B&B Wednesday Update 11/27/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/27/19


Written By Anthony

Ridge asks Carter how this is even legal. Hope manipulated him. Carter explains that they might think so but Thomas does not. He would advise that they don’t get involved. He would not encourage this. Shauna walks in and asks if he heard from Thomas. Ridge explains that Carter said that there was nothing they could do about this situation. Shauna thinks that lawyers make enough money. He could have given him some false hope. Ridge agrees. He is not going to let his son get screwed.

Hope tells Brooke that it felt good to drop Douglas off at school today that she is officially his mom. Brooke wonders about the paperwork to make sure that she is the first one called in an emergency. Hope will look into it. Hope is just glad that Thomas is ok. Brooke thinks it was cruel for Thomas to do what he did. Brooke doesn’t think he is well. She wants to know why they are the only people who can see that.

Thomas walks into the CEO office. Steffy is glad to see him. Thomas is confused. Steffy tells him to sit down. He thought that she would never talk with him again. Steffy tells Thomas that she likes the designer input. Thomas doesn’t think that executives seem to get anything done without him. Steffy asks Thomas what he thinks. Thomas thinks it is a good project for him and Sally. Steffy asks unlike faking your own death. Thomas explains that everyone realizes now that good people make bad choices.

Hope asks Brooke if something is wrong. Brooke asks why. Hope thinks she seems distracted. Brooke explains that things didn’t go so well last night when she told Ridge. She can understand why Ridge would be upset but she didn’t expect anything. He said goodbye. Liam walks in. He forgot his briefcase. Liam asks what is going on. Brooke guesses everyone will know soon enough. Ridge walked out on her last night and she doesn’t think he is coming back.

Shauna thinks that Hope is a good choice. Shauna thinks that he can keep tabs on him when he moves back in with Brooke. Ridge didn’t realize he would never put his ring back on.

Steffy is still shocked that Thomas agreed to share custody with Hope. Thomas thinks that shared custody will be easier if he and Hope are together. Hope is seeing him differently and all it took was a big vat of acid.

Hope is so sorry about this. Brooke admits that this is about Thomas. Liam assumes that he is not happy about the shared custody. Brooke thinks that this was the right thing to do. Hope needs to talk to Liam about something. Brooke will be up at the house if they need her. Liam asks what this is about. Hope explains that she did something that she really regrets.

Shauna thinks that Ridge and Brooke are an institution. Shauna hates seeing him give up. Ridge thinks they were supposed to be together forever. They were destiny. Ridge thinks that they were destined to be together but it is almost like they were forcing something that wasn’t meant to be. Ridge doesn’t think it was about feelings anymore. Brooke has asked for forgiveness herself. She will not give it to Thomas. Ridge guesses she could be right but he needs to move passed this without his wife. He was the love of his life. Shauna knows that this is harder than she thought it would be so she should get going. Ridge tells Shauna to wait. He wants her to sta.

Steffy knows he does have one thing going for him. She knows that the family that Liam wants doesn’t include Douglas. This could cause some trouble.

Hope tells Liam that there wasn’t acid in it. Liam guesses that it was traumatic. Hope says it was longer than that. Hope didn’t know that there was acid in the building. She went back and Thomas wasn’t in there. She thought that he had dissolved and she had killed him. She was in shock and she didn’t know what to do. So, she got Douglas and came back. She didn’t tell security or call the police. So, she kept a horrible secret thinking she was a murderer.

Shauna wants to be a good friend and support him. She gets that he would want to talk about her. Ridge has been enjoying her. The innocent flirtation has been fun. He wouldn’t want her to think that he had hurt her in any way. Shauna is inspired to see a man talk about his wife the way he does. She has never experienced this before with someone like her. She has put herself in this position with him and it is one that she shouldn’t be in. Which is why she has to go. He wants to talk a little bit. He never expected to meet someone like her but he is glad that he did.

Liam doesn’t understand how a day can go back without him perusing her. Hope explains that he was trying to show her how good people can have secrets too. Liam hopes she is not falling for this. Liam agrees that good people do bad things but Thomas waited months. He is a bad guy. Hope knows he is sharing custody. Liam thinks that it is too tie her to him together. Liam thinks that if he could get himself the help he needs would be one thing. Liam is glad that she is ok now. Liam thinks that she could have told him. Hope was afraid. Liam doesn’t think she has to be. Not of him. He hugs her.

Brooke thinks about Ridge breaking up their marriage.

Ridge tells Shauna that he is sorry. He doesn’t want to talk about his ex around a beautiful woman. Shauna thanks Ridge for saying that she is beautiful. Ridge thinks that they had a smooth beginning. Shauna thinks that they have a connection. Ridge knew that there was something special about her. She has a spirt about her. Shauna knows that life is short. She likes having fun. That is how she has always been. There was a lot of darkness. She came to him at the right time. Ridge kisses her.

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