B&B Monday Update 11/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/25/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna tells Ridge that she knows that everyone complains about traffic in LA but she would be ok with it. Ridge thinks that Brooke could be here any minute. Shauna points out that she will be in the guest house if he wonders where she is. Shauna doesn’t want to cause tension between them. Ridge wants answers.

Thomas thinks that he looks good for a ghost. Hope thinks that Thomas knew that she was worried. She was in hell. Hope thought she was going to lose everything. She thinks that he is faking things. Thomas only goes as far as he does because he loves her so much.

Shauna asks if there is anything that Ridge thinks that Brooke could say right now. Ridge doubts it. Shauna thinks that his commitment to Thomas is beautiful.

Thomas doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. He didn’t know how she felt about him. Hope doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. She was horrified. Thomas wanted her to see that good people do bad things. Thomas did this to show her how he felt. He knows he should have told the truth then he thought about how it would affect other people. He thinks that someone like her could do that. Brooke walks in and explains she put Douglas to bed. She is shocked to see Thomas.

Ridge cannot deny that Thomas has made mistakes. Ridge guesses that Brooke feels that he shouldn’t be nice to Thomas. Ridge thinks that defending children was ever an issue before. Ridge knows that everyone has always said that he put Brooke first. Brooke has finally made him choose. Ridge knows that it would make him think of this as a temporary thing for a while. Ridge wonders why he would sign those papers. Shauna is sure that he could fix it. Ridge thinks that magic or not he is not going to lose custody of his little boy.

Thomas guesses that Brooke never thought that she would see him again. Brooke thought that he had fallen through the acid. Thomas explains it was a high powered cleaning solution. Brooke is so happy. Brooke knows that they haven’t had the best relationship but she doesn’t wish harm on him. Brooke explains that Hope had so much guilt. She asks where he was. She asks if he wanted Hope to think that he was dead. Thomas thinks that sometimes people make choices that they regret. Brooke wasn’t going to keep this a secret. Thomas thinks that she should tell him everything. Thomas thinks that she needs to tell Ridge her side of the story. Thomas thinks that Ridge will understand things. Thomas feels that this could understand things. Brooke thinks that Thomas should come along. Hope will stay here. She will be fine. Brooke will be back soon.

Shauna promises that Thomas and Douglas will be alright. Shauna is sure that they will fix things. Shauna thinks that if it gets too stressful she will use magic. She is really good at pep talks and back rubs. Ridge guesses that he will know who to ask. Shauna thinks if he does want a back rub he will know where to find her.

Hope was terrified that she would lose her entire life. Thomas thinks that is what Brooke and her did to him. Thomas stayed away for one night. Thomas thinks that he had plenty of nights like that. He would have lost everything that he went through. Hope wanted to tell Ridge. Thomas thinks that they aren’t so different. When the truth came out it drove her away. This happens even to the best of them. Thomas thinks that this opened your eyes. Thomas wants her to forgive him.

Brooke walks into the Forrester house. Brooke got caught up in the house. Brooke knows that he is worried about Thomas. He is fine. She just saw him with Hope. Brooke explains that Hope did want to tell her more. She wants him to know… She knows it sounds crazy but she really did think that Thomas was dead. Hope went to look for Douglas. He tried to kiss her and she pushed him into a vat of acid. It turned out to be a cleaning fluid. She tried to find Thomas. Brooke needs to finish explaining things. Hope panicked and looked for Thomas. Ridge thinks that Charlie would have called 911. She was in shock. She had no idea what to tell her. Brooke was so happy. Hope was too. He told the truth. Ridge came to her and asked where his son was. Ridge cannot believe that she didn’t say anything. She thought that Thomas was gone and said nothing. She didn’t tell the truth. He asks how that is possible.

Thomas did what he was ashamed of. The only thing that will give him relief is this. Thomas destroyed his relationship with her and everything else. Thomas doesn’t think she was in danger. Hope thinks that he wanted something in return. Thomas will not dispute the documents. Thomas thinks nothing would make his little boy happier. Thomas wants to start over. Thomas kept one child away from her and will not do it again. Douglas needs her.

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