B&B Wednesday Update 11/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/20/19


Written By Anthony

Brooke knows that this is a lot to take in. She understands that he loves Thomas very much. Ridge needs to see him. Ridge wonders what happened then. He asks if Thomas has been in touch with her. Ridge asks if they are supposed to wait for him to resurface. Hope didn’t mean to do this. Hope is sorry. Ridge asks why she is saying sorry. Brooke asks if the hydrofluoric acid is out of the building. Ridge says yes. He asks why she is asking. Ridge says he was concerned because he has no idea where his son is. He wonders if she has anything else she would like to say. He will try Thomas again.

Steffy thinks that Quinn’s jewels are terrific. She would love to put these in her line with Sally. Quinn would love that but unfortunately she cannot sign off until Thomas sees them. Quinn tells Steffy that Thomas and Douglas didn’t even come home last night. She just assumed that they were out late. Neither of them came for breakfast though in the morning. Steffy doesn’t know about Thomas’ whereabouts but Douglas was dropped off this morning. Steffy wonders if it was Hope his new legal mother.

Ridge is going to stop by the office. If they hear something they can let him know. Brooke was so worried she was going to say something. Hope should have. He will never find Thomas because she killed him.

Quinn has been able to see Thomas and Douglas up close. They are improving. He is loving and sweet. Douglas is really relaxing into that. There is laughter and playtime. She is confused that there would be any legal standing. He doesn’t need help preparing his relationship with his son. Quinn wonders who gives up their legal rights. Ridge walks in. Quinn explains that she cannot do anything with her jewelry until Thomas sees it. Ridge doesn’t know where he is. Quinn leaves. Steffy wonders what is going on. Ridge explains that his children are everything. You want to give your children everything. Steffy knows that he loves them. Ridge thought that he was getting better but now he is more concerned.

Hope needs to tell Ridge what is going on. Thomas is in a vat of acid. She will not keep that secret. Brooke thinks that Thomas is the one who did this. He as coming on to him and trying to use her for sex. Hope thinks that she should have listened better. Ridge is not going to care what she has to say. Douglas trusts her. Brooke tells her to listen. They do not know what would have happened haas she not protected herself. Brooke has to tell Ridge and the cops. Brooke wants to think about this. The acid is gone and the vat as well. Brooke is a chemist. All traces of any evidence and Thomas as horrible as it may sound are gone. It is all gone.

Steffy is afraid to ask about Thomas’ progress. Ridge thought that he was better working with Taylor and yet he might be worse than he ever was. Ridge guesses a few days ago Thomas suggested trading Douglas for sex. Steffy asks if he is serious. Ridge doesn’t think that Hope is a liar. Ridge thinks that he asked her out for dinner. Steffy guesses for an offer she couldn’t refuse. Ridge explains that she had him meet her here. Then afterwards the two of them could be alone. Steffy thought that Douglas was there. Thomas said that he made other arrangements after dinner. He took him to a dressing room after and he made a move on Hope. She ran out and chased after her. Ridge asks where this obsession with Hope is. He thinks that Hope is going to be the death of his son.

Hope asks if she is telling her to not say anything. Brooke thinks that everything including Thomas is gone. There is nothing that points to her or near that storage area. Hope thinks that her life is still over. Brooke thinks that Thomas tried to steal from her. Brooke cannot stop thinking about what could happen next. She would have been dragged off to jail. She would lose her baby that se just got back. She doesn’t know what she would do without her. Hope doesn’t know. Brooke thinks that Thomas was chasing her around the building. He has her cornered. Brooke is not saying that. Hope thinks they know first hand how destructive keeping secrets can be. Hope knows that this will be awful but she has to tell the truth and she should have from the start. Brooke is frightened for her. Hope is too but at least she will not be keeping secrets.

Ridge thinks that joint custody ties Hope and Thomas together. Ridge asks how Thomas will ever get over Hope. Ridge doesn’t think that he was ever thinking about strategy last night. Steffy assumes he is laying low because he is embarrassed. Ridge thinks that he was doing well. Ridge thinks he is doing well. Ridge doesn’t think that Thomas can live his life emotionally. Ridge knows he was never there for him. Steffy thinks at some point they need to know who they are. Ridge thinks that giving Hope custody is done. Ridge supports Thomas and he knows that. He will find his way home.

Hope sits in the dark. She would give anything to get that moment back. She thought she was pushing him. She didn’t mean to harm him. She has to admit it. The truth has to come out. She wonders how though. She asks how she will tell Douglas that she killed his father. She wonders what if she goes to jail. Then Douglas will lose three parents in a short amount of time. She just got Beth back. She cannot do this. She asks how this all happened. She could never love Thomas but she never wanted to hurt him. She will never be able to forgive herself. She is so sorry. Thomas walks in. She asks if that is him. She is so glad that he is alive.

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