B&B Tuesday Update 11/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/19/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge asks if Hope is trying to hurt or shock him. He wants to know why Hope would say Thomas is dead.

Liam thinks that he has everything. Steffy needs him to help interview his replacement. Liam will help out of they need him. Liam wonders if he is crazy with this move. Steffy wants to say yes but she knows what it feels like to want to say that this is her building and this is where they belong. Steffy thinks if he walks out that door he is forfeiting the chance of being employee of the months. Liam tells Steffy that he doesn’t remember what is on this thumb drive. Liam explains that they are resetting all the passwords after they leave. Liam thinks that she needs to tell Thomas that everyone is getting new passwords not just him. Liam thinks that Hope is the only person with real influence. Steffy thinks that Ridge also does.

Hope is trying to explain things. Ridge asks if she plans on telling him that his son is dead. Brooke thinks that Thomas is dead to her. Brooke tells Ridge that the man that she thought she was marrying had vanished a long time ago. The only person who won’t say it is him, because he loves him so much.

Steffy tries calling Thomas again. She looks at Liam. She wonders what is wrong. Liam is just uploading stuff to the computer. Liam is not sure about things. Charlie wonders if Ridge is around. Steffy explains that he is out of the office. Steffy wants to see where the chemicals were again.

Brooke feels that this conversation has gone on long enough. Ridge wants Hope to speak. Hope says that the last time she saw Thomas was last night. Hope says that he was upset with her because she thought that he tricked him. Ridge wonders if she slept with him. Hope says that is not how things happened. Brooke wants a moment alone with her daughter. Ridge says that no one is at trial. He just wants them to be honest with one another. Ridge tells Hope to go on. Hope explains that Thomas wanted to see her. He wanted to spend time with her. Douglas said he was going to be there. Brooke says that Hope has been the one taking care of Douglas ever since his son went into hiding. Hope didn’t know that Thomas had planned dinner. He is an exceptional young little boy and she loves him so much. Ridge thinks that this was enough for Hope. She had to make sure that Douglas lost his father. Ridge kenos she said that Thomas is dead. Hope explains that Thomas didn’t sign over his parental rights. She is legally Douglas’ mother but Thomas is still his father. Ridge realizes that he is always yelling at Hope and he doesn’t want to be that way. He has known her since she was that big. He looks at her right now and he doesn’t feel like she is being honest or good. Ridge asks what she is ashamed of. Ridge doesn’t think that secrets or lies sit well with Hope.

Steffy looks around the room. Jake explains that they did a partial flush and did a flush again. Liam wonders why they used acid. Steffy guesses to clean. Charlie explains that it is all good now. Steffy likes to hear that no one was harmed.

Ridge thinks that Hope can tell him anything. Brooke thinks that he has done enough. Hope thinks that he has every right. Ridge knows she will tell the truth because he knows she wants to. He can tell that something is eating up inside. She used to call him dad. He wants what is best for her. He still feels that way. Hope knows. Ridge guesses that is the way that she feels about Douglas. Ridge knows that Thomas has done horrible things that are not excusable. He hates what he put her through. He did say one thing over and over again. He loved her. Hope thinks that his love… Ridge doesn’t think they decide what kind of love they get. Hope doesn’t think that he was ever really a partner. Ridge thinks that Thomas knew that she didn’t love him. Ridge thinks that it is Douglas that she loves. That is why she accepted the dinner invitation. Ridge knows that Douglas has been through a lot. Ridge assumes the end game was getting full custody of his child. If she couldn’t bully his son then she could take him to court. Hope wanted to keep him away from Douglas and her. Just not in the way it happened.

Liam doesn’t think that it is easy to leave after seeing the greatest CEO do her thing. Steffy is waiting on Thomas to respond too texts. She will miss him. Liam knows she will not. Liam thanks her for everything. Steffy tells him to get out of where. Liam says whatever she says.

Hope wonders how she was supposed to trust him with Douglas. She didn’t dream that things would go the way that they did. Hope thinks that Ridge wants to hear how it ended. She will not hold back. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge knows what was going on. Thomas was willing to trade custody of Douglas for sex. Hope shot it down and thought that Thomas had accepted it. Brooke explains that he didn’t. Ridge gets a phone call and asks Steffy if Thomas is at the office. Steffy explains that he is not here. The acid is gone though. Ridge hangs up. Ridge is sorry he defended Thomas before. He was wrong. Maybe it is beacause he is his son. He asks if what Brooke said was true. Hope says yes. Ridge didn’t think that either of them would lie to him. It might be why he ran though. He just went away.

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