B&B Monday Update 12/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/2/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna feels like she is flying every time he kisses her. Ridge tells her not to fly too far away.

Donna tells Katie that she looks fantastic. Brooke doesn’t think that anyone would ever think that she had just had a kidney transplant. Katie is just happy and blessed that she had a second chance at life. Brooke thinks she deserves all the chances. Katie thinks that Bill and her are doing great and she gets to watch her son grow. It is all thanks to Flo. Brooke is grateful as well but she can still hold what happened against her.

Bill asks why they are all here today. Justin assumes to welcome Liam back here. Bill welcomes him back where he belongs. Wyatt asks how this will work. Bill wants to savor this moment. He has his best friend and two boys with him. Emmy walks in and welcomes Liam back. She brought him a survival kit. Liam thinks that this is so thoughtful and will get a lot of millage around here. Emmy thinks that Bill has mellowed a lot since the last time. Emmy is counting the days until the two of them can… She asks if that was out loud. Bill thinks that life has given him some perspective. He has them both here though now. He couldn’t ask for a better crew and everything is falling out of place.

Brooke explains that it is official that Hope and Thomas are co-parenting Douglas. Brooke explains that she is officially a legal guardian and actually gets to make choices. Brooke thinks that Ridge is not very happy about things involving him. Donna asks if everything is alright. Brooke admits that Ridge and her are not together anymore.

Shauna wonders how this became her life. She is with a handsome and incredible man. She could keep going.

Bill is shocked that Hope was actually able to get Thomas to sign the papers. Liam loves Douglas and getting to hang out with him but he doesn’t want to discuss this right now. Wyatt has not picked out a ring for Sally. Bill thinks he is coming to his senses. Justin wonders what he is waiting for. Wyatt is not sure. They have been really busy. She is designing a new line. Something feels like it is lost and he needs to figure it out.

Brooke admits that she has had some troubles with Ridge lately. Katie thinks that the two of them should agree that Thomas is not a good topic of conversation. Donna imagines that Ridge is mad. Brooke thinks that Ridge is not listening to her anymore and she doesn’t like it. Douglas is here right now. Donna explains that Shauna is living in their guest house. Shauna has made no secret with her feelings towards Ridge. Brooke thinks that Shauna is using this time to make advances on her husband.

Ridge thinks that Shauna makes him smile. His worries go away with her around. Shauna loves having that affect on him.

Wyatt thinks it is weird. Bill thinks it is the universe telling him that he shouldn’t marry Sally. Bill has nothing much against Sally. He will welcome her into the family. He just thinks that there is something better out there. Liam thinks she is smart and funny. Liam thinks she is in love with Wyatt. Wyatt feels like something is holding Sally back. Sally walks in and asks if she is early. Wyatt explains that this is a welcome back Liam thing. Sally heard about him leaving FC. Sally will miss working with him. Bill says that he and Justin have contracts to go over. Sally tells him he could always come back if he changes his mind. Bill promises that he won’t. Bill suggests that Wyatt put a ring on it.

Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge cared what Hope and her were going through. Katie asks if she is ok. Brooke is looking at this situation again. She might have been too hard on Thomas. Katie cannot imagine that this is permanent. Brooke thinks that Douglas was in danger of Thomas. Brooke wonders if she shouldn’t have taken off her ring. That was where she should have drawn the line. This was a mistake that could have ended her marriage.

Shauna would not be offended if he wants to take this slow. Whatever speed he wants. Ridge just thinks that this is a little soon. Shauna knows they both need to want this or it is no good. She wants him to stay with her and be with her.

Wyatt admits he was talking about the two of them. Wyatt is one thousand percent committed to this. There is something that has been holding him back for some reason. He doesn’t know why. He wants to marry her. Sally likes that. Wyatt promises that they will get married. He just feels like there hasn’t been a big push from her to get married. Sally doesn’t want to hound him. Sally asks if they are doing this or not Liam. Wyatt asks why she said Liam. Wyatt asks why.

Brooke knows that Thomas is Ridge’s son and she should have taken that into consideration. Brooke sent him out that front door. Katie thinks that Ridge wanted all the Forrester men under one roof. Brooke tried getting a hold of Ridge countless times. Katie thinks he needs to realize he doesn’t actually want this. Brooke will not forgive him for what he did to her daughter. Brooke thinks he is a monster and he doesn’t see that. Thomas keeps getting in the way and Shauna is taking advantage of it all.

Shauna understands things. She wants to be a good place for him. A place he can be himself. This moment is enough for her right now. Ridge thinks that she really is beautiful. She gave him something he didn’t know he was missing. Shauna knows things are complicated for him right now. Shauna is good where she is right now though. Shauna does love him though. Ridge kisses her. She kisses back.

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