B&B Tuesday Update 11/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/5/19


Written by Anthony

Liam works on the couch and Hope walks in and says that Beth is still asleep. Hope asks if Steffy called him after she left for Eric’s. Liam confirms that she did. Hope asks how Steffy was with Beth. Liam thinks she is great. She loves Beth. She always wants to see the girls together. Hope thinks that Douglas was so cute as a dog. He was so happy to see her. Liam is sure that Thomas was too. Liam asks if she is still trying to get custody from Thomas. Hope thinks that somehow she needs to get him free.

Zoe thought she would be seeing more of Thomas. Thomas was thinking that Douglas would want to see more of Hope. Zoe knows that Ridge let him back at Forrester against Brooke’s wishes. Thomas thinks that Hope sees him as the man that she can have a future with.

Liam asks if seeing Douglas with his family makes her more worried. Hope thinks that Thomas being the primary caregiver is not a good thing. Liam thinks that they should let the Forrester’s work this out. Liam doesn’t think that the Forrester’s are going to let anything bad happen. Liam knows that she is worried. Hope doesn’t think that any of them have really seen Thomas’ worst behavior. Bill shows up. He heard that he was working from home. Hope has to run up to the house real quick. Brooke has been texting her. Hope wants him to make sure that Katie knows that they are thinking of her.

Zoe is just disappointed. He was so focused and now he is daydreaming again. Zoe wants him to focus on his restarting his career. Zoe thought that they would be starting a career at Forrester.

Hope thought that it was too late to talk last night. Douglas was adorable. Brooke asks if Thomas was possessive. Hope thinks that Thomas is more than willing to share Douglas on one condition.

Bill asks why Liam never told him about this. Liam would be just as worried about Hope. He thinks that they have Eric and Ridge. He asks if they are really going to allow Quinn to be a stable parent. Bill thinks that there are other options than adoption though. Bill asks how his beautiful granddaughter is doing. Liam thinks that things are doing ok, but he really does see hope as his mom. Bill thinks that there are ways he can deal with him outside the law. Plus, he is not that guy anymore. Bill hates Thomas and what he did to Hope but he is still torn. Everything they are doing is for Douglas’ well being. He grew up without a father but Bill was not ready to raise him. He wouldn’t have had the happy childhood that Will has. Douglas deserves the chance to change. Liam wants Thomas to get the chance to be the father he can be.

Thomas doesn’t think that Hope has moved on. Zoe points out that she is back with Liam raising Beth together. Thomas knows she still wants to be a mother to Douglas. Thomas thinks that there is something that Hope didn’t want him to see. All it will take is one night with him and then everything will be different. He knows when a woman wants him. Zoe kisses him.

Brooke asks if Thomas really offered him custody of Douglas for sex. Hope didn’t take up the offer. She did feel like she was so close. They can take everything he has done to a judge. Brooke will not let him be around. Brooke needs to tell Ridge. Hope needs to stick to the plan. Hope has to get Douglas away from Thomas. She has too.

Bill is shocked that Hope wouldn’t tell him about the adoption papers. Bill thinks it is ok to not be on board with the adoption. Liam thinks it is nice to have someone on his side with this. Bill assumes that he didn’t think it would be him. Liam is not surprised. Bill thinks it is time for Liam to come back to the family and retake his place at Spencer.

Zoe guesses that Thomas is speechless. Thomas thinks she made his point and proved that Hope doesn’t know what she is missing. Zoe thought he came here to talk about his future not his past. Thomas thinks she is trying to talk about shared custody. Zoe thinks that he is obsessed with her. He asks if the kiss had any impact on him at all. Thomas thinks she is beautiful and under different circumstances but there is only one woman for him.

Hope thinks that Thomas is sick. Thomas would trade him for anything. Brooke thinks that there has to be another way to do this. Hope cannot risk this. She cannot have Douglas raised by a man like that. She will not let it happen.

Liam knows that Bill wants him back at Spencer. Bill wants him to work alongside them. Bill needs to think about Katie and what that means to the family. Bill wants his family back together. He asks what he says. Liam has been thinking about Beth and Katie and this whole thing with Douglas and what it means to be a good parent. Bill might be right. It is time. Bill thanks him for letting him back in his life. He cannot tell him how grateful he is. He loves him.

Thomas thinks that Zoe is a good person and loyal. He wants to get her back at Forrester. Zoe wants to be a team. He wants to keep her focused on what matters. He is an incredible designer and could be a legend. He just wants to help him. She wants Douglas and not him. She knows what it is like to be focused on a person. He doesn’t need her. Thomas thinks that everyone needs something. He needs Hope and Hope needs Douglas. He will get everyone what they want.

Hope gets a call from Thomas. He wanted to let her know that Douglas has been thinking about her a lot. They should get together again like a family. She should bring the papers and spend some time alone. Thomas will call her. He cannot wait to connect with her again. Brooke thinks he is sick. They cannot go near him. He is dangerous. Hope needs to get Douglas away. She needs to get Thomas to sign it. Brooke needs her to promise she won’t do anything. Thomas is more delusional than ever. Brooke thinks that the boy has suffered enough. She is going to give Douglas what he deserves and will be the boys mother.

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