Hope is honored to be able to call herself his mom.
Steffy will not deny that she wishes that Liam were here. Thomas knows she might think that this sounds crazy but Liam is going to come home to her. He promises that she will have Liam and he will have Hope.
Liam holds Beth as Douglas walks over to her.

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