B&B Thursday Update 11/7/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/7/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke says hi to Donna and asks how Katie is doing. Brooke is trying to make sense of a text from Hope. She is having a special dinner with Thomas and Douglas in Ridgeís office. It makes no sense.

Douglas asks Hope what those papers are. Hope says that those are some top secret documents. Douglas thinks that he knows a lot. Thomas thinks that mommies always do.

Shauna says hi to Ridge. She asks if he is drinking alone. Ridge is just waiting. Ridge explains that Quinn and Eric are having dinner with Wyatt. Shauna needs company. She gets a little restless after the sun goes don. Ridge thinks she could use some cognac. Shauna wonders what the difference is between cognac and brandy. Ridge explains the difference. Ridge is worried because her is having dinner with Hope.

Charlie watches as the workers fix the washers. Charlie tells them that they can go home for the night and Jake will sign off for this.

Shauna is shocked that the Dutch called brandy burnt wine. Ridge gets a text from his head of security. Ridge is getting something done at work that he needs fixed by tomorrow. Shauna asks how he keeps it all together. Ridge asks how he does all these things. Shauna wants him to remember that she is here for him.

Brooke thinks that Hope would come home. Brooke thinks that Thomas has lines that he will not cross. She assumes.

Thomas has a special surprise for them. Douglas hopes it is ice cream. Thomas has some designs for HFTF. Hope looks at them. All the pictures look like Hope. Hope thinks they are beautiful. Douglas thinks that one day he will be running this place. Thomas loves his sister but she is not a designer. He asks how amazing it would be if they were working together again.

Shauna thinks that this estate is great for destination weddings. Shauna asks how Ridge sees this working out with him living with his family. Ridge will be here until he gets his son back to normal then he is moving back with his wife. Shauna thinks that she is kind of like the other woman but she isnít. Ridge likes the cognac too.

Donna happens to think that Hope can handle herself. Donna thinks that Thomas is responding to her plan. Brooke wanted to go straight to Ridge with this.

Douglas asks if this will be his office. Thomas thinks in a few years. Douglas wonders if he will have one. Thomas says if he works hard he will. Hope thinks that Thomas is in a funny mood. Thomas is a little sad that their family outing is over. Douglas asks if he has to leave. Thomas tells her to pour herself another glass of wine. Douglas loves her. Hope does too.

Shauna thinks that Ridge really is worried about Thomas. Ridge is just not sure where he is. Shauna thinks they could go swimming or something. Shauna thinks that you cannot seduce someone you have already slept with on the first date. Ridge knows he can be a real pain. He is alone drinking and feeling sorry for himself. He knows he has certain feelings and he is not stopping her. Shauna thinks it is actually lovely to sit here and talk about their children. Shauna would actually be sad if this went away. Shauna asks what Ridge is really worried about.

Brooke needs to get going. Brooke gets a call from Hope. Hope is still at Forrester. Brooke tells her to come home. Brooke is not sure where Thomas is. Hope thinks that things are going fine. Hope is not sure where Douglas is now. Brooke is coming right over there. Hope thinks that Thomas is about to sign the papers. Brooke asks if he will really be a co-parent. Hope has to go. Thomas walks back in. Hope thinks that he has been busy with his designs. Hope asks where Douglas went. Hope thinks that he didnít want to go. Hope does love him a lot. Thomas knows that for him, she has been love at first sight. They can make this official tonight. Hope thinks they can make Douglasí wish come true. Thomas thinks his too.

Ridge needs to go and check on this. Shauna thinks that he is ready to drop everything on a momentís notice. Ridge thinks that Brooke is the best to have in your corner.

Brooke doesnít know what to do. The last time they were alone he almost got her to fly away with him. Donna thinks that this is the risk that they might have to let her take. Donna thinks she will call if there is some issues.

Thomas sees that there are some changes. Thomas sees that they are both his legal parents. Hope thought that Douglas was supposed to be here. Thomas wants Douglas to know he is a Forrester. Thomas thinks that Douglas needs that in his life and so does he. Thomas wants more nights like this. Hope thinks that this will make them a family. Thomas wonders if she knows what she is asking of him. Thomas thinks that she is being nice to him again. He asks if it is real. Hope thinks that he knows her well. Thomas knows that she would never con him. Thomas does trust him and loves her. He will take the signature as proof. There is nothing that could ever compare to this. Sharing a child with her.

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