B&B Friday Update 11/8/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/8/19


Written by Anthony

Liam finishes a story for Beth. He thinks that happily ever after is a good way to live. He doesnít think that if you are happy it isnít ever after. Liam asks if Beth wants to see her sister maybe. Liam calls Steffy. He asks if she is busy. He was just reading some stories but they are alone tonight again. Steffy asks if he wants to come over. Liam will be on his way.

Brooke walks downstairs and finds Ridge. He is a surprise. Ridge hopes a pleasant one. Ridge misses Brooke. She knows that they have to be separated right now. Ridge knows. Brooke understands why they are doing this but she still loves his arms around her. Ridge understands that Thomas is with Hope right now. He asks if she is trying to sign over his little boy.

Hope watches Thomas hold the pen. Hope knows this is a big deal. Hope thinks that all he is doing is letting her the mother that Douglas needs. The mother that he promised him. Hope doesnít think that he will regret it. She promises. Thomas signs the papers. Hope needs to tell Thomas right away. Thomas thinks that there is no rush. Thomas signed the papers because she has been an incredible mother to his son. Thomas loves her and would do anything for her. Thomas wants to have the family that he dreamt of. He thinks that they share Douglas in the eyes of the law. It is time that they celebrate.

Ridge think that Thomas is Douglasí father. Hope thinks that Douglas is thriving under Hopeís care. Ridge thinks that Beth is her kid not Douglas. Hope thinks that Ridge refuses to acknowledge the things that Thomas has done. Her daughter has a right to be concerned.

Hope just wants to tell Douglas. Hope asks why she cannot go see him. Thomas knew she would pull something like this.

Steffy is so glad too see him. She is glad to see that he is safe and secure and that is all that matters. She gets to see him from time to time.

Ridge gives Brooke a cup of coffee. He has a request. He asks if they can please table the fight they are going to have and talk about them. He misses her. They took their rings off and it doesnít make sense. Brooke misses him too. She misses falling asleep with his arms around her. Brooke misses making love. She misses talking about anything that doesnít have to do with Hope and Thomas. Brooke cannot ignore the things that their children have done. She knows he loves his son but Thomas is not capable of raising a little boy. Thomas is obsessed with Hope.

Hope is not comfortable not knowing where Douglas is. Thomas thinks that there is no reason to be worried about Douglas. Thomas thinks that Hope was just manipulating him. Hope asks where Douglas is. Thomas will take her to his storage room. Hope asks what is wrong with him. Hope demands to know where Thomas is. Hope runs after him. She calls out for Douglas. She goes into the Design office into a closet.

Ridge thinks it hurts him to think that she talks about Thomas that way. Brooke hates that Thomas kept that horrible secret. Brooke doesnt trust Thomas for a second. He kept calling her names and doesnít want him in his life anymore. She believed him then and believes him now. She has no idea how it will escalate.

Steffy was shocked to hear that Thomas and Hope had plans this morning. Liam could justify the holiday party but a random night was weird. Liam knows that Hope is desperate to share legal custody with Thomas. Liam thinks that Hope is very attached to Douglas. It doesnít feel right to her.

Hope runs looking for Douglas. She asks how he could be so cruel to his son. They run into the room where the chemicals are. Thomas thinks they are going back to the office. Douglas is fine. They just have to trust him.

Liam thinks that Hope has tunnel vision and all roads lead to Douglas. Liam cannot begrudge Douglas the attention that Hope is giving him. Liam is wondering if he would even mind if it wasnít for Thomas. Steffy is trying to make an effort. Steffy is trying to understand why Thomas did what he did. Thomas got the brunt of things growing up. He suffered a lot. Which is crazy how history repeats itself. Ridge fell for a Logan and now Thomas has too.

Brooke points out that Taylor hasnít been here and look him in the eye. Ridge thinks he is trying to make amends right now. Brooke wants him to get the help he needs. Until then she doesnít want him near Douglas.

Hope begs where Douglas is. Thomas wants to talk about their future. Thomas wishes he could change the past. He wants to be a better person. She has to believe him and understand him. It was not his fault. Thomas doesnít know hy he his getting the heat for this. Thomas gave her rights to his son. Thomas wants to be a family with her. She looks at him. She runs away and Thomas falls into the acid. Hope runs out. Thomasís body floats in it.

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