B&B Tuesday Update 11/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/12/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy tells Ridge that it is way past Kelly’s bedtime. She was almost asleep. Ridge thinks that he brought the fun. Ridge thinks that she sounds like Stephanie right now. Steffy liked his visit. Ridge thinks that Thomas needs him. Ridge was talking with Brooke about this tonight. He was talking about Thomas and Hope.

Hope asks if Thomas is meeting him here. He thought that she was taking him to Eric’s. Douglas misses being here with her. Hope knows. She has missed him a lot too. They walk in and Brooke runs over and hugs Douglas. She is so happy that he could come over tonight. Brooke was waiting for her to call back. Hope couldn’t. Hope says it is possible that Douglas might be staying here for a while. Douglas thinks that they will have to ask Thomas. Hope agrees that they will.

Steffy asks Ridge how it went. Steffy asks if he and Brooke were talking about Thomas. Steffy explains that Hope and Thomas had dinner tonight. Steffy doesn’t think that Hope can do this. Ridge will not let her.

Brooke asks if Douglas wants snack. Douglas had a big dinner. Douglas explains that they had take out. Douglas was put into a room to play video games. Brooke asks why he was taken into a room alone. Brooke asks what happened tonight. Brooke doesn’t understand why Douglas was by himself. Hope thinks that things could have been different. Hope never would have left without him. Brooke asks why she had to find him. Brooke asks if Hope actually accomplished what she wanted. Hope thinks that Douglas needs to get some sleep. Brooke guesses that they will finish this after she puts him to bed. Hope asks if Brooke will tuck him in. Hope loves Douglas. Douglas loves Hope. Brooke thinks they are going to talk about everything. Hope starts sobbing.

Ridge asks how Steffy knew that Hope and Thomas were having dinner. Steffy was talking to Liam about it. Liam brought Beth over. He knows how important it is for the girls to be around each other. He is leaving Forrester. Ridge guesses that makes sense. He was good at Forrester. Ridge doesn’t care where he works. Steffy wants Liam to have time with Hope and Beth. She doesn’t wish Hope ill will. It seems like Hope is obsessed and it needs to stop. It is hard to believe that any good can come from it.

Brooke walks back downstairs. Hope asks if Douglas is asleep. Brooke says yes. Brooke asks what is wrong. She wants to know what happened. He signed the papers. Brooke is shocked. Hope says that they have shared custody. Brooke asks why she is not celebrating. Hope says this is horrible. Brooke asks what is going on.

Steffy knows that Hope wants what is best for Douglas. Ridge thinks that Thomas is vulnerable to Hope.

Brooke doesn’t understand any of this. Brooke thought that they had shared custody. Hope says that he wanted something from her in return. Hope explains that he had expectations. He told her to forget about Douglas. It was horrible not knowing where Douglas was. Hope guesses that he saw the look of disgust on his face. He claimed that she only cared about the custody. Thomas said that he had him in storage. Hope had no idea what that meant. She was running all throughout the hallways of Forrester. Then Thomas started chasing her and caught up in the storage area. He said that they wouldn’t see Douglas until after they were done. He kept getting closer and closer and was coming on to her. Hope says it is too late. Hope says that she reacted. They were on a catwalk and he had her cornered. That is where she pushed him. Brooke assumes away. Brooke is glad she was able to get away. Hope didn’t know that there was a vat that Thomas fell into that was water but it wasn’t water.

Steffy is worried but doesn’t think that Hope would take advantage of Thomas but Brooke would. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy is wrong about that. Ridge doesn’t know how to get through to her. Ridge thinks it has been hard and will only get harder. He believes they can get through this. Steffy suggests putting his ring on. Ridge thinks that taking the ring off was so hurtful. Something changed but he will try to put the ring on and move back in. Steffy thinks that he is basically dead to her. Ridge thinks that Thomas will never be done to him.

Hope thinks that Douglas was her only concern. She ran all throughout the hallways and she finally found him and as asking for Thomas. Then Charlie showed up and said he was working late because of waste in the building. Thomas fell into hydrofluoric acid. She grabbed a flashlight off the wall and wasn’t sure what she would find. He was gone. The body was already gone. Hope killed him. Brooke doesn’t think she did. Hope thinks she did.

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