B&B Monday Update 11/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/11/19


Written by Anthony

Hope begs Thomas to let her go. Thomas thinks that the three of them could be a family together. Thomas falls into the chemical bath as Hope runs away.

Ridge pours himself a drink. Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas is ok. He needs help. He needs professional help. Brooke thinks that he needs objective therapy. He is getting more manipulative every day. Brooke doesn’t want him to be an influence too Douglas. She is afraid of Thomas and what he might do. Brooke is not going to stop.

Steffy tells Liam that they are too cute. Liam loves to see Kelly smile at Beth. Liam thinks the playdate is becoming a regular thing. Steffy thinks that now that Hope and Thomas are spending time together it is a good thing.

Ridge doesn’t want her to be afraid of his son. He cannot take it. Brooke asks what happens if he loses his temper or something terrible happens. Ridge promises that he won’t hurt anyone. Ridge thinks that Thomas will be fine. Brooke knows that he loves his son. Brooke begs Ridge to stop blindly defending his son.

Steffy knows it bothers him that Hope is spending time with Thomas. Liam made it clear that he doesn’t think that Thomas should lose custody permanently. Steffy would be lying if she said it never crossed her mind that something is wrong. Steffy just doesn’t think he is a threat to anyone.

Hope runs around calling for Douglas. She asks where he is.

Ridge is not blindly defending Thomas. He knows what he has done. He forgives him because he has tried to make an effort. Brooke thinks that there is therapy and medication to consider. Ridge thinks that all she sees is the bad in him. When this first happened, Thomas saw Beth with Phoebe. Brooke doesn’t think that was even real. Ridge thinks that Thomas made the choice that he thought was right. Ridge is going to stand by his son.

Liam feels like the girls are so perfect it is like they were created in a lab. Liam has an update on his own family drama. Liam admits that he came over and he flat out said he wants him to come back to Spencer. Liam said yes. Liam felt like she should hear it from him first. Steffy thinks it is great. Steffy really does think it is. Spencer is his birth right. She will miss him. He is invaluable to Forrester. Liam thinks she will be fine. Steffy asks about Hope. Liam is not sure if she will care. It has become intense this obsession with helping Douglas. He is getting worried it has gone too far.

Hope screams for Douglas. She finds him in a room and tells him that mommy is here.

Steffy thinks that Hope is just going through a faze. Liam thinks that Thomas needs to still get the help he needs. Hope should drop the custody pursuit. They would still be there for Douglas but not as his parents. Steffy hates the role that Thomas played in kidnapping Beth. Steffy wants to be the best mom that she can be. Steffy thinks that Kelly is all she cares about. Liam thinks she can pine for him if she wants. Steffy says that there is the Italian guy who proposed. Steffy thinks she will have a line of Italian men right down the street. All the men she has right now are her dad and maybe Liam. Liam thinks that all she has gone through is crazy. Liam thinks that Beth and him need to be here more.

Brooke wants to stop arguing. Brooke misses Ridge. Ridge misses her so much. Brooke doesn’t think that it is the same without him here. Ridge thinks that she through him out. Brooke thinks that he left. Brooke asks how things are over at Eric’s. Ridge thinks it is the same as it always has been. Brooke knows that Shauna is friends with Quinn. Brooke doesn’t like this. She wants peace in their family. She wants him to come back home. Ridge asks how they go about it. Brooke suggests that he just stay. Brooke thinks he might have a reason to soon. Ridge thinks that he has his beautiful wife. Ridge will move back in as soon as Thomas is healthy.

Hope was worried about him. Douglas was just playing his game. Charlie finds them and asks what they are doing. Hope didn’t realize that anyone else was still here. Charlie explains that he has hydrofluoric acid in the building. Hope asks if he said the storage area. Hope asks if that is not water. Charlie doesn’t want her to worry about it. If anyone went near it, it could be deadly.

Liam tells Kelly and Beth they have done a great job playing. Liam asks if she is on the phone with the Italian. Steffy is trying to get ahold of Thomas.

Charlie explains that they were cleaning the washers. Hope needs to check on something really quick. Charlie wants to tell him about the time he became head of security.

Ridge doesn’t think they will ever see eye to eye on his son. Ridge wants to be met half-way on Thomas. Brooke doesn’t think he is making it easy. Ridge kisses her. Ridge loves her so much. He loves his son too. He wants what is best for all of them. He will always be here for her. He will be here for his son too. Brooke knows he is loyal. Ridge wants her to keep trying. Thomas will never be dead to him.

Hope calls out for Thomas. She gets out her phones flashlight. She looks around the room and looks into the pool of the chemical. Hope realizes he fell into the chemicals. Jake runs over and tells her to get away from the chemicals.

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